My 5-Day Juice Fast Experience PLUS A Green Juicing Intensive Program

In January (2012), I embarked on another 5-day juice fast with my friend and partner in crime, Arvind Devalia. In this blog post, I recount the highlights of my fast, and how it was so different from my first 5-day juice fast recounted here.

Then I will tell you about my decision to bring a juicing intensive program to my beloved green juicing community and how you can participate.

FYI: This is a long, epic and massive blog post with pictures, video, and a LOT of information around juice fasting and green juicing. Let’s get to it!

Before we get started, I want to remind you that you MUST HAVE a juicer if you want to make green juices. My recommendation is the Green Star Elite juicer by Tribest. It is a phenomenal machine and gives you 25% more juice than other machines because it has a system that extracts all the juice from the fruits and vegetables. You will be happy to make an investment in a high quality juicer and you will also be getting your money back a thousand times over in what you save yourself in terms of health costs down the road!

Why Do a juice fast?

Why take it to such extremes as to fast and withhold from food? That’s the question that raises the most eyebrows and rolls the most eyes, mainly inside my own family and close friends circle but perhaps for you too, so let’s talk about it. First, I generally like the discipline, the intensity and the extremity of the experience you have when you really immerse yourself in it. Whether it’s yoga, indoor cycling, raw foods and vegan diets, or even writing and working, immersion is the way to get the true taste of experience.

Juicing with the Breville

Immersion usually comes in the form of a challenge and leaves you better than it found you. I like to take a minute here to praise my dear friend, Chris Harris, who has taken the ultimate challenge by fasting on few liquids and mainly water for over a week so far and still going strong. Chris is doing this to reset the button on his body, and re-start the healthy cycles again. Way to go, Chris!

It is only during the intense period of immersion that you can learn a lot about the process and can decide whether this is right for you or not – and in the end, it always comes down to your smart decisions and choices about your unique body and what is right for it. Never forget that. Whatever you read or learn or hear, you alone know best what is right for your body so be listening all the time.

What were the benefits of this 5-day juice fast?

Now aside from the fun of immersion, juice fasts have been known to shower us with countless benefits, from detoxing the body to cleansing your intestines and giving your digestive system a rest and from helping you lose some stubborn weight to clearing the skin and bringing inner peace and quiet to the mind. But here’s the thing about the benefits of anything – you experience a different version than the next person.

As you can see, Arvind had a completely different experience. And in fact, if you do a juice fast twice, you will very likely have two different experiences.

Green Juice and Watermelon Juice

So it’s more apt for me to talk about the benefits of this juice fast and how it was different from my first one in 2009. Here were the best benefits, most of which have been beckoning me to return to fasting since then:

Best benefits of fasting:

– Lots of energy – Mind clear as a bell – Highly productive – Intensely focused on work – Peaceful and relaxed – Quiet meditations

Interesting side-effects of the Juice Fast

– Very cold and shivering during the mornings and evenings – Sleeping in 2-4 hour chunks – Sleeping less on average than when eating – Slightly emotional, especially when I heard about my old dog, Brandy, dying of cancer.

The very best part of the juice fast:

I thought a lot about this one because I loved this juice fast, I had very little hunger pangs compared to last juice fast where I really struggled with hunger for the first 2 days. This time, I just eased into it like you ease into a nice spring day, and I got a lot out more of it too. Still, I have to say that the number one benefit was not having to think or worry about what I am going to eat next!!! Even though I was preparing my juices, I was doing so according to a recipe. I still did not have to THINK about my next meal or snack and this alone gave me such freedom and space to think, and so much more time back. Good heavens, should I outsource all my food preparations now or what?

How did I prepare for the fast?

Vegetables to Juice

As you may guess, juice fasting takes preparation, time and an investment. You gotta be committed or it won’t work and there is no such thing as cheating on a fast, as there is on diets. You either do it all the way or you don’t. :)!

Two benefits to my first first juice fast: One was that I used 2 of my juicers, a Breville juicer and an Omega juicer. This way, I was not constantly washing and cleaning the same juicer over and over. I bought some nice tight-lid glass containers in which to store my juicers, and the freshness lasted for up to 2 days for some juices. This surpassed my plastic containers by leaps and bounds.

You should really not store juices very long but for practicality sake, I did make more than I could drink right away. I also had the luxury of being home alone. My husband and chef was gone, and so there was no temptation, there was no smell of food in my kitchen and I cut off all social life for 5 days to go completely quiet with my mind and my stomach. This alone helped tremendously in making my fast a very successful one.

I bought groceries either from Whole Foods or the Fresh Market stores or Trader Joe’s and planned out my recipes just roughly, because I am really used to many different combinations of juices, and I did well in not running to the store frequently – this is a big one and planning helps with this.

How much Green Juice to Drink?

