You are enough. Now it’s time to believe it.
Discover how easy it is to turn your life from a constant state of struggle and loneliness into a state of self-approval and self-acceptance.

You are important. You are capable. You are smart. And you are worthy of love and happiness.

Signs you may be blocking your happiness + success:

  • Do you believe all the negative voices in your head?
  • Do you have feelings of frustration and get stressed easily?
  • Do you feel jealous of happy people and feel small around them?
  • Do you feel like a failure even though you’re doing your best?
  • Do you battle constant negativity and deal with insecurities?

If you said yes, you are putting up barriers to your own happiness. But you’re far from alone. Extensive research has shown that between 85% to 90% of your daily thoughts are negative (yikes!). And negative thoughts are not the truth of who you are.

What if it were easy to heal yourself of negative thoughts? What if it were possible to love and approve of yourself and to create abundance in your life?

Positive Affirmations: Much more than just fluffy, new-age stuff

Imagine that you have to move a huge rock by yourself – and the thing weighs 5 times more than you – and you’ve never heard of lever. Sounds hard, right?

But using a simple lever the right way helps you move a rock with ease. It’s not magic. It’s science and logic. The right tool combined with the knowledge how to use it makes the nearly impossible totally possible!

And if a simple lever can move rocks, you can use the right tool to move self-destructive thoughts out of your mind and open the space for positive thoughts.

That’s where positive affirmations come in. They let you speak your reality into being.

Positive Affirmations are positive present-tense first-person statements that you repeat until they become your new spoken thoughts.

Affirmation Example: I am present and happy in my own life.

What good are positive thoughts? Well, your thoughts directly affect your reality, and it turns out you can’t have a happy life with a negative mind.

Positive affirmations lift “happiness barriers” from your mind (even if they have plagued you for years) and retrain your brain to work for you, not against you.

When used correctly, positive affirmations help you hear your thinking and recognize the massive negative thought patterns. Then they enable you to actually clear the head clutter and shift those negative patterns to positive empowering ones.

When used poorly without the right system, positive affirmations sound great but don’t create much of any results. If you had no idea how to use a lever but you still had one, what good is it?

Green Vine Barrier

Top 8 benefits positive affirmations give you when used right:

  1. Excitement about your day when you get out of bed in the morning.
  2. Ability to easily love yourself – all the time – just as you are.
  3. Self-approval of who you are, including all of your quirky little ways.
  4. Complete peace with your past mistakes and regrets.
  5. Positive energy that attracts success and wealth to you.
  6. Manifestation of loving, caring and healthy relationships.
  7. Confidence in yourself to manage your challenges just fine.
  8. Ease to fall asleep soundly and peacefully every night.

But like any tool, you have to know which affirmations to use for what life situation, how often to use them for most effectiveness, what time of day is best to use them, how to apply them to a particular life situation and how to tell if it’s working.

Positive Affirmations for Life is a complete audio system of affirmation tracks you can apply to various life situations plus an instructional guide that shows you exactly how to make affirmations work for you in just 12 minutes a day!

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Positive Affirmations for Your Life

Positive Affirmations for Life is a guided affirmation audio program that I recorded in a studio with unique matching music in every single track for maximum results. This is all integrated inside a proven system that makes your mind receptive to receiving, accepting and believing the affirmations.

What exactly do you get in the bundle when you buy?

The Positive Affirmation for Life program is a 4-hour audio program, spanning 7 important life series (see below). Each series contains three 12-minute tracks in MP3 format to play virtually anywhere. Plus you get an instructional guide and the complete audio transcripts in PDF format. You get immediate access to the entire product upon purchase.

1. The Confidence-Building Affirmation Series
This MP3 audio guided series heals your self-esteem, builds up your confidence and courage, and motivates you to achieve your goals.
Confidence Series CD
Procrastination Series CD
2. The End Procrastination Affirmation Series
This MP3 audio guided series helps you break the procrastination cycles, become a highly productive person, and start getting things done on time.
3. The Complaint-Free Affirmation Series
This MP3 audio guided series frees you of all complaining and moves you toward a complaint-free life with abundance of gratitude and love.
Complaint-Free Series CD
Relationship Series CD
4. The Healthy Relationships Affirmation Series
This MP3 audio guided series shows you the way of healthy, loving, happy relationships, builds trust, and frees you at last of self-sabotaging relationships.
5. The Career Success Affirmation Series
This MP3 audio guided series paves the path you towards success and advancement in your career, helps you achieve your goals and abundance at work while staying true to your core values.
Career Series CD
Morning Series CD
6. The Morning Affirmation Series
This MP3 audio guided series is to help you start your mornings with positive thoughts and kind actions before you even get out of bed.
7. The Bedtime Affirmation Series
This MP3 audio guided series helps you fall asleep naturally and effortlessly to get your deep rest and relaxation every night to wake up rejuvenated.
Bedtime Series CD
Intro Book
Introduction Guide and Audio Transcripts
You will get a PDF step-by-step guide to show you how to use the Positive Affirmations for Life program for maximum results as well as the entire PDF transcripts of the affirmations from all series.

