Build Your Essential Entrepreneur Kit Fast

Ready to Build Your Essential Entrepreneur Toolkit?

So you’ve decided you want to become an entrepreneur. Marvelous! It’s going to be the best ride of your life. When I look back, my one regret is not using the right products and services from the get-go. Live and learn, right? Except you lose out on time and opportunity and a whole lot of money.

So I learned the hard way and that’s why I built this resource page for you. Because it’s a shame to lose time to stuff you wish you knew earlier. Start investing in your online business from day one! It is worth it and so are you! Let’s start building your entrepreneur toolkit now so you are set up for success from this minute forward.

I only talk up products that I know inside out, have tested and used for a good while and tremendously love.

Disclaimer: The products here are affiliate programs in which I proudly participate. When you buy something here, I will make a small commission. So you build your business with trusted advice and proven experience, and support my work. We both win.

1. ~ Ultimate Theme of Choice: Genesis by StudioPress

Genesis-affiliateWe switched Prolific Living over to the Genesis Framework on December 2013. As the blog grew in size and traffic, we wanted to increase the reliability, security and scalability so we went with this obvious choice and here’s why.

Two of the main reasons we chose Genesis Framework were the supreme performance in SEO as well as the mobile responsiveness – this theme is made to work with mobile devices and tablet and that is a must for a growing online business.

Genesis takes website beauty seriously with its gorgeous StudioPress themes (we opted for the developer package and if you have more than one website, that’s the best choice), and the versatility of the theme. It’s the professional and smart choice for us now and we cannot speak highly enough of the Genesis experience thus far.

2 ~ Build Your List Fast with Email Marketing: Aweber

I Heart AWeber.comOne of my regrets about the incredible journey of blogging has been the same regret as other intermediate and even pro bloggers – go ahead and ask them! – and that is the fact that I started my mailing list too late in the game. My goal is to make sure that no one else has this regret!

Your mailing list is your biggest business asset.. Your RSS feeds and website traffic and even your Feedburner emails are all great but you can’t reach out to those users unless you have their email address!

The good news is that I started with the BEST company out there after doing my research: Aweber Communications! These guys rock. I chose them over all others because they provide a month-free service and they have LIVE support where you can talk to someone about your problems on the phone, the traditional kind without the wait and the hassle and with an amazing staff. The features are brilliant, the system is efficient, the information about your subscribers is invaluable and the entire work flow is extremely user-friendly.

AWeber - Email MarketingThe best part about Aweber is that you get the first month for FREE – otherwise, I would probably need more lovin’ to be convinced! Click the nice picture banner below and go! Get on Aweber. What an exciting step toward your blogging journey and how smart of you!

3 ~ Invest in a professional conference service: GoToMeeting

GoToMeetingI can’t stress enough how important it is to steer clear of all the “free” conferencing services out there, because not only do you have little reliability with their systems, you also do not appear as professional to your customers and clients with those tools.

A review video I did for GoToMeeting:

Case in point: Imagine how awful and embarrassed my friend felt when a cheap conferencing system didn’t record our live training – his first such offering to his list – and didn’t even let attendees dial-in properly to the conference. “Technical glitch” can only save you so much when the opportunity is all but lost. This whole experience was mortifying, and that’s the stuff that’s hard to recover from.

You won’t have that problem with GoToMeeting. I use GoToMeeting to meet with clients, record our sessions, interact live, share webcam and create a wonderful experience of working together. I use it to run my group coaching calls and my small mastermind and training sessions. I love Citrix – the company behind GoToMeeting – so much that I also upgraded to use GoToWebinar for larger training sessions. The actual experience of the conferencing tool aside, you get excellent data after the calls to evaluate how things went so you can make it better for the next time.

I’ve been using this company for over 2 years now and would not consider any other conferencing tools. The free or the cheap waste your time and can damage your reputation. Go with GoToMeeting!

4 ~ Great theme for new bloggers: Thesis

I loved for 4 years and really enjoyed running it on Prolific Living. While I am no longer a user, I am a proud affiliate because Thesis served me very well and here’s why I love these guys:


First: Thesis is rich, professional, clean, versatile with a killer layout. It is also powerfully customizable to your needs. All your needs. Other themes: been there, done that many times. I spent  hours and days to get things right to no avail. Thesis has been my answer since August 2009.

Second (and just as important): The outstanding, unmatched and quick-to-respond-and-solve-your-problem customer support. The forums are very closely watched and Godhammer and Girlie, the brains of this operation, answer any question you may have from basic functionality to super complex hooks and coding. These guys rock.

5 ~ Search Engine Must-Have: Scribe

Scribe_300x250I love that all of my SEO (Search Engine Optimization – a term you will get to know intimately as you live online a while) is so integrated now. Just the fact that Scribe gives me a Content Score for every single post encourages me to go for 100% every time. Plus it works. My search engine traffic has more than tripled and continues to grow with this system.

You learn to do your Title Tags, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords in a well-laid-out system and if you score poorly on your SEO, you know *exactly* what is wrong and Scribe gives you specific suggestions to fix it and move on.

I am loving Scribe especially the latest upgrades (2013+) and it has eased my headache about SEO and increased my traffic in response. These guys are well worth the money and I’ve been with them almost a year now.

6 ~ Use the best web hosting: bluehost


As a new blogger, it is so easy to get caught up in a million things. Heck, as a pro blogger, you get caught up in even more things.

But one thing I have learned is that the stuff that is invisible to your readers is the stuff that sometimes makes or breaks it, choices like which hosting company you should go with.

That’s the stuff you cannot leave up to chance. That’s the decision that has to be made correctly the first time.

I think you might be hard-pressed to find a hosting company that rocks like these guys. I have used others that I love and will soon promote as well but bluehost is hard to beat on customer support front (super important to bloggers!) and on cost front (lowest in the market, these guys rock)!

It’s up to you but nearly 3 years of blogging says go with this professional hosting company.

7 ~ No More Manual Invoicing: Fresh Books

FreshBooksMy brother asks me the other day if I am sick of PayPal fees yet? I say, of course but what am I to do? Then he tells me about FreshBooks.

So long as you choose the right option, and your customer or client pays you with Paypal, FreshBooks and PayPal have agreed to a 50 cent flat rate per transaction! Unbelievably sweet! (This is US-to-US transactions only).

But that is just one perk. FreshBooks has beautiful looking invoices, excellent user interface, organization beyond what I could do on my own, and it lets you create and track customer database and every activity and it actually makes the process of billing joyful and easy!

8 ~ Cloud Storage for Your Precious Data: Dropbox

dropboxWithout your data, you have very little business. Your data, you must protect. That means, if your phone or tablet or computer gets stolen or hacked, you want to make sure the physical device is your worst lost. Not Your Data! If you’ve ever lost data because you didn’t back it up, you know the agony of which I speak. If you don’t, you can avoid agony.

How? Simple. Use Dropbox. It is the universally trusted solution that I can’t imagine doing without. I use Dropbox to store practically all my data on the cloud, I can access it from anywhere and any device, and I also get my clients to use Dropbox to share information between us. Dropbox ROCKS and so should your business!