Unleash Your Personal Power and Get Paid Well for It


You are a smart, driven individual. You have done well for yourself in life so far.

You want something bigger now. You want to make the leap to extraordinary. You want to do it in a unique and powerful way.

You know what got you here won’t get you there and you also know you can’t do it all by yourself.

Well, then I’m so glad you are here.

Hi and welcome! I’m Farnoosh Brock, President and Founder of Prolific Living .

I coach entrepreneurs on business as well as corporate professionals and executives on career advancement. I am also a speaker, the author of two best-selling books and the creator of two dozen online products and programs that help you live your life with purpose, fulfillment and joy. Oh there’s my 11+ years of technical and leadership experience from corporate America, a couple of electrical engineering degrees, and a bunch of techie certifications in my back pocket just in case.

My real bragging right however is that I’ve helped hundreds of remarkable souls to tap into their authentic powers, walk a fulfilling professional path, pursue what they were meant to do in life and get paid extremely well for it.

I walk my talk. I invest heavily in myself through coaches, mentors and masterminds. I admit, I resisted the idea of hiring a coach for a miserably long time because I was trying to do it all “on my own”. Here’s what I found out: Doing it on your own takes the longest and is the most expensive path to mediocre success.

My results from coaching have been absolutely essential in building my 6-figure business and location independent lifestyle.

Working with my business coaches introduced me to foolproof systems, authentic sales techniques, business fundamentals and actual success secrets that I now use daily to empower my own clients. I love watching my clients break through their limitations, create success and fulfillment in their businesses and professions and make leaps of progress that would not have been possible on their own alone.

What Type of Coaching Suits You?

1. Leadership and Executive Coaching:

In this coaching program, I teach you proven success strategies as well as a step-by-step methodology to accelerate your corporate career success, land that next promotion and efficiently move up the corporate ladder toward your desired position with new levels of success and recognition.

Who is this for? This program is ideal for high performing leaders and executives with proven track records of success who have reached a ‘plateau’ in their career and are ready to break through. This coaching is right for you if you are a high-achieving individual contributor, a mid-level manager, a director or executive, determined to figure out how to move to the next level, how to navigate the corporate landscape smarter and faster, how to increase your level of influence and executive presence and how best to position yourself as the trusted authority with the financial rewards matching your true value contribution.

A self-learner? Check out my complete audio program to get promoted, get appreciated and make a lot more money at corporate: Crack the Code to Get Promoted.

2. Online Business Coaching and Mentoring:

In this coaching program, I teach you how to create a profitable online business that is aligned to your creativity, passions and authenticity. I share the step by step process on how to create, market and sell your products and programs. I also teach you how to speak the right sales language and create a powerful client acquisition and retention process for your consulting, advising or coaching business, in addition to business growth and development in other parts of your business such as setting up your funnels and systems, creating multiple passive or active income streams and establishing a credible personal brand to encompass it all.

Who is this for? This program is ideal for aspiring or current entrepreneurs, solopreneurs – writers, coaches or consultants – who want to increase their impact and reach as well as the overall revenue. This coaching is right for you if you are ready to accelerate your business growth through investing in yourself and your venture and committed to reaching your business goals.

Want a more hands-off approach? Register for Smart Exit Blueprint to start your online business, quit your day job and become a full-time entrepreneur: Smart Exit Blueprint.

How to Decide if Coaching is Right for You?

I believe in coaching wholeheartedly, as do all massively successful people in this world. What about you?

Here’s a distinction: As I remind all my clients, you do not NEED a coach! You are perfectly capable of doing it all on your own. It will just take a lot longer, cost a lot more money, and be unnecessarily harder. Do you really want to walk down that road?

Now if you WANT a coach who believes in you, who holds you fully accountable, who guides you precisely in the direction of your goals and dream by keeping you focused and showing you how to create the highest expression of yourself through your work and your art, and by proving that you are capable of serving your purpose in this world and making a profit at it, then we should talk. I can help.