Fridge full of vegetables and fruits So my rules for this juice fast were similar to the last one: I was not going to limit my green juice intake; if I wanted to drink a gallon or two a day, so be it. Instead, what I tried to limit is the intake of my fruit juices. It’s very important to watch the sugar level so juices such as watermelon juice (yum, my favorite), cantaloupe juice, or citrus fruits, without the greens, and naturally without the pulp, have a lot of sugar and even though fructose is a natural sugar, it is best to limit that.

So I limited the intake of my pure fruit juices while drinking as much of the green juices (which contained some fruit in them). I also did not give up my Oolong tea. And I also added hot water with raw honey, as well as hot water with lemon to my daily intake. Since I did the fast in the winter, I needed some hot liquids to keep me warm.

My husband says I need some fat on me but I still prefer the liquids. That argument continues on! I would highly encourage you to give up coffee though, if that is your hot beverage. Tea and especially Oolong tea are inherently detox-inducing but coffee may have some other adverse effects.

Tips for Breaking the Juice Fast

I had a very difficult time both times in breaking my fast. I know that Arvind also struggled with this one. The problems were on two levels: emotional, physical. Emotionally, I did not even desire to come off the fast. It had been 5 days and 5 hours, and I wanted to keep going but a bout of nausea got the better of me. I should have just slept through it but I gave in and had some fruit. The next 2 days were highly emotional – I was sensitive to food, I was not happy or satisfied, I fussed a lot, and I could not get back into a nice sleeping rhythm for at least a week. Physically, I did not do well in terms of digestion.

My body did not seem to want to wake up from the fast, and even though I was hungry deep beneath the quiet stomach, I did not know what I craved in terms of food. I had already broken the fast so I needed to start eating again. This is what I learned from breaking the fast: You need to have a plan on precisely what you will be eating for the first few hours and then for the first day, second day, all the way up to a week after breaking the fast. Your mental state is not in a place of deciding and going through options, it just wants to know what it needs to do.

So next time, I will plan on having some raw fruit and vegetables for the first day of the fast in several small portions. I will add to that some nuts and dates for the following day and introduce very simple vegetarian hot foods for dinner. I will also include vegetable broth daily after breaking the fast. This is very strange, as I’ve never just had vegetable broth but it was one of the few things that my body enjoyed after the fast.

Join the Green Juicing Intensive Clinic

Green Juicing Clinic

Over the last few months, I feel blessed to say that my book – Your Comprehensive Guide to Green Juicing – has helped many people get started with green juicing and find answers to their questions and concerns about juicing. It has also enjoyed great exposure, with so many interviews including this one from my dear friend, Zeenat.

The green juicing community here has been asking more and more green juicing programs so I am thrilled to offer you the Green Juicing Intensive Clinic.

This is not a juice fast program per se, although you can choose to fast if you are already an intermediate or advanced juicer. This is a program that helps the new beginners and intermediate juicing enthusiast to build green juicing as a smart habit into their life through 21 lessons (video, audio and text for fun variety), homework, daily commitments, and fabulous recipes of the day and a thriving community that has already built around it.

A Penny for Your Juicy Thoughts

So have you ever done a juice fast? How would you react to giving up food and sustaining yourself with green juices and water? If you could have one thing to make your green juicing easier, what would it be? Share your thoughts in the comments and let’s talk juicing, baby!

Get Confident in 21 Easy Steps

  • Karen welsh

    Great to read your blog. I found it very difficult to start eating again after my juice fast, so I like your tips on planning, very important. I truly enjoyed the sense of peace and contentment I felt during the fast, i would love to take part in another fast and also hear other people’s experiences. I was also grateful for the many instructions in your Green juice guide. I still love my morning oolong tea!
    Best wishes to you

    • Farnoosh

      Karen, hello! Did I get you into Oolong tea? That’s big success for me – AND you :)! How very nice to see you – give me an update, how are you doing these days? Spring is a great time to do more juicing because it’s not as cold. So glad we have been talking about your juicing experience and sending you heaps of best wishes in return.

      • Karen welsh

        Yes Farnoosh you mention oolong tea in your green juice guide.
        I have only been having one juice a day for breakfast as I’m still working out when is best to eat as I am going to the gym too. But I must say this past week I have dipped a little in mood and energy, so a sign to increase again I feel. Otherwise I am doing well on my vegan mostly raw diet, still discovering new things and reading lots.
        Thanks so much for your valuable support! Yes spring is here at last!
        Best wishes to you!

        • Farnoosh

          Dear Karen, you are right – I had a whole section on that because my hubby kept asking what tea has to do with juicing. PLENTY I told him ;))!
          So so glad to hear more from you – but oh dear, I hear you it is always a struggle of dipping here a little and then making progress a little over there…. You are doing amazing stuff for yourself and I have a lot of vegan posts here too if you are interested: Vegan stuff. Talk soon, Karen!

