Episode 43: How to Explain Your Unconventional Lifestyle

Welcome back to Episode #43 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Today’s topic is How to Explain Your Unconventional Lifestyle. How do you do this where you don’t give in to the status quo and without apologizing for living life differently and at the same time, without offending anyone and without coming across as defensive, or rude or preaching about it? That’s the challenge that we are going to unravel today.

Guess Who is the Fresh Voice This Episode:

Our Fresh Voice for today was Arvind Devlia, who is a dear friend of mine out of London. He is a published author, a life coach, and a great blogger at Arvind Devalia Plus, the reason I picked him is because we did a juice fast together back in March and lived to tell about it. Seriously, this plays a role later in the episode and it will all make sense.

In today’s episode, we are going to talk about your unconventional choices around 3 main life areas: The first one is around your professional work and career, the second is around your family orientation, the nature of your partnership, marriage or children, and the last one is around your health choices and diets such as the vegan, raw vegan, low car, vegetarian diets or choices in doing juice fasting, or just adding green juices or green smoothies to your diets.

How do you get your family to understand you, support you, and love you nonetheless with the choices you are making? What are some of the conversations you are going to have? And why it’s the most important thing for you to fully understand the underlying reasons which is compelling you to make your choices?


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Your Weekly Friday Show Notes:

1. First, I cover the rules before having those conversations. Rule #1 is to never get defensive and I tell you how and why.

2. Second, I cover the next rule and that is to never ever preach what you believe to be the right way to live but instead learn how to inform and educate others.

3. Having the conversation where people react to you leaving your safe corporate job to go off to start your own company? How do you in words politely validate your sanity and assure them that this choice is right for you? I had to assure my own family that this decision for me would ruin neither my marriage nor my finances.

4. The things to say and not to say when people ask you about your lifestyle choices such as marriage, children, and family orientation. How do you win over the support and love of family and friends and still – STILL – be true to your own unconventional life choices.

5. How to explain your unconventional food choices such as a vegan or raw food diet or a juice fast and what kind of approach to use to educate others without preaching and doing so with love and compassion so that you become approachable and still stay true to your choices.

6. I wrap with telling you just how to be a role model and an example to others by following your heart and practicing these tips in interacting with others about your unconventional lifestyle choices.

What Can You Do to Show Your Love

My Sweet TDI Peeps: This was the 43rd episode – that is forty three weeks in a row without missing a beat. Are you still enjoying the podcast? Will you miss it if I quit doing them?? Just kidding and making sure you are reading what I write here! And remember, the best way to show your love is by doing an iTunes ranking, right? Until next time, I am blowing you a kiss for showing your love for the podcast!