Everything I coach you on, I’ve done first hand and become an expert through experience. If we work together, I show you all my success and failures so you can duplicate it for your own success.

My story: I went from a successful corporate employee to a multi-passionate entrepreneur and twice published author with a profitable business in less than 2 years. First, I resigned from my 6-figure job May of 2011 and hired my husband full-time into our business out of his position at the same company in December 2012.

I tell you this because if I’ve done it, so can you. If you don’t know how but are willing to find out, I can help you.

Our family and friends wonder how two ex-electrical engineers who only ever learned how to be good old employees left corporate life behind and created a freedom lifestyle with their own business, dozens of income streams and balance it all a world travel schedule. We let them wonder. But if you want to know how we did this, I’m happy to tell you.

You want my success secrets? You can have them!

See, my success was not accidental or lucky. It can be replicated, repeated, and taught and followed. You can apply the same success principles to YOUR business aspirations or your career and get even better results – better because now I know what to do even better. If that interests you, let’s talk.

What you get in my coaching program that most “elite” and “highly sought after” coaches would never give you: ALL my secrets to success. 

Because as my client, you deserve to know everything about how I made it. And I know that the more I empower you, the more we both win.

Success is not a zero-sum game. I am here to create a whole lot of it for you.

I tell my clients how I left my corporate job, how I got the publishing deal for my first book, how I wasted money and made expensive mistakes early in my corporate career and in my business, how I recovered from setbacks, how I got my second publishing deal, how I quadrupled my blog traffic and sign-up rates, how I create programs and products and services that sell every day and how I quadrupled my income at the start of 2015. I open the curtain and let them see everything because, you know what? I can’t stand it when I pay for an expensive program or hire a coach only to get basic fluff without any real juicy secrets behind the actual success of those behind it. Can you?

What some of my clients are saying about their results from coaching:

Jim Keane, Senior Director It is my pleasure to share the results of my experience in working with Farnoosh. I offered to do this for Farnoosh based upon my individual results which has made me a stronger leader. As my leadership partner and coach, Farnoosh has assisted me in three primary areas: Developing stronger relationships, communication, and crafting my unique value proposition. As a result of our partnership, I have been able to build stronger relationships. I have been able to do this because she has strengthened my ability to understand other people’s styles, improved my active listening skills, and sharpened my ability to reach greater alignment with others. From a communication standpoint, she has developed my ability to verbalize my needs in terms of benefit to others. As a leader, it is important that I can succinctly communicate my value to others and she has assisted me in framing this up. It’s been hard work but well worth it!
In addition, these are the AWESOME qualities I’ve found in Farnoosh:
* Positive Attitude: Always an encouraging word or note to motivate you!
* Accountable: Farnoosh does exactly what she says she is going to do when she says she is going to do it. 
* Great Listener: Farnoosh has invested time to understand what I want to achieve and customized a plan to help me achieve those goals.
* Terrific Communicator: Farnoosh’s communication skills are outstanding; she has helped me develop my communication style to be more effective in working with others.
* Will Challenge: Farnoosh challenges me when I need it even when I need to get that break or a good work out in to balance my life.
You see, in today’s world of social media and the smart phones, it’s all too easy to recommend someone with a”click” and over-simplify the “endorsement”. However, if we want to know and work with the BEST, it takes time for all of us to do the research. I can without a doubt state that I have found a partner and coach who has made a positive life-long impact on my life! Thank you Farnoosh!.

Kareem Elsayed, Senior Instructional Designer at a top multinational technology company I started working with Farnoosh to help me move forward in my online business. As we made progress, she uncovered that my true deeper desire and ambition was to increase my income. We worked together on my current job – to see if what type of opportunities were available. When we exhausted all options she helped me get clear on what I wanted in a new job. When it came time for negotiations, I consulted Farnoosh and she helped prepare me for the crucial conversation. In the end, I wound up working for a very famous tech company and getting a 30% raise.