  • Luna

    Thanks for this great tips! I really love discovering great recipes.. :)

    • Farnoosh

      You’re welcome, Luna.

  • Chris Harris | Between the Temples

    Hi Farnoosh,

    I have been trying to get over to this post all day to leave a comment.

    First- thanks for the shout and all the encouragement. I am happy to count you as a friend.

    I am wondering out loud here for a moment, a couple things I thought of after my last email to you. I am wondering if maybe your body needed to be presented with something different to break the fast with, or maybe some kind of mental prep to do so.

    I was thinking of a fast I did that went 6 almost 7 days a few months ago. I had not mentally prepared myself for Friday night and sat down that evening with my family with the intention of having broth while they ate. My wife made a a beautiful spread that seemed to hit a craving button big time.

    I have been in the presence of others eating and have cooked even while fasting with no issues. But as I watched them eat, I could feel the body pouring insulin into the bloodstream. The red button had been pressed- too late.

    I was sinking and fading fast as my blood sugar took a leaping dive off the cliff. I was sick to my stomach and seeing black clouds come and go. My wife being a doctor told me to break the fast.

    Started with broth and then salad and then became ravenous. I was feeling great by the time it was all said and done. But I learned a very valuable lesson from that.

    I have to be mentally prepared not to eat when others are, and sometimes something you have not eaten in a while or is totally new to you will just tickle your fancy in an unexpected way.

    My tenth day is about over. I will be transitioning to just green tea, water and lemon. I have experimented enough with the other liquids and want to contrast them with the more traditional fasting using teas and water.

    • Farnoosh

      Hello dear Chris, I have so enjoyed our exchanges for today. Oh boy, I can just picture that Friday night dinner …. were you like a man who had been deserted on an island and had seen food for the first time after a long time? 😉 I probably would have done the same too… Ah food! Sometimes I cannot get over the impact it has on us on every single level …. Thanks for sharing your story 😉 I hope the remaining phase of your fast is remarkable for you. I continue to think about you and send you heaps of courage and inner peace.

  • Charmaine

    I would encourage you to clean your juicer as soon as you have made the juice. Each piece should be cleaned and then re-assembled. I have found that if you don’t do it right away it’s easy to not feel like it later and then you have a mess that is even harder to clean up.

    • Farnoosh

      Charmaine, you are right, I do need to clean it right away and I do – but sometimes it goes in the dishwasher and it takes a few hours and sometimes I don’t want to re-assemble it so I use the other juicer. :)

  • Matt

    Well, you’ve inspired me to give juicing another try Farnoosh.

    My first fast was relatively short, but one of the things that stuck with me after coming off the fast was how weird it felt to chew food. :)

    What are your thoughts on smoothie fasts rather than juicing fasts? Several of my family members have done smoothie fasts, and what they liked about them is that smoothie fasts allow you to still get the fibrous parts of the fruits and vegetables.

    I completely agree with what Charmaine said about cleaning the machine as soon as possible. When I made my first batch of green juice I was so excited that I completely forgot about cleaning until the next morning, and let’s just say that I paid for it with elbow grease. :)

    All the best!


    • Farnoosh

      Dear Matt, hi! I am so glad we are talking fasting, juicing and smoothies :)! You gotta sign up for my upcoming juice program & juicing tips here, first of all and tell me what you think: Green Juicing Guide….
      As for a smoothie fast, I am getting very curious about it especially after buying a Vitamix which is gonna happen soon – on the list… Right, I know all about the fiber part and of course it will keep you full a lot longer. I also just finished watching “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” and it was phenomenal and I wanna do a 21-day fast when I launch the juice program (which by the way is NOT about fasting, just teaching people about juicing)….. So what I can say is I am interested and willing to do a smoothie fast, I would not call it a “fast” though because smoothie is FOOD, and if I do that, it’s really fine to keep exercising I would think – during the fast, I really slow down and let my body just go quiet …..
      Talk soon, Matt ! Enjoyed this exchange.

  • Vidya Sury

    I can endorse the preparation part. We go on a salad-fruit-juice diet every weekend and I find it amusing that I spend a lot longer in the kitchen than on other days when cook “normally”. Still – it feels so good. I’ve got a lot of juice recipes practiced by my Grandma and Mom.

    Some people assume that a juice-fast makes you weak. My experience has been feeling fuller than on regular days.

    Interesting fact – the sages in the Himalayas who do penance/meditation – go without food for days. It is believed that the air up there, which they breathe, has nutrients in it. Did you know? That’s why they’re fit and healthy and don’t feel fatigue. I think it ties in with the “bacteriophage” theory of the Ganges river – devotees go there and bathe to rid themselves of ailments and diseases. The water contains bacteriophages that heal :-)

    • Farnoosh

      I completely missed this wonderful, amazing comment and didn’t respond to it, I am so sorry my dear Vidya. I read it and am amazed by the stories that you share. You have taken me to the magic of the Himalayas in my mind. THANK YOU!

