Episode 73: How Not to Make New Year Resolutions

Welcome back to Episode #73 of The Daily Interaction podcast. We are back from our first ever break on the podcast since our launch in August 2011. I took a 2-week holiday break, during which I wrote thousands of words into my new book – manuscript due to my publisher in January so hustling big time – and made some changes to our podcasting going forward.

Boy have I missed you so much! So glad to be back. The topic today, our last podcast of 2012, is all about resolutions. I want to share a unique perspective on how not to make those new year resolutions and how to avoid those usual pitfalls of resolution making so that they keep the strong momentum all year long and become achievable targets rather than a point of frustration.

Resolutions have picked up a bad rap over the years especially since you hear the same old people in your life resolving to do the same old thing that they fail to make any progress on, year after year. There is nothing wrong with resolutions per se. It’s the approach to this wonderful idea that needs change. One of the most creative approaches is by one of my role models, Christine Kane, where she talks about your word of the year. Love this idea! Give it a go!

Another approach is what I share with you here in this podcast. This method has worked brilliantly for me and what do you know, I even surpassed my new year resolutions in 2012 so imagine how you would feel if by December 2013, you can smile and say, “Would you look at that! I went above and beyond my new year resolutions!”. That’s my goal for this last podcast of 2012 for you so tune in and listen up! This is your dreams we are talking about!

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How Not to Make New Year Resolutions Show Notes

Number 1: Don’t set someone else’s resolution even if you have the best intentions, your resolution must come from your heart and your own desires, untarnished by others.

Number 2: Don’t use the future tense of the verbs. Use the right affirmative present-tense language. And the new phrase to use instead of “losing weight” that might just change everything about those stubborn pounds.

Number 3: Don’t be vague and grandiose about your resolutions. Be super specific and use immeasurable language and exactly why this level of detail makes your resolution more achievable.

Number 4: Don’t be loose about when it will be done. Giving yourself a deadline and using all the powers and knowledge you have about working a deadline now as you apply it to a personal and intimate goal.

Number 5: Don’t use the word “resolution” if that turns you off. Call it another big fancy fun name as long as it is something that makes sense to you and gets you fired up.

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  • http://www.CritterWisdom.com Carmelo

    The word “resolution” becomes so overused and the tradition of setting goals at the beginning of each year makes it so “commercial.” We start with expectations for change and idealize a lifestyle or accomplishment that seems cool but doesn’t come from our inner self.

    As you say, we copy. We aren’t being ourselves. I believe the “system” that the world has given us through tradition has homogenized us to the extent we mindlessly follow others and our own surface motivations. We don’t go deep. We don’t know why, we don’t know when, we don’t have reasons that matter the most for us.

    Farnoosh, sorry you got so sick! Glad you’re back on the “horse” and sharing your wisdom with us. Oh, and now I know your secret to being so productive … somehow you get a 31st day in every November. That’s my goal for 2013! :-) Ha!

    And … Happy New Year to you, Farnoosh! (I’ll see you in Vegas)

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Carmelo, I can’t wait to meet you in person. Just finished doing a Google hangout – I signed up to be an NMX Ambassador – should be fun!
      And love the thoughts you share on this post. We do follow what we were taught, I suppose and never question it until something opens our eyes to more options in life.
      Eh. Sickness happens to all of us, and I am back to being myself. A 3-day juice fast did wonders too! Happy new year and see you in Vegas!

  • http://www.timelessinformation.com Armen Shirvanian

    Hey Farnoosh.

    This is well-timed so people don’t make resolutions that are wacky and out of place. New Year’s time gives us a nice reset-type opportunity that we don’t get during the year.

    I think I shall do well on my upcoming resolutions because they are reasonable and upward-looking. They’re not crazy or outlandish.

    Thanks for continuing your audios, and happy holiday time to you.

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi Armen, hey I never said the resolutions are wacky or out of place so much as just hard to achieve – you know? Good to see you here. How was your 2012? Are you attending NMX next week?

