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Hi and welcome. I am Farnoosh Brock, the passionate founder and president of Prolific Living, in the Act 2 of my career and my life. It all started a few years ago with this simple blog and the process led me to completely re-invent myself.

Stay a while and I’ll tell you the story.

Did you know that happiness and success starts with your thoughts?

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They were right those personal development “gurus”, the ancient spiritual figures and the super rich and famous who confide their ‘top secret to success’ in some exclusive interview:

Success and happiness ALL start and end with your thoughts.

Since what I had been doing up to then hadn’t worked so brilliantly, I decided to re-wire my own brain to start thinking the right way – turns out there are some not-so-great ways that lead us astray, who knew?

The result: I found the answers. I found the source of happiness. I found everything I was looking for, and I’ve never ever been happier and never more in love with my work.

Listen, I am so happy you are here. Prolific Living’s mission is to help you, dear wonderful soul, to unlock your truth and then have the courage to live it, breathe it, and share it with the world – and never be afraid or ashamed of it.

I went from an electrical engineer and a long corporate career gal to a multi-passionate entrepreneur who not only quit a cushy job but got her husband to do the same thing 18 months later. (His boss was not happy with me. His old boss, I should say. Oh well! :))

Insane is what our families called it – bless them! – but if doing what you love and taking some risk to be happy is insanity, then I’d rather be insane. I left my corporate job behind because it was a waste of my time and it was completely misaligned with my life purpose and my mission to serve people like you.

My soul was hungry for meaningful work and true service. And I found it.

Humbled about my TV appearance in 2015 on the Joy Sutton Show below where I discussed searching for your own truth and finding your own purpose:

Click here for Part 1 of the interview, and click here for Part 2.

Two defining turning points that led me to quit corporate and become a full-time entrepreneur:

1. Listen with my whole heart: To help shift gears out of my corporate ‘numbness’, I stopped thinking only with my head and I started including my HEART in the most important decisions of life.

2. Do it whether or not they approve: The day I stopped seeking approval, validation and advice of others, be it loved ones, strangers, peers, friends, relatives, ANYONE, was the day I started living my own life.

For the first time in my life, I started making decisions for myself, by myself, and exactly the way I want life to unfold.

That’s when I was finally able to say, no more corporate, no more doing work I don’t LOVE, and no more settling for a boring part in life, thank you very much. I am done already.

If you want to break free of the stagnation that has you trapped, then you are in the right place!

Now that I found this place of fulfillment, which I didn’t even think existed, I am devoted to helping you find it too. I want to get you motivated, focused, and energized to honor and fulfill your dreams. 

I have a lot of passion for this subject because I struggled with this in my own life for SUCH a long time. My awakening from within happened in 2010 at the Blogworld event in Las Vegas. It became my point of no return. It was like crossing a bridge, going from a place of constant searching and frustration to a place of total belonging.

Farnoosh Brock

Have you found your place in this world yet?

Prolific Living – Smart Habits for Rich Living. This space is here because I want for YOU to reach that place so tell me this:

  1. Do you have confidence in YOURSELF?
  2. If no, do you know what it costs you to go through life without confidence?

Living a courageous life is not about being “fearless” so much as knowing what to do with all those uncomfortable fears.

It’s about being your own master instead of a constant victim of circumstance, even if it takes you a while to make the transition. It’s about giving yourself a chance to be happy.

It is about shifting your mindset and creating smart habits and changing the bad behavior that is robbing you of your success every day and getting in your way so much so that you don’t even see it anymore.

Want to work together to create entrepreneurship and freedom around your dream lifestyle? I can help. Let’s talk:

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True Story: I quit my 6-figure cushy job, hired my husband, started my company.

On April 15th, 2011, this-electrical-engineer-tech-corporate-gal did something crazy because, you see, something not-so-funny had been happening on the way to the top and it was time to take my life and my career back into my hands: I resigned from my 6-figure successful job to start my dream business.
In December of 2012, I lured my hubby out of the same company and his own cushy job to join me in our adventures to re-invent ourselves, create only work that we believe in and live life on our own terms.