  • Sarah / Wellness The Natural Way

    I love this honest personal account. I’m really into trying green juice, but need to get my hands on a good juicer. As I’ve written about before, I’ve personally given up on juice fasting (in favor of detoxifying diets with light foods) for many of the reasons you talked about. Hard to come off the fast effectively, digestive problems for quite a while. I think it could still work for me if I could somehow block out several weeks without social activity and other people around with tempting foods. Important to both build up to the fast, and come off of it very slowly and carefully.

    It was definitely inspiring to read your experiences, Thanks Farnoosh!

    • Farnoosh

      Sarah, hi! Welcome here…. thanks so much – I am glad this was enjoyable. So good to hear I wasn’t the only one having trouble coming OFF the fast – how ironic, right? I am also very impressed that you have made such a smart decision, and it must mean you know and respect your body a great deal. I think that’s a very balanced approach.
      I want to try fasting again and will probably do it when I launch my Juicing Program – which is not a fasting program at all but it’s a good time to do it – and this time, I’ll plan out coming off the fast very very carefully. :) Thanks for your thoughts here, Sarah!

      • brittany

        Ahhh! Yes I imagine it would be diffiult to come off a juice fast since it’s kind of like an addictive drug for that amount of time and you have to sort of wene yourself off! Weird but so true

  • charlie

    So glad to have found your website… I am on Day 7 of what I thought was going to be a 4-6 day fast but have really felt so great that I have decided to continue for a bit longer… I feel like I should try more green juices though tomorrow as have had a lot of carrot based juices this week. Many thanks for this blog, it has been really inspiring and supportive. xxx

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Charlie, bravo! I know exactly what you mean and I have a program coming up soon for juicing in general so if you want, hop on the free green juicing newsletter. As for greens, yes, do go more green but still make it sweet with a little apple or pineapple. Yum! Enjoy!!!! Happy fasting!

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  • Nikki

    I don’t have a kindle is there another way to get the book?

    • Farnoosh

      There sure is. Here you go: Green Juicing Guide. Let me know if you have any questions, dear Nikki and happy juicing!

  • Nikki

    When I click on it still says digital copy? :( it that different from the kindle version? I’m sorry

    • Farnoosh

      There are many formats for digital. When you buy through that link, you get the version that reads on your computer – PDF – and a version that reads on a Kindle (you can just not use it) and a version that reads on your iPad/Nook/iPhone etc. plus a motivation audio track. It should all be explained there on the page, I hope. I don’t have a physical print of the book, if that’s what you are looking for. All digital. :)!! You can read on your computer. :)

      • Nikki

        Yay!!!! Okay. Thank you so much!!!!!

  • Jenny

    Hi, I started juice fasting with greens and I love it!!! =) I broke it after 3 days but I plan to start again.

    • Farnoosh

      Jenny, so happy for you. And it’s PERFECTLY fine to break it when you have to listen to your body…. just start again. I’m gonna be doing one again soon hopefully :)!

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  • Priyanka

    Hi Farnoosh, ive been looking into juice fasting and was wondering if you had any advice for fasting for type 1 diabetics. I basically inject the insulin my body needs according to my carb intake. Do you know of anyone else who has attempting juicing that is a type 1 as I really would like to try it am finding calculating carb in juices a very daunting task.

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Priyanka, thanks so much for your question. You know, I don’t feel really comfortable giving you advice with situation. I really want to encourage you to talk to your doctor – if you have a doctor that has some respect for holistic approach to health, he or she will understand. I know that you need to limit the intake of sugar but beyond that, I wouldn’t be able to give you a lot of advice. Please do check with your doctor and I really hope you find a way to do your juicing!

  • Nicole D. Paul

    I love your website. I bought a juicer in January and haven’t touched it since. I recently watched fat sick and nearly dead and was so excited until I saw the plans on the websites. Lots of the juices seemed too complicated. So today, I just whipped out the juicer and threw in a bunch of stuff (mostly green). I need to keep this simple, otherwise, I’ll get discouraged and will stop. My first batch of JUICE included a pre-washed bag of kale, a bag of spinach, about 6 apples (gala), a bunch of celery, 1/2 bag of carrots, and threw in some tomatoes. Oh, and a half a lemon. It was quite tasty. Then I came across your website and everything looks soooo easy! My question was about how much can I drink? I think I saw somewhere that you don’t limit yourself on the GREEN juices. Again, I’m looking for easy. I’m also thinking of downloading your book – I’m so excited again!!

