You’ve Been Laid Off! How to Turn Your Frustration into a Winning Career Leap

How to Deal with Being Laid Off: The Straight Truth

Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart but it is has honest practical advice that will help you move past the experience of being laid off and come out a winner. If you’re overly emotional for being just let go, maybe come back and read this in a couple of weeks. Or read it now and start the recovery process sooner than later.

Picture this: It’s a lovely Friday morning. You are busy answering emails in your cubicle, and still on a high about the recent chat with your boss. He said you are doing “great work and keep it up!” You’ve worked so bloody hard lately – maybe that overdue promotion is finally within your reach.


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4 Habits to Ultimate Productivity While Traveling the World

What Really Happens When You Live an Unconventional Life

The first question I was getting asked before my umpteenth international travel – for which we love using Expert Flyer by the way (there goes my travel secret) – this year was why.

Why are you going to Canada and Asia? Is it for work? Is it for vacation? If it’s vacation, why is it so long? If it’s for work, what kind of work do you do?

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32 Simple Rules Successful Entrepreneurs Live By

Daring truth bombs about entrepreneurship. Brace yourself

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own business? Or being your own boss? Or starting your own little company?

Entrepreneurship is not made for a special few, you know? It is something you can claim at any age, in any circumstances of family or career, and with any background or experience in your name and in any fashion your little heart desires, darling.

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3 Survival Rules Couples Must Know Before Going Into Business Together

Before going into business together as a couple, pass this test.

So you’ve had the pillow talks, the long drawn-out conversations, and you’ve made up your mind and decided you want to go into business together as a couple.

You want to start your own company so you answer to no one else – you weren’t meant to have a boss and you know it – and you want to work together, play together, and never have to be apart again by going to a stupid job all day!


I Totally Get It. You are speaking my language, honey, I love power couples. They seem to have it all: Love, business, and freedom to do as they damn well please. Anytime and all the time. It’s sweet living alright. [Read more…]

The Healthy Entrepreneur: 8 Tips to Stay Fit and Focused

When You Neglect Your Health, You Pay the Price!

Remember freshman 10 (or 15)? The extra weight you supposedly gain in your first year of college from partying, drinking, and eating junk food? I never saw it. I lost weight in college. I wasn’t into partying and electrical engineering was not exactly a walk in the park. Whatever little exercise I did helped to keep me sane while I burned the midnight oil on both ends to survive college. I was a skinny little thing!!!

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