Helena Summer, Relationship, Love & Dating Coach at LivDelicious.com I had my wonderful website and business for 10 years before I met Farnoosh and I feel I was fortunate to work with several high ticket clients but not for high ticket amounts, just little by little money over a long period of time. Although the income was reliable, it was capped, there was no way to grow and it could stop at anytime – it was not something I could control, it was not something where I felt this was my business. Then my friend Sid Savara told me I have to go work with Farnoosh. When I looked at her website, she didn’t come across as those long coaching sales letter websites that force you to “sign up now or else”. She was relaxed and sweet and I liked her. We had our consultation and when she told me her price, I was fell on my butt. I didn’t feel comfortable at all but my friend said, “Do It!” so I did. My husband said go for it. So I started business coaching with Farnoosh and I wrote my first affirmation post-it: $3500 by May 26th. We started working May 1st 2015. By the third week of May, I had closed $10,500 in coaching profit. By the end of May, I made more than $11k in client fees. So then my husband said let’s make a bigger game: Close $20k by Aug 31st and I achieved that goal by July 17th while going through my house move, buying and selling and moving and all that stuff. After hiring Farnoosh, I am more confident, you will learn business skills and tools that make me feel I’m not just a relationship coach, I’m also a great professional confident business woman. So live delicious and hire Farnoosh even if you are scared!

Dr. Tuesday Bigelow, Cosmetic Surgeon & Entrepreneur I discovered Farnoosh when I purchased her juice book and began reading her blog and was intrigued with her passion for health and her love for travel. My profession is different than most of her clients but I had some career decisions to work through and felt I needed some coaching. I wasn’t sure she could help me but after a an introductory call, I knew she was my gal. I chose to work with her on a one on one basis for over a year. Farnoosh was exhilarated to step out into a different world to work with me. She makes sure you stay focused and she has a great ability to mindmap the order of steps to achieving your goal. She is very flexible and adaptable to her clients and makes herself available to you between sessions to accommodate you in any way that she can. Farnoosh is super organized, efficient, and insightful with an uncanny ability to ask the right questions to get to the root of a road block. We sorted through my career issues and solved those so quickly that we were able to move onto my side dream project and took that it from an idea in its infancy to a finished product! Farnoosh has a contagious energy and enthusiasm about her that immediately uplifts you! She is so grounded and her voice is so calming. Just take a sneak peek at her affirmations programs and you will understand. She was both a business coach and a life coach to me. We worked on everything from my business, career to juicing, yoga and positive affirmations. I loved every minute of our work together. During 15 months of coaching, doors were falling open for me and I believe it is because of principles she taught me. She will not disappoint and coaching with her is one of the best investments I’ve made in myself in years!

Taisuke Yamamoto, Director at Geezerbuild (UK & SG) and Faction Entertainment Ltd When I first approached Farnoosh, I expected logical, insightful, and thoughtful advice about my business & career goals. What I got went far beyond my expectations: Farnoosh changed the way I thought about not only my career, but my life as a whole and my vision. I can honestly say that I’ve become a lot happier, productive, and focused person. I came into coaching as a super busy entrepreneur managing multiple businesses, with no ‘social life’ and 15 hour work days. I had yet more goals such as writing a book!
Right from the start I realized she is an extremely talented and compassionate person. Farnoosh will push you to find clarity – Why do you want this goal? What underlying reason is there in taking this career path? Farnoosh will ensure that you prepare a concrete plan and inspire and motivate you to keep pursuing your dreams. She is there to guide you through the tough times, but at the same time keep you accountable, read: she won’t let you slack off! Farnoosh found a key insight during our calls that I would never have figured out myself : I was doing too many things, burning out, and not working on what was ‘essential’. Farnoosh slowly guided me through a process that directed towards doing only the essential things in my career, and I feel that positive shift will stay with me and grow my businesses indefinitely. Not just in business in fact, Farnoosh made me see that my personal health and happiness had to be taken care of in order for me to have a fulfilling career and life for the long term. I found the coaching style very suited to my needs as Farnoosh was flexible in her schedule, and helpful at all times (for example I would email her a quick business issue I had, and she would respond with great insight into the next steps I should take). By pure coincidence Farnoosh and I were in Japan traveling, and I had the honor of meeting her in person for lunch! She was exactly how I had imagined: fun, smart, and an amazingly positive person to be around. In summary, what I got from the coaching with Farnoosh was real results: I am on track with my book goal, I’m living healthier, happier, and my business revenue has actually doubled since I began working with her. This was the first ever ‘coaching’ I had invested into, and I feel I’ve been very lucky to have taken the leap to be coached by Farnoosh. I would recommend her to absolutely anyone who is seeking a positive change. 