    • Farnoosh

      Hello hello dear Nicole and congrats on whipping up that DELICIOUS sounding juice! Yum! You are smart to know yourself and wanting to keep it simple (and FUN and delicious)…. no limit on green juices, dear, drink as much as you like – limit the sweets like fruits and you can drink as much as you want. For instance, 6 apples might be a bit much – scale back and taste. And I would love to invite you over to our Juicing Clinic (you get full copy of the book free there and lifetime membership to a great community in love with juicing!). Hope to see you there, keep juicing and stay on top of this great health habit! :)

  • Meredith

    Wow, I loved reading this. I have been juicing for years but not really doing it correctly I must admit. By that I mean I sort of cheated and mostly did fruit juices because, let’s face it, those juices are sweeter and go down easier.

    I am currently on day 4 of a 21 day GREEN juice fast and I can tell already the difference. The first day I actually hated how the juice tasted. It really did taste like grass and I thought, “Oh Lord help me, I’ll never get through 21 days of THIS.”

    Then something… odd, cool, wonderful happened… the next morning I LOVED how it tasted. Same juice, same green recipe. Don’t know how to explain it but I was relieved to say the least. By day 4 I can’t wait to chug-a-lug. Will perhaps incorporate some carrots and beets down the road for different tastes and nutritional value.

    Wish me luck!

    • Farnoosh

      Meredith, BEST OF LUCK! Days 1-4 of the fast are the worst, which is why my 5-day juice fast barely got good…. I just finished a 10-day juice fast that I will be accounting here in the blog and if you ever want to join a vibrant community, you can hop over to our a href=””>Juicing Clinic.
      By now, you are on Day 5 or 6, and I KNOW you will get through it – it gets easier it does! And now that you are managing to make more delicious juices, it gets even more fun. Think of all that you will be experimenting. And integrate meditation in there. It goes a long way during a fast. Best of luck! Keep me posted Meredith!

  • Dii

    Great to read your blog. I have been kind of preparing myself for a full fledge green juice fast for quite a while. Have been green juicing while just eating one meal a day. At first it was hard but it got easier and now I want to go whole hog or more to the point…beet the meat and embrace the green juice deal. My difficulties have also been to not have the time or privacy to do it and not have anybody around asking, pleading for me not to or just plain eating in front of me. But for the next 7 days, I am alone just with my little dog, Cypy. One ingredient that really helps me is lemon. The taste, cleansing power and the fact that I can juice it peel and all. Have three lemon trees so they do come in handy.

    Thanks for all the great posts and I will keep you all posted on my progress

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Dii, did you say lemon trees??? Oh I am already envious! And as far as cleansing, if you ever want company, we have a growing and super supportive juicing community so you can always join our Juicing Clinic which has lifetime membership and I also help you pair up with another “juice fast buddy” so you have even extra support…. I hear your challenges but do stick with it. Cypy will keep you company, right? :) Thanks so much for your kind note and Juice On, Dii!!!

      • Dii

        Hi Farnoosh,

        Thank you for your kind attention and link to Juicing Clinic. I am in the middel of day three and am feeling very energetic and not hungry at all. I am green juicing, doing the broth from the fiber extracted (I like this in the am), water and herbal tea. I had a bit of a headache yesterday but it went away. My downfall with any plan is night time snacking, It is not so much that I am hungry late at night, but I am an insomniac and sometimes need a little help from a over-the-counter sleep aid. These sleep aids always make me hungry and it is not the best situation as I am groggy from the drug, get up kinda unsteady, find anything to eat and then to add insult to injury……my sleep is disturbed. But not so for the past two nights. I had a bit of juice on my nightstand and did not even feel like I needed it. I cannot drink water before or during my night’s sleep because water stimulates. I am really happy that I could lie down and stay down without the cravings… added benefit of green juicing.

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  • Dana

    I am brand new to juicing. I bought a Breville 800 and made my first juice of pineapple and peach. Very yummy. Today I tried the carrot, celery, cucumber, apple and ginger root and just about threw up.. I want to do this but I am finding out that I have such a sweet palate that I’m concerned I may never get into the hard core benefits of green juicing. Any suggestions to help me like the juice?

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Dana, you need to follow recipes when you first start out. I have a recipe book that you can buy or you can find others online – mine has been a best selling book Amazon for the 10 recipes I have on there, here it is: Juicing book. And you need to follow the recipes in order to get the right mix of sweet and strong. Hope this helps. You could also join our clinic. I have 21 lessons to get you going on juicing.

  • Chris

    I’m thinking about a 5 day green fast but am concerned about getting enough protein to keep working out daily. What are your thoughts on this? I should tell you it’s a daily intense workout called insanity. Thanks for you input. Chris

    • Farnoosh

      Chris, I would say to not combine crazy workout with a juice fast. I am sure you COULD do it but I don’t think you’ll have enough energy to really enjoy your workout and build muscle and strength and all that…. Up to you. Hope it goes real well!

      • Chris

        Thank you for the speedy reply. I would also like to know if fasting significantly reduces cholesterol? Chris.

