Musings on London, The Tempest and A Regret-Free Life


Two hours ago, I was in a small jam-packed London theater, joining in on a much-deserved standing ovation to the cast of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Some of the finest Shakespearean actors, most notably Ralph Fiennes, indulged us tonight with an unforgettably moving performance.

Pleasure, sadness, delight and joy, smiles and tears, deep reflection and thrilling sensations, these are only some of the emotions that come alive as you bask in the awe of a fine actor bringing to life a character from a 400-year old play. [Read more…]

Power Tips for When Travel Plans go Awry

Trevi Fountains Rome Italy

Being in control was my way of asserting power over my life or at least I thought so until I realized the illusion of being in control of your life. You may control your temper, your attitude, or your eating habits but you do not control circumstances and situations at large or the poor strokes of luck that show up unannounced and unwelcome. You can, however, plan to meet them with patience, preparation and presence of mind.

Do not be caught ill prepared when things go awry during your travels.

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The Case for Micro Vacations: Quick Travels to Far Destinations

Train Station Interlaken Suisse

Micro vacations are one answer to experiencing the world on limited time and money!

We spent US Labor Day holiday in Switzerland. Before that, we spent President’s Day in London and in Thanksgiving, we will take off for a getaway to the historic city of Berlin. Our home base is the east coast of North America so these destination spots are not exactly a “hop”. Any country in Europe would be 6-8 hours flight from NYC.

Most everyone would immediately dismiss a European vacation more so for lack of time than lack of budget. Perhaps waiting until “someday” is a wise and well-thought-out strategy for some but it won’t do for a travel hungry soul like mine and perhaps, it won’t do for you either. If you share my dilemma, dispel the notions of excuses and adopt a new perspective when it comes to vacations.

Forget setting aside a small fortune and waiting years to find the right two or three week slot of earned vacation. Think instead small, dense, and compact. Think a micro vacation! [Read more…]

Travel Like a Pro: 11 Reasons to Not Check Luggage. Ever.

How to Not Check Luggage on Your Next Trip

In Style at Zurich Train Station“I refuse to compromise my stylish looks, my elegant clothes and having smart outfits for my many moods in exchange for a bit of convenience and a few hours saved on vacation. Is that clear?”

This is what I would retort to my husband, the expert flyer and travel planner of our family, at the onset of every packing stage before a big trip.

He assures me this is not a sacrifice but the liberation of a truly professional traveler.

I do not like to admit it too loudly but unfortunately, he is right!

I may put up a fight but I have rarely ever checked in luggage in the last 3-5 years – check one of many occasions in my post Smart Tips for Travelers, with all my luggage on a 2-week trip to Italy.

I have learned over the years of serious travel – 100,000 flying miles per year is no joking matter – a combination of business and pleasure, national and international – that I can have style, variety, smart looks, all my necessities, a few luxuries and still never check in luggage! [Read more…]

A Visual Journey on Why you should Embrace Travel in your Life

Tell a story without so many words for a change!

There is the newest challenge yet from my spouse. An exercise in brevity and a tall order to my devotion about writing my epic blog posts but variety is the spice of life and so I am up for the challenge. Thomas Jefferson once said: “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” Where words are scarce, I shall rely on the beauty of photography to tell my story.

Should we have a reason to travel? Why, do you have a reason to breathe, to live, to get up in the morning and face your days? You travel to be somewhere else and yet in that place, to find a sense of home and belonging, to explore the fabulous world we live in, to meet your other self, to step an inch closer to another culture and another people, to embrace Mother Nature in its stunning glory, to find out how you get on with your sweetheart, your life companion or most significant of all, just with yourself, to grow, to be fulfilled for months and sometimes years later from memories that you create, to share your stories with others, to open doors that no fantasy or reverie can lavish upon you because this earth is better than any dream and filled with more promises than any heart can behold. So get up, pack your bags, do away with your excuses, put an end to the waiting, pick a destination, and TRAVEL. [Read more…]