Bruce Rodgers, On Resigning from a 25+ year Corporate Career to Go Solo I have been working directly with Farnoosh for 4+ months, and WOW — what an incredible experience! From our introductory call, she immediately put me at ease in speaking with her about my desire to move on to my own dreams and ideas, even when I hadn’t completely thought them through. She worked skillfully, diligently, and patiently with me to identify my passions and skills, and the resultant strengths. Right from coaching session #1, I felt super confident in her experience, skill, enthusiasm, positive “move forward” attitude, and concern about me, her client. What’s really outstanding is that it’s not just “rah-rah” cheerleading, which was my biggest hesitation with engaging a career coach. The fact that Farnoosh has actually DONE what she is teaching in her “practice-based” coaching and the Smart Exit Blueprint class gives her an instant measure of credibility – it’s what helped to sell me. Of course there’s a necessary element of cheering (which she is amazing at), BUT it’s eclipsed by Farnoosh’s practical, well-thought out, careful STRATEGIC planning required for a SUCCESSFUL career transformation. She recognized the work I put into it, and once the planning was done, she knew exactly how much to “praise”, and how much to “push”, to create real results, to take me to the next level. And, it’s WORKING; it’s been life-changing: I just RESIGNED from my 16-year Corporate position, and am fully on my way to doing my own gig, following the PLAN, and I am more excited than ever. And as independent and “extreme” of an analyst as I am, I honestly don’t think I could have done it without her. She knows what she’s talking about. She ROCKS!

Laurel Staples, REDpodcast.com Farnoosh Brock’s personality is magnetic. She is smart, insightful, and deeply passionate about helping other entrepreneurs express their gifts and talents through growing thriving businesses. If you’re ready to go full-time with your business or simply start making more money doing what you love, Farnoosh is your gal to learn from. Her approach to life and business is fresh, holistic and most importantly, it WORKS to help turn your dreams into a reality.

Julie Grauel I decided to work with Farnoosh to help me get more confident in my sales conversations. We worked not only on how to improve my sales conversations but also on my packaging and pricing, and the things that were holding me back from success. She was very generous in sharing her experiences and great at holding me accountable each week. Outside of our coaching calls, she was quick to respond whenever I had questions or needed some additional support, which I really appreciated.  Her husband Andy was also a great resource when I had questions about how to do something on my website and very accommodating with his time. As a result of our work together I have a lot more clarity and confidence about how to approach prospects and how to respond to them. I would recommend Farnoosh to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level.

Eric Sheetz, On Implementing an Exit Plan from a Corporate into Self-Employment I sought coaching from Farnoosh because she has accomplished something that I have not yet done. She was exited from her corporate job on her own terms and appears the happier because of it. I want to do the same. In our work together she has helped me to discover my hidden talents. Armed with this discovery my objective now feels within reach. Farnoosh has the courage to try new ideas so our coaching sessions are customized and unique to my needs. In our frequent email correspondence and our phone session calls, Farnoosh invites and works through disagreement. She has no interest in being anyone’s guru. Her approach is to offer assistance. She is organized and doesn’t forget the commitments I make to myself. In working together she has learned how to nudge me along effectively and remain accountable to my plans and my success.