        • Farnoosh

          Really depends on the rest of your diet. If you are having green juice and then eating a ton of carbs and sweets, well, not really but if you are on a mainly raw food and green plant diet and are watching whatever else you are doing PLUS juicing, yes you will see an amazing health change in all areas of your life based on my experience, Chris!

  • Jerrad

    My wife and I started a 10 and 15 day juice fast on Monday. We kind of messed up the first day as we forgot we had invited another family over for dinner. So we ended up eating a meal with them. We got back on the wagon the next morning. My wife had to stop her fast at the end of day 4 (yesterday) because she was having migraines every day. She also has low thyroid function and was really struggling with the whole thing. I am continuing but wondering if it will break my fast if I include some smoothies in between juicing. I have a champion juicer and a blendtec. The last couple of days I have been using the blender and straining the juice because my blade seems dull on the juicer. The juice seems a bit weaker but not too much. Do you think switching to some intermittent smoothies will mess me up too badly?

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Jerrad, on a juice fast, if you have anything other than juice, water, sparkling water, and some tea (which is not even allowed with hard-core fasters) then yes you are breaking the fast and you stop the detoxing that takes place with just the fast. That means, no smoothies unless you go off the fast but of course you can break it anytime. I also would use a juicer not the blender because pulp could get into your juice and you lose a lot of juice. It’s just not the right machine. So you can have smoothies but you’ll not be fasting anymore :)! Hope this helps.

  • Laura

    Hi!!! My boyfriend and are going to start fasting but we have some questions. Can we juice in the morning and take the juice to work to drink throughout the day or do we have to drink it right after juicing to get the most out of it? Should we drink water during the day as well? Coffee is out of the question, and that’s not a problem for me, but my boyfriend will get headaches for sure, we are not doing this to detox really, just to loose weight, can he take a little coffee or can he take some Tylenol? And how about supplements, do we need them? Thank you so much!!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dear Laura, yes to juicing in the Am and taking the juice but put it in a tight-lid container and refrigerate when not drinking. Yes to water. No to coffee but yes to tea. No to vitamins or supplements – you are giving your body a break and cleansing. No to medication if you can help it. Hope this helps. If you want to join our community support, hop over to Prolific Juicing Clinic. We just did a short group fast together and there are tons of lessons, interviews, recipes, Facebook private group, and lots of love and support. Hope to see you join the clinic! And best of luck on your fast!

  • Cheyenne Burman

    I have never done a juice fast and would very much like to. I am holding onto a few extra lbs that i would love to lose. I am planning to start a workout regimen from beachbody called slim in six. So i guess my question is can i fast and workout? also how long can you juice for, a week? a month? forever? also i only have a single serving blender so i will obviously need to make a single juice each time. how many times do i drink a juice each day? i know a lot of questions but i want to be healthy for once in my life. Thank you, Cheyenne

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Cheyenne, you can lose those extra pounds and gain clarity, happiness and a great digestion system to boot with juice fasts. Have you checked out my juice guide which comes with a juice fast guide too? That has answers to all the questions you have here. I don’t work out much when fasting, just a lot of yoga. And you can’t juice with a blender – you *need* a juicer. This is very important. Read my book for the details and wishing you the best.

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  • Susie

    Hi Farnoosh, Is your juicing guide will help me lose weight?

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Susie, the juicing guide is about teaching you how to juice, and what juices can do for your body – weight loss is definitely a top benefit that a lot of my clients and readers experience after juicing. So my book is not so much about weight loss but the more you juice, the more likely you are to shed stubborn weight. We’ve had amazing results at the Juicing Clinic, so if you want to go on a weight loss, I suggest joining the clinic where you get a lot more lessons about juicing, a lifetime access, a Facebook support community AND the juice guide. Thanks.

  • Teri

    Have you given any thought to breaking the fast with the juice pulp left behind after all that juicing? You could easily add it to some chicken broth or dehydrate some of it and eat it like a cookie. Just a thought!

    • Farnoosh

      Teri, brilliant ideas. Thank you so much for adding this lovely insight and happy juicing to you :)!

  • Michelle

    I see individual recipes and am assuming “a drink” is one meal? In other words, about how much juice is recommended for the breakfast and lunch meal times? I’m going to ease into the fast by starting with juices for the day meals, followed by a simple meal of soup, mainly vegetarian, for the evening. My body doesn’t do well on extremes. I know this much.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Michelle, always listen to your body and I am so glad you already are doing that. Yes, you can think of a drink as one meal but if it’s a high-vegetable low-fruit drink, you can have more than one drink. I never measure my green juices – I drink as much as I like, especially during my fasts. You can do your cleanse-type fast with other simple foods thrown in, it won’t be a “fast” per se, it will be a simpler diet with juices and still very beneficial. Good luck! And check out my juice guide; it comes with a fast guide too.

