Prolific Living in Interviews

I am deeply honored for each and every interview that I have been asked to do. Here is the comprehensive list. May you find them useful. Please hop over here to see the Prolific Living recognition around the web.

See my guest posts and media appearances where I share stories about leaving Iran with my family, then leaving a successful corporate career to pursue my dreams of starting a company and becoming an entrepreneur.

Get Confident in 21 Easy Steps

Entrepreneur-Journey Farnoosh Brock Interview
~ 1. Wildly Successful Yaro Starak from Entrepreneurs Journey humbles me with an hour-long interview into my journey of leaving the 12-year corporate career to build my company. Take a listen: From Iranian Refugee to Self-Made Entrepreneur.

~ 2. CEO Rick from FareCompare interviews me after the Packing like a Pro article. The Podcast of our interview is here among the listed podcasts.

~ 3. FareCompare interviews me yet again. This podcast topic is taking Europe on the affordable and smart way. Thank you, FareCompare!

Thrilled to be Interviewed on BlogcastFM four times, So thankful to these guys!

~ 4. General fun blog talk with Srinivas Rao.
~ 5. On a Teleclass for Writing Well with Sid Savara.
~ 6. An interview with Fear-Crushing Travel Guide with Srini again.
~ 7. On the art of Relationship Building.

~ 8. Podcasting Guru and my podcasting teacher, Cliff Ravenscraft, interviews me about none other than podcasting. Take a listen.

~ 9.Cliff features me from our Blogworld interview in his podcast here!

~ 10. Privileged to be interviewed by Peter Sinclair on for Motivational Memo.

~ 11. Gregory Berg, with his incredible radio voice, interviews me on Radio Enso and you can take a listen here.

~12. Greg brings me back to the fabulous Radio Enso on my current projects to both inspire and give his listeners tips in this interview.

~ 13. End the Grind‘s Steve Roy interviews me on living “prolifically”, the passions of blogging and mostly, leaving the corporate world even despite having a lucrative job. So honored.

~ 14. Andrew Hayes of Sharing Travel Experiences interviews me on how to become a fearless traveler, and gives a big shout-out to our Fear-Crushing Travel Guide.

~ 15. Joel Boggess talks to me about leaving not only the Iran oppression but also leaving the corporate life behind on Sharing Your Voice.

Party Biz Energy Connection Interview

~ 16. Karl Staib interviews me about the energy and fire of building relationships and connections online – The Energy Connection on Party Biz Connect.

Learning with Leslie

~ 17. Leslie brings so much energy and passion to this interview about Building a Prolific Blog on Learning with Leslie.

~ 18. Leslie brings me BACK to talk about networking How to Network for Online Success on Learning with Leslie.

Suitcase Entrepreneur

~ 19. Natalie Sisson, who shares my passion of traveling and working from anywhere, interviews me on Crushing Your Travel Fears and Living a Prolific Life on her blog, The Suitcase Entrepreneur.

~ 20. Arvind Devalia, a brilliant coach and blogger and friend in London, interviews me on the latest product of Prolific Living, The Comprehensive Green Juicing Guide. We talk about our juice fast together and living a healthy lifestyle, in Green Juicing — Your Secret to Health, Vitality & Youth in 2012.

~ 21. Agota from Founders Tips interviews me on the path from corporate life to full-time blogging. Great questions.

~ 22. Wasim Ismail taps into the aspects of running an online business with the blog, the products, and the services. We have a great conversation here in this interview.

~ 23. Adam King does an unforgettable interview with me, for which I was honored to be chosen as part of The Humanity Blueprint series. Check out our interview: Brilliance is Meant for Living Now. Thank you, Adam!

~ 24. Joel Boggess interviews me again on exiting the wrong job and making a professional transition to the work that you can love and find meaningful. He titled our interview: Ready to Leave – You’ll Need A Plan. Take a listen and thank you Joel!


~ 25. Ken Tangen interviews me on the story of my life. It was a fabulous time and I am honored to be featured in What’s It Like.

