31 Reasons You Are Better than You Think

What Happens When You Stop the Self-sabotage

I will allow life’s changes to make me better, not bitter. ~Unknown

Where do we pick up this cycle of constantly beating ourselves up? Here I was evaluating how our company has done in 2013 with my business partner and hubby – our first year of working full-time together – and in reality, it has been a phenomenal year, and I have worked my little behind off like no other time in my life.


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29 Things that I Let Go to Get Massive Success and Happiness in Life


If you met me 10 years ago, you’d think me ambitious, singled-minded, opinionated, self-righteous and very adamant about living life my way because that was the one and only path to success, quite obviously!

If we became really good friends though, you would see that I am forever searching for something else, an answer, a discovery, a shortcut to the end to make sure this is indeed the way. You would see that I am not half as confident despite my great level of success, which I so proudly defended.

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39 Affirmations that Release Hatred and Allow Love

A warning sign you may not love yourself.

Do you love yourself?

If you found this question to be a silly or dumb, then it’s a sign that you probably don’t love yourself.

You may like yourself. You may be proud of yourself. You may think nice thoughts of yourself, but if you truly love yourself – yourself being the person living and breathing in your body, the person housing your heart and soul – then this question has only one right answer: A resounding YES.

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