  • shadi ardalan

    thanks for the good information and great tips.i was thinking of going on a juice fast this weekend but i may put it off a little to plan the recipes and other things at first.the problem is i will have to do my regular daily activities and wont be able to stay at home and i may starve!lol.i wish i could find some recipes for the juices as well.oh by the way i need to take some medicine for my that fine or i have to leave them out from the fast?and if i have to eliminate them,dont say anything about it on my facebook because my mom will kill me for not taking them.and about my heart,its not serious dont worry.we just havent told anyone.
    oh i really hope this fast helps me lose my stubborn extra weight

    • Farnoosh

      Shadi, my darling cousin, first of all if you do even a one day fast with this mindset (I’m gonna die or such) you won’t last a day and it will be painful so you have to think positive thoughts and still listen carefully to your body and make sure you are doing OK which you will. Andy just finished a 3-day fast with me and it was very short in hindsight and very good. The one thing to be very careful about fasting; How you break it. That’s the hardest part believe it or not you have to break it VERY gently maybe with some fruit or a light soup or broth and go easy on your stomach the next few days. As to your medication, you have GOT to check with your doctor on this – I can’t give you any advice at all and I really want you to take this seriously because there is a reason on the meds so please please call the doc and make sure before you do. Good luck darling!!! Big hugs. You CAN do it! I didn’t know you had a juicer – that’s great :)

  • Michelle

    I am three days in on my five day juice fast. I feel amazing; however, I can’t seem to combat the coldness I feel. Most assuredly this is a perfect endeavor during the hot summer months, but is a total juice fast recommended in winter time, in the height of the flu season? I’m finding it very difficult to stay warm, even with hot tea. Ideas?

    • Farnoosh

      Michelle, same exact experience with me even though I had hot tea in abundance and same with hubby who for the first time fasted with me. I think massages, being near the fire place and at home, and not out and about can help a lot. You will actually build a lot of immunity against the flu with juicing in the winter. You can also add some cayenne pepper or ginger to your juices for internal heat! And layers my dear. It will pass and you’ll be glad for it!

  • Kristen

    I recently started a juice fast. One, to lose some weight and two, I am really curious to see what happens! One weird thing that has happened already is that I usually have blurred vision from astigmatism. Sometimes I have it even when I wear my glasses. After juicing, mainly carrots, celery, lemon, and apple, I noticed I could see clearly without wearing my glasses at all.
    Another thing I noticed with the hunger pains is that while I was starving between juices, they subsided nearly immediately upon taking those first few sips of the next one. I find I am satisfied quickly and don’t rush to finish my glass. Sometimes I even put it up and drink the rest later. This, coming from a chronic over-eater, is a miracle in itself. I look forward to the rest of the journey.

    • Farnoosh

      Kristen, these are very good results I am just thrilled for you – I am in the process of writing my second book on juicing which will be hard cover and full color and I love that so much benefit and great results come out of it. So very happy for you! Enjoy the rest of your juice fast!!! Have faith in yourself – you will surprise yourself!

  • Juierville, Canada

    Hello Farnoosh,

    I can’t believe it has taken me so long to discover your wonderful blog. Your account of your juice fasting is one of the best I have read, and I have read a lot of them. It’s part of my business. :)

    One thing I always like to point out is that you will generate a LOT of pulp and it’s a shame just to throw it out. My favourite thing to do with it is to make veggie burgers, or just ziplock and freeze, and you got yourself instant soup mixes.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi there, I am very happy you feel this way about juicing too – and speaking of fasts, I am about to start a group juice fast with my clinic and they are so excited….. Oh the pulp, I guess it’s just hard to use it during a fast unless you have a family to feed or something since you are not eating yourself, but yes it’s just part of the whole shebang…. I am glad you stopped here today … Juice On!

  • Lori

    Hi Farnoosh,

    I don’t have kindle and was wondering if you could just send me a PDF file of Your Comprehensive Guide to Green Juicing and I can pay you by paypal. Let me know. My email is lorihaley1 at

  • Mick

    I just finished a 7 day juice fast and am quite underwhelmed by the whole experience and perplexed by the hysteria by which these are promoted. I did it mainly as a support for my partner who did one and to lose a few kilo’s and for the experience. I did indeed lose a lot of weight, which was good, but have yet to see how much is water and muscle but did not feel any better, have more energy or think any clearer. If anything I was flatter and felt poorer because of it because I could not exercise at the intensity I enjoy, and felt weaker because of the strength I lost. I would only recommend these fasts for already overweight or unhealthy people to be honest. I just wanted to comment because all you ever see is positive comments about this sort of stuff and I wanted to add some objectivity.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Mick, that’s good to know your experience. Fasts are very wide range of experiences, and even though you see only positive here, there is also a lot of “meh” and negative experiences so you are definitely not alone. A lot of other factors go into the fast too, and depending on your state of mind, your mindset as you went into it …. was it “Oh great, let’s see what this is all about! I doubt it will do anything for me! It’s all hype anyway!” or “I am going to embrace this experience and look forward to the results!” – mindset matters a great deal – and also how much and what kind of juices you were drinking and what else was going on in your life like a busy work/social life or a quiet time with some relaxation, maybe yoga, exercise, etc. Either way, thanks so much for your experience and I wish you a much better experience next time if you should try it again.