~ 26. Mohamed Tohami interviews me on my book The 8 Pillars of Motivation. He is a supreme interviewer and I thoroughly enjoyed the honor. Check out The 8 Pillars of Motivation interview.

~ 27. Mario Schulzke did a full featured interviewed with me on Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle. Thank you, Mario.


~ 27. Suzie Cheel interviews me on my Green Juicing Intensive Clinic and the supreme benefits of green juicing. Check out The Interview with Suzie Cheel.

~ 28. Alyx Faulkner interviews me on Making it as a Blogging Entrepreneur and we had a lot of fun tackling the topic.

~ 29. Kendra Kinnison interviews me on How Farnoosh Brock Left a Six-Figure Career and Never Looked Back.

~ 30. Tal Gur interviews me on Quitting the Cushy Corporate Gig to Redefine What is Possible

~ 31. Cathy Presland, a friend through Udemy, interviews me on Selling thousands of ebooks that people want to buy.

~ 32. Ralph Quintero, a genius business man from “The Great Business Project”, interviews me on leaving a comfortable job to run my own business. What an honor to talk to his fab community.

~ 33. Evita Ochel of Evolving Beings interviews me on Green Juicing benefits. Thanks Evita!

~ 34. Robert D. Smith of The[Robert]D. interviews me about entrepreneurship and living life on your own terms. Thanks Robert!


~ 35. Katya Barry interviews me for Foreignator Summit 2013. It was huge honor!


~ 36. Sibyl Chavis interviews me for her fabulous course, “7 Secrets to Your Something More”. So humbled to be among these great speakers.

~ 37. Nicole Orisich, of Career Sugar, let’s me talk about how I drastically changed my career direction: “How My Career Reinvention Created Prolific Living”. Thanks Nicole!

~ 38. Joel and Pei from the Finding Your Voice podcast let Andy and I help their readers understand self-publication on the Amazon Kindle store by learning “How do I Publish a Kindle eBook?”

~ 39. Liz from A Life On Your Terms and I discuss “Doing Work You Love, Success, Identity and Creating Your Own Reality”.

Ruby Freelancers

~ 40. The Ruby Freelancers Show have Farnoosh aboard for a technology-related to discuss “Building and Marketing Products”.

Successful Women Talk

~ 41. Shelia Butler from conducts a video interview with Farnoosh called Redefine Your Truth and Live Your Dream.

Tony Teegarden Interview

~ 42. Tony Teegarden interviews Farnoosh on How To Get a Book Published.

~ 43. Erik Fisher from Beyond the To Do List talks to Farnoosh about Focus, Traveling, and the Effects of Health on Productivity.

Faheem Moosa Interview

~ 44. Faheem Moosa from Radical Tribe gets Farnoosh to tell her tale of How a Risk-averse Engineer Escaped 9-to-5 and Ended Up in the Life of Her Dreams.

~ 45. Srinivas Rao chats with Farnoosh about Smart Exits and Doing Meaningful Work.


~ 46. John Lee Dumas interviews Farnoosh on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast.

~ 47. Janelle Allen talks juicing and other things with Farnoosh at The Grand Life.

~ 48. The Topknot Creative Show talks with Farnoosh about juicing and careers over at

~ 49. Miss Krizia welcomes Farnoosh to missKriziaTV for a video interview on How to Get Signed Up By a Publisher.

New Business Podcast

~ 50. Chris Ducker of the New Business Podcast goes in-depth with Farnoosh on Smart, Super-Selling Book Marketing Tactics.

Inspiring Innovation Podcast

~ 51. Meron Baraket of the Inspiring Innovation Podcast talks with Farnoosh about the tools and traits of those that start their own business in Are Entrepreneurs Born, Or Made?.

~ 52. Charles McFall and Mordant Mahon talk with Farnoosh about setting goals, achieving goals and (sometimes) letting them go on the Success Freak podcast.

~ 53. Mark Mason talks career and promotions with Farnoosh on the Late Night Internet Marketing podcast.