Today, I spend my time writing and running Prolific Living blog, as well as Prolific Juicing, Fast Track Promotion for career warriors and Smart Exit Blueprint for entrepreneur-wanna-be spirits. I write books, talk about empowering your life with your own choices and re-inventing yourself with positivity, enthusiasm and the right guidance.


When I am not running my business, I am doing my Ashtanga yoga practice, running with my hubby, reading fantasy fiction (Game of Thrones, anyone?) or traveling somewhere and meeting with like-minded souls who are living their best lives and changing the world for the better.

Speaking of the world, I’m a huge traveler, always on the go, and this little packing light for women video that I did went kinda viral. Check it out and take less than you think with you so you enjoy the experience:

Media and Publicity:


Less than a month after I had resigned, Forbes ran a dedicated story on me titled The Realistic Road to Entrepreneurship.

On March 17th, 2012, I was a guest on BBC World Service Radio, with presenter and host, Julian Marshall, where we discussed the smart exit strategies of quitting your corporate job. The style and manner with which I had quit my job had brought some attention to the BBC and they honored me with this interview.

I was born and raised in Persia – or Iran, same thing – to a Mom who believes we descended from Persian royalty (!!) and a Dad who believes anything is possible and planning is over-rated (!!!!) – case in point, we went to Turkey for a 2-week vacation and never looked back. 

I have inherited some of their lovely traits with a few noteworthy ones of my own. I show you my true colors in this blog, and love to get to know yours.


A few Farnoosh truisms for your amusement:

  1. I love and am devoted to Ashtanga yoga even though it’s grueling. Yoga is the path to my inner peace. 
  2. I am a devoted green juicer, a green smoothie enthusiast, in love with raw foods and vegan foods but not a strict vegetarian.
  3. I drink loose-leaf tea, love tea, find tea meditative, and have lost weight with tea.
  4. I avoid alcohol. I like having my wits about me and being aware and alert about life is so sweet.
  5. I live and love to travel. I can’t stay put for more than a month. I generally fly about 100,000 miles a year. 
  6. I’m happily married to my soul mate with no intention to procreate. Here’s why.
  7. I am mad about J.K. Rowling and her brilliant masterpiece: Harry Potter. I devoured The Lord of the Rings and consider Mr. Tolkien pure genius but I never, ever, knew such mad obsession until I started reading A Song of Ice & Fire. For George R.R. Martin, I thank the universe. For his talent, his genius, and his courage to let us in his fantasy world. We are a lucky generation indeed!

And one more thing about me, something that has been a turning point in my life and my happiness: I will never again give up my dreams for the illusion of security and the false notion that others know what is best for me. And I am here to aspire you to do the same thing!

On getting published by a major publishing house. Twice.

juicers-bible-coverFrankly, I never thought I would write books, but now I can’t imagine not writing. Now I feel writing is the best profession in the world, so if you have a book in your heart – as most everyone does – write it.

In March 2013, my first book, The Healthy Juicer’s Bible, came out and to our delight, it became a best-seller in a short time. It has now helped spread the message of juicing for health to thousands of people! I couldn’t be happier.

In April 2014, my second book, The Healthy Smoothie Bible, hit the shelves everywhere. Healthy smoothies have been a revolution in my health, my husband’s health and everyone else whom I can nudge into the mix. If you are not blending something healthy and clean and delicious for your daily shake, we need to talk. 

If you are interested in being super fit and health-conscious, then hop over to my Prolific Juicing site where we talk healthy-smoothie-bible-coverself-care, holistic healing, cleansing, detoxing, fitness, health with green juice and smoothies.

For a list of all my books, hop over to the Amazon Kindle store for my books.

Oh and build up that confidence now. Or you won’t get anywhere in life.

Confidence is the answer to a million questions. So stop asking questions. Start working on your confidence. That’s how you change your thoughts, think big of what you can offer the world, make shifts in your perspective and stop getting in your own way so you can start building out your dreams. With confidence!

Learn how by following my FREE 21-Step Confidence Building Series below:

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