  • Maria

    Hi Farnoosh!

    I just got your answer on the skin issue and I totally appreciate how quick it arrived. I will not fail to get your book on smoothies. I just love them and in the meantime, since I do not need to have a powerful juices to juice cucumber, tomatoes, lemon and ginger, although spinach might be more challenging, I ll give it a go on Wednesday.

    On smoothing, I travel a lot and I bought a Tribest personal blender that I find absolutely amazing and I just think I could start packing it in my suitcase so I can continue my health exploration journey even when I am on the move.

    Your blog/webpage are really inspirational
    Thank you

    • Farnoosh

      Maria, what a small world! My hubby and I were thinking of buying a Tribest personal blender to carry in our luggage because we have a section about traveling healthy and being healthy on the road! How funny you mentioned just that. You’re a smart woman :)
      Stay healthy and come back anytime. Enjoy your juicing journey too….. may it give you the best glow!

  • Amy

    Hi there. I get blurred vision from juicing even the slightest bit. My husband does, too! Do you have any idea what can cause this? It has nothing to do with diabetes. I’ve noticed many comments about this problem like to focus on that. My vision is 20/25 normally but even after one 8-oz juice of organic carrots and apples, my vision gets super blurry! Could it be that along with juicing, I need to do a liver detox to help my body rid itself of all of the toxins the juicing may be setting free?

    Your expertise is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Amy, I’ve never heard of juicing causing blurred vision. These are not related at all. There is something else going on in your diet or supplements you may be taking or something else – please check with your doctor. Thanks for dropping by.

      • Amy

        Hi, Farnoosh. Thanks for the quick response. My husband and I are both athletes. I’m a figure athlete and he’s a cyclist. Our diets are clean: nothing processed, certified 100% organic, my husband gets 25% of his protein from low-fat animal sources and mine come 95% from plant-based protein sources. The only time this happens to both of us (or either of us) is when we juice! It continues while we juice and subsides about 2 days after we stop. Juicing is the only variable in our diets that ever changes in complete sync with the blurred vision. It’s bizarre.

        I’ve also spoken with a woman at our local organic foods store and she had noticed the same problem but hadn’t even considered it would be from juicing. When I talked to her again, she, too, said the blurred vision went away when she discontinued juicing.

        I’ve spoken with my doctor about it. Unfortunately, most doctors have no clue about real nutrition and so, she has been stumped.

        I’m tempted to write to some of the doctors in the documentaries The Gerson Miracle, Forks Over Knives and/or Food Matters.

        Do you have any recommendations as to where I can begin research on such a situation? Nutritional journals? Particular nutritionists? Every search I’ve done online has only brought back answers for the juice causing high blood sugars in diabetics. That’s not my case, though.

        If you can find some good information, it might be something to address in your blog and/or a new book! I’m sure, after having spoken with others, it is a symptom that often gets passed off as a need for glasses (reading glasses as it only affects my vision for reading).

        I know it’s weird but if you’d like to discuss it with me further, I’d be happy to give you more details. :) Feel free to email me at farmbygardens [at] gmail [dot] com. :)

        • Farnoosh

          Hi Amy, hmmm. that’s very odd. I actually ran this by my sister-in-law who is a doctor and she also said juicing can’t alone cause this. I recommend you do some research and talk to experts but unfortunately not sure where you should start. HOWEVER, before you do anything else, try to narrow down to the ingredient. There are hundreds of vegetables and herbs and fruits. Does every type of juice give you this reaction? I bet there’s a culprit somewhere. It makes no sense. Try different recipes. Simplify it and see if you can find the ultimate ingredient. Maybe it’s a reaction to a particular fruit or herb or vegetable….. I wish you the best and hope that you can find a way to enjoy your juices.

          • Amy

            Hi again. I’ll do that. I’m quite fond of nutritional experimentation. So is my husband. We’ll have some fun and I’ll get back with you. :) Thanks again!

  • anas

    Hi Farnoosh, thanks for your interest in our stories and well being. I will start juicing tomorrow for 14 days to lose weight and cleanse my body.however, I will be fasting 16 hours a day for religious reasons(no water or food) Do you still recommend me juicing or no.thanks for replying

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Anas, I am not sure if I would do that if I were you. If you are fasting for Ramadan (or other reasons) all day long on no food or water, then you would need your strength when you break the fast. I recommend doing the juice fast at another point in time. I hope this helps.

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