Barbara Jackson, On Gaining Confidence that Let Her Get New Top Clients Last year, I made the decision to take a leap of faith and quit my corporate job. It was by no means easy, but in every way, it was the right thing to do for me. At first things didn’t take off the way that I had imagined they would. So I started to lose faith in myself and my business. My confidence was down and I seriously needed support. Through some online searching, I came across Farnoosh’s coaching program and saw that she had also taken a similar leap of faith out of her corporate job and I just knew I had to meet her and get her guidance. I had never done any career coaching before and I had no idea what to expect, especially since it would have to be over the phone (as we are in different continents!). I was surprised by how quickly Farnoosh was able to identify the areas that I needed to work on. We worked through these challenges successfully, one by one – from negotiating with my new clients to building my own personal self-esteem, to getting me back to a healthy lifestyle and reducing my stress. By the time we were done, after four months of hard work, I had made a 180 degree shift in all areas of my life: financially, professional, emotionally and physically. I can confidently say that I am now on the path that I want to be on and the best of all, I am extremely proud of myself, which is in a surprising way, is a new feeling for me. Thank you Farnoosh.

Summary of Credentials: BS & MS in Electrical Engineering with a Master’s Thesis. Graduated with high honors. Top certifications: Cisco Certified Internetworking (CCIE) Expert & Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Toastmaster. Worked as a developer at a start-up, then in Corporate IT & Network Support for large companies, Project & Portfolio Management, Sales Operations and Executive Communications for 11+ years. Today, published author, entrepreneur, writer, traveler, blogger, speaker and online business coach.


Rachael Lay at Choices Life Coaching – On Leaving Her 6-Figure IT Position after My Story
Yesterday I handed in my resignation from my 6 figure, executive IT position and Farnoosh, you were the one who helped me take the leap from constant rumination into action. I have been courting the fantasy of leaving my job to really dive into my businesses full time but always felt like it was just a mad hatter, out there idea that I would be laughed out of the village for. I was convinced that without a full client base, a replacement income and the largest safety mat ever, it just couldn’t happen. And yet, I was struggling daily with a total lack of passion. I wanted to be in ‘my place’ but I couldn’t make that happen, without letting go of the my old reliable. Then I started learning more about your story, and I just came to a feeling that you weren’t selling the regular “Quit your job, follow your passion and life is rosey” plug. Your story had something else that made it so much more real and inspiring and I kept thinking about you as an example of the reality of how my decision could work out. And so I leapt. I am equally terrified and exhilarated. I am simultaneously panicked and high on possibilities. You helped to create this monster, thank you so much for that. Rachael

Tal Gur – On Getting His Coaching Program off the Ground I first got to know Farnoosh through the blogging world. We both attended Chris Guillebeau’s world Domination Summit this year and after reading some of her brilliant posts I asked her to be interviewed to my Below to Zero blog. A few months ago I was looking for a coach to help me communicate better through my words and further build my coaching program. Both Farnoosh and I were born in a non-English speaking country so I knew she would be the right person for me, and she has been so great. Farnoosh pushed me to reach new boundaries. She helped me understand my strengths and unique abilities. Her constant support, sage advices, and unwavering belief in me allowed me to take my writing and coaching skills up a notch. And for that I am ever thankful. Tal Gur

Sylvia Duncan On Taking the Smart Exit Blueprint Class Signing up for the Smart Exit Blueprint class was one of the best things I could have done. Going to work every day to a job that is un-fulfilling was draining me. My emotions were out of control and I all I could think about was quitting no matter what, but, that wouldn’t have been smart, not with all the other responsibilities I had. The Smart Exit class has helped me to put things into perspective and look at the situation in a practical manner. I now have a plan that not only takes into account all my responsibilities, but also has helped to generate new ideals for a new path! I no longer see my current work situation as “life draining” but as a stepping stone to where I’m going. Oh yes, and the best part is now that I have a plan, I’m no longer controlled by my emotions. I like the new me!