      • http://www.timelessinformation.com Armen Shirvanian

        Hey Farnoosh.

        My 2012 was great as usual. I have a lot of responsibility in this world and so I handle that.

        I am not attending NMX and won’t be attending any conference for a long while, but it is cool that you are taking part in such because it is a good thing and is enjoyable. If you head to Los Angeles for some reason let me know.

        To a good 2013 to all.

  • http://www.learningthroughlife.org Cassandra

    Dearest Farnoosh,

    This was a great podcast episode…and with great timing! :) I definitely think that when we make our New Year Achievements list (not using “resolutions” anymore :)) we need to allow ourselves time to sit down and really consider what is important to us and what we truly want to achieve for OURSELVES in the coming year. I’ve known too many people (including myself) who have created their lists based solely on what they thought the people in their lives wanted them to achieve/improve on, what would make themselves be considered a “better person” in the eyes of others, etc. Doing it that way leaves a big hole in the motivation to achieve those things…there isn’t any real, personal desire/drive/passion to achieve them.

    For myself personally, once I have finished my Achievement list I am sitting down either at the beginning or the end of each month (maybe both :)) to see where I am at with my achievements. And I love the point you made about creating our list in the present tense, writing them as if we have already met them. It helps to add a sense of “already achieved” in your head compared to the usual “I will…” In the past, for me when I wrote “I will” and hadn’t achieved my ‘resolutions’ by this month or that month I’d just tell myself, “I will do it next month.” The time frame is also a really good idea…it helps you have a sense of accountability with yourself knowing there certain things you want to achieve by a certain time in the year.

    Thank you, Farnoosh, for another great, insightful podcast! And I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling well again! :)

    – Cassandra

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi dearest Cassandra, glad to have you back as a listener. You know, you have come such a long way on your personal development journey this year – I have watched you just grow so much more wise in so many areas and I am just proud of you. The approach to your New Year Achievements List (GREAT NAME) is brilliant – with these subtle changes, you will be surprised just how much you will accomplish, and I am just so excited for you. Thanks for being an invaluable listener! Happy New Year, Cassandra and may we meet in person in the new year! One can hope, right? :)

      • http://www.learningthroughlife.org Cassandra

        Hello amazing Farnoosh! Oh, I promise I never went anywhere…have always been here reading, enjoying, & being inspired by your words – I read all your posts and have been excitedly waiting for your new podcast. I have just been struggling to find words lately, for many different things in my life. But I’ve realized if I don’t write at all, the words won’t ever come it’ll just get harder to find them…

        I have got to say – THANK YOU! Your comment touched me so much…you put a HUGE smile on my face and brought tears to my eyes. :) You are such a wonderful person and an amazing gift to all of us (especially to me)! I can’t wait to see just how much your tips and advice help me in reaching my achievements on my list this year…

        Happy New Year to you, too! It would be wonderful being able to meet you in person & it would be great for it to happen this year! I am keeping my fingers crossed, dearest Farnoosh. :)

  • http://www.muslimweddingflight.com Fayaz Pasha

    Hi Farnoosh,

    First of all, Wish you a very very happy and a prosperous new year.

    Very true! the habit of making new year resolution seems to be a thing of the past and it reminds me of the college days when we used to make resolutions and discuss it with friends. As we mature, we ought to look at it with a different perspective. Rather than making one resolution for the whole year, I would say 12 resolutions would make it easy to have a feedback each month if we are on the right track.

    You have said not to use the word resolution, one of my blogger friends had put it this way, call it a revolution.

    Have a blessed day.

  • Danny

    Hi, I read your articles with interest, thanks for all the effort. I have to admit that I’m the one that mad resolutions every year and even at certain strategic times throughout the year, resolutions based around being more productive, organized and not wasting 50-80 percent of my day on social media. (yes it was hard to admit but it’s the truth…). But of course I usually don’t last even a day. I’m thinking to take it this year to the next level and I must reach out and find a sincere accountability partner that would be willing to work alongside me for the benifit of both of us.

    Happy new year and thanks for listening.