The Importance of Being Punctual


Is that a real emergency or just a poor excuse?

Person A: I am so sorry I am late. I was stuck in traffic.
Person B: No kidding. Cause, ya know, I chartered a plane to get here!

I am so tempted to respond this way to every Person A who has been notoriously late to a meeting with me and arrives blurting out this ridiculous excuse. They may be friends, family, guests, co-worker, clients, or perfect strangers, it matters little who they are because tardy is a serious lack of respect. [Read more...]

Episode 94: Unraveling the Lunacy of Romantic Relationships with Alan Stransman


Welcome to Episode 94 of The Daily Interaction Show. We are going where we have not gone before in this episode to explore love, loss and lunacy of us in romantic relationships. This is a conversation is with one of the best writers I’ve ever read and someone I am delighted to call my friend, Alan Stransman. [Read more...]


Episode 92: Who Would You Be Without Your Story with Byron Katie

Byron Katie - The Work

Byron Katie Shares the Method of Self-Inquiry

My guest today on the Daily Interaction Show is Byron Katie. Katie created The Work, which is a self-inquiry method that teaches you how to free yourself from your thoughts, the cause of your suffering, and how to find and embrace the truth. She has changed the lives of millions since the day that she woke up from her own dark depression and followed the voice of truth. [Read more...]


How to Eat A Clean and Green Diet by Adding These 3 Super Foods

If you are not paying attention to your health today, you will be paying attention to your illness tomorrow. Click to Tweet

So stop fooling around with your golden asset. You are not invincible, even if you are young and carefree. Pay attention to your health. Guard your body from the ill effect of poor food and overdose on alcohol, sodas or drugs. Stay on top of your diet. Be selective about your food choices. Dare to go against the norm. Honor your body, your temple with love not abuse.

And add 3 super foods, green smoothiegreen juices, and raw fruits & vegetables to make it super easy to eat a clean and green diet TODAY!


[Read more...]