Emily Summerer, Women’s Life Coach – On establishing a blog and website from scratch Emily SummererOne day I Googled “find your own path” and the first website was Prolific Living. I was in the process of transitioning from a finance career at a Fortune 500 automotive company to empowering women as a life coach. I had just started getting certified as a coach and building the foundations needed for my business. Since I live overseas and move every couple of years, I knew I would need a strong blog to attract clients. Immediately I felt connected to Farnoosh through her blog. I have always been a big believer in finding the right mentors or seeking out the advice of experts to make my journey easier so I purchased a 3-session coaching package. I was a novice to the world of blogging and Farnoosh was able to share her expertise with me in a way that was easy to understand and enabled me to act upon the advice immediately. She provided me with detailed notes of our discussions and the action items to be completed between sessions. Farnoosh is someone who truly understands and wants to see you succeed as much you do.

Carrie Crotts at Samsara Consulting, On Going Full-time on Her Own and On Taking the Smart Exit Class After becoming familiar with Farnoosh’s work through her podcasts & blog posts, I was impressed by her quality of work. And when she offered the Smart Exit Blueprint course, it was exactly what I needed at that time. I started the class wanting to learn to do a professional exit from my corporate work into my own business. Funny how the universe works, because literally in the middle of the course, my ‘day job’ ended through its own circumstances. The course was the exact net for me to land safely with having the tools and resources from the Exit Blueprint course. Farnoosh bent over backwards to accommodate to her students, even when they were in varied states of exiting corporate life (i.e. just thinking about what to do & helping to brainstorm ideas all the way to me – who recently graduated ‘to the other side.’) It’s a great class and good work to do to align your life to your passions. She will show you how to do it step-by-step.

Chris Harris, IT Consultant – on Moving to Blogging and Online Business I have been working with Farnoosh for the last 7 months, she has been a tremendous asset to work with. Her experience working in corporate IT and then making the jump to running her own business has been an inspiration to me. She is a powerhouse of talent and ideas that she channels into helping others to do the same. I am fortunate to be working with someone of her caliber who is warm, personable and able to see in my blind spots to develop new ideas and directions for making changes in my business life.

Blaine, Financial Expert, On Clearing Roadblocks through Proven Strategies and TechniquesI would encourage anyone looking to advance in self development to contact Farnoosh. Whether it be in personal self development or career development Farnoosh provided me with enlightening insights that helped me identify roadblocks that were keeping me from reaching my potential. Farnoosh then provided applicable tools and exercises to assist in overcoming my shortfalls that allowed me to see things for what they really were. Her energy is unmatched and her passion for what she does will come through clearly as you work with her. Farnoosh is definitely a positive spirit who is genuine and sincere. I would have been willing to pay twice the amount I did to work with her as the value received far outweighed the cost.

Emiel vanden Boomen, Blogger at Act of Traveling, On Not Wasting Time Searching for Answers Alone Emiel van den boomenSometimes you are stuck and need advice for your personal or professional situation. It takes a lot of time to search the internet trying to find answers to your questions. How do I deal with lack of motivation? How can I negotiate more salary with my boss? Honestly, I never before had a talk with someone about personal issues and challenges. The weird thing was that I realized my issues were not one of a kind. Others had traveled the road I was about to hit. Farnoosh turned out to be someone with experiences in many fields, business as well as personal. In one single hour, we touched on multiple subjects, losing not a single minute of time. I realized I was not alone out there. It is great to discuss your challenges with someone who wants to listen. In the end, it is the interaction between people that creates the added value.

Maria Brophy, Consultant for Artists – on Self-Discipline for Writing an eBook under Tight Deadline I had been wanting to write a book for as long as I can remember. I had everything you need to be an author, except for a few key components: organization, focus and confidence in my own knowledge. I had a bad habit of starting books projects, but never finishing. Then I got an opportunity to co-write with a very successful writer in my niche of art licensing, It was a huge step up for me, but I wasn’t sure that I could do the work and meet my deadline. I did a session with Farnoosh, and she went above and beyond. She helped me eradicate the fears that were holding me back from getting the work done. She helped me organize my writing, broken down by chapter into days and weeks so I’d meet my deadline, and then she followed up because she cared! The book is finished, I’m proud of the work that I did and I now have the confidence to write another.

They didn’t all fit here. Want more client success stories?

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