~ 54. Leslie Samuel from the Become a Blogger podcast interviews Farnoosh about the Smart Exit Blueprint with the message Don’t Be Stuck In A Job. Do Something BIGGER!.

~ 55. Cigdem Kobu talks with Farnoosh about the Smart Exit Blueprint in Idea to Awesome: How Did Farnoosh Brock Create Her Smart Exit Blueprint Course?

~ 56. Scott Barlow from the “Happen to Your Career” podcast talks with Farnoosh about Why she refuses to pursue only one passion!

~ 57. The Women Connected podcast has released its fourth episode entitled Confidence, Courage, and Productivity with Farnoosh Brock.

~ 58. Beau Blackwell from the War on Work podcast discusses leaving the corporate world for entrepreneurial freedom on Episode 11: Farnoosh Brock on Having a Smart Exit Blueprint.

~ 59. Cesar Abeid from the PM for the Masses podcast talk with Farnoosh about The Secrets for Getting Promoted as a Project Manager.

~ 60. Ryan Hanley from the Content Warfare podcast engages Farnoosh in a great conversation about Clarity, Courage and Content Marketing.

~ 61. Joel and Pei from Finding Your Voice radio learn all about Farnoosh’s new course about how to Get on the Fast-track to Your Next Promotion.

~ 62. Ellory Wells from the Empowering the 80 Percent podcast talks with Farnoosh about working for yourself and that deeper issue of Trusting Yourself.

~ 63. Kristi Jackson of the Woman CEO Project has an interview with Farnoosh all about the Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur.

~ 64. Annemarie Gross of the Ambitious Entrepreneur podcast has Farnoosh on to discuss that challenging process of going From Employee to Entrepreneur.

~ 65. Cesar Abeid from PM For the Masses talks with Farnoosh about a very importnat message that she herself took a few years ago… Project Managers: Go Out On Your Own.

~ 66. Michael Simmons talks with Farnoosh about motivation on the Just Start Real Estate podcast.

~ 67. Buck Inspire discusses confidence, positive energy and how to channel them into running a successful business on the Buck Inspire Podcast #58.

~ 68. Scott Barlow talk about the employer mindset: what it is and why you NEED one on a bonus episode of the Happen to Your Career podcast.

~ 69. Mark Mason and Late Night Internet Marketing asks Farnoosh about ways for Improving Your Day Job.

~ 70. Andy Gray from A Congruent Life discusses life fulfillment and how Farnoosh made the big life changes to achieve it in ACL Episode 41.

~ 71. Will Claxton has a quick-hit interview with Farnoosh about her favorite marketing strategy on Episode 1 of the Fearless Marketing Podcast.

~ 72. Betsy and Warren Talbot talk to both me and Andy about working together, living together and going after your dreams together on Episode 49 of the Married with Luggage podcast.

~ 73. Angela Hemans from Blueprint Your Career talks with me about my beginnings and the start of Turning Your Passion Into A Career.

~ 74. Jo Casey and I discuss changing careers and moving up the corporate ladder in the Work Happy Podcast #16. You can watch the full video of the interview as well on Jo Casey’s site.


~ 75. Joanna Penn from The Creative Penn has me as a guest on her podcast to discuss Entrepreneurial Publishing, Book Marketing And Prolific Living.

~ 76. Lorna Li from Entrepreneurs for a Change talks with Farnoosh about how she used her passions for juicing and confident living to help build her business in the Entrepreneurs for a Change Podcast Episode 26.

~ 77. Mentor Impact talks with Farnoosh about her beginnings and how she quit a corporate job to start her own business in Episode 35 of the Mentor Impact Podcast.

~ 78. Jeff Brown discusses health and writing with Farnoosh on Episode 39 of the ReadToLead Podcast.

~ 79. Reba Charleston get’s Farnoosh talking about wow to deal with a mid-career crisis in Episode 5 of the Flip the Script podcast.

Get Confident in 21 Easy Steps