Start tomorrow with Positive Affirmations for Life by ordering below now and meet the new you in two weeks.

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You tried affirmations. They didn’t work. Now what?

If you feel skeptical about the power of affirmations, you’re in the majority. You can join a large community of skeptics out there that believe this to be just “new age fluff”. I was in that community, so I know.

Just know this: You won’t find any successful, happy, and wealthy people in that crowd!

You belong to a better life. So take a chance on yourself, step away from the popular negativity and toxic energy of our society, and join the minority of thriving human beings that have tapped into this amazing source of power and positivity to re-direct the course of their lives away from a mediocre existence to an amazing experience.

Because I have a bigger vision for you than you have for yourself, I feel certain that you’re totally deserving of the calm mind and the happy heart that you need right now.

How is this different from other affirmation programs?

There are no shortage of good, even great, audio programs out there. I have tried many free ones and a few paid ones. They are good no doubt, but the reason I went through the trouble of creating Positive Affirmations for Life is to integrate the ‘missing pieces of the puzzle’.

Other programs made me feel good, but I was still not taking the action to close the gap and get results. Until I started to create this new system, based on failures and success from years of using affirmations.

This system works. Isn’t the whole point is to make affirmations work in your life, not just make you feel good? Because you’ll feel kinda awesome when you get them to work!

Ready to live with daily peace and calm, abundance in your relationships, attraction of wealth and opportunity and seeing yourself with acceptance and gratitude? Click the buy button now and get started immediately.

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Positive Affirmations Changed My Life

Farnoosh profile

Hi, I’m Farnoosh Brock and I created this audio program for you. Quick story of how affirmations transformed my life: I used to believe I’d be happy in my relationships after I had changed everyone to be just the way I want. Turns out you can’t change anyone but yourself. I was certain I’d find career success in my cushy corporate job. Eleven years there told me I was wrong. And I used to think that happiness would come only after I had achieved all my goals, and not a minute before. Wrong again.

I finally got sick waiting to be happy. That’s when I discovered positive affirmations and when I started to apply them exactly in the way I show you in this program, I got everything I wanted. I’m happy right now. I have inner peace right now. And I have financial abundance.

Positive affirmations on a daily basis can make that same transformation for you. It’s easy to be happy. Easy to approve of yourself. Easy to be more than enough. Easy to feel loved in your relationships and to be a success in your career. IF you have the right tool to get there.

I can help you get there. Would you like that? The answers are inside Positive Affirmations for Life program.

They loved it. You would too.

“I’m new to affirmations and I’d been looking around for the best ways to integrate them into my day when I came across Farnoosh’s audio programme. I love audio. It’s so easy to let the music and voice float over me and to repeat and focus on the ones that are most meaningful for me. Thank you Farnoosh for creating these – such a relaxing and positive experience!”

Cathy Presland
Creator of “The Big Book Project”
Cathy Presland profile

“As a person who’s used daily affirmations in my life since I was a teen, I’ve been exposed to numerous programs over the years and I’m very picky about what I like. Friends and family members ask me all the time if I can recommend something for them to help them get out their funk or live happier lives, and this series from Farnoosh is definitely one I feel confident recommending. She offers 7 different series in this program. My absolute favorites are the confidence series and the morning series: Confidence Series Affirmations are ideal when you’re feeling self-doubt and insecurities. Morning Affirmations are a terrific way to start your day with a clear, open and optimistic mind. This program is a lovely, effective, powerful “tool” to incorporate into daily life. It can lift you up and align your mindset to your own personal power.”

Aileen Mahoney profile
Aileen Mahoney

“I have known Farnoosh for years now and know that when she produces a product, it comes straight from the heart. Positive Affirmations for Life is so much more than a personal development product, it’s a product that will truly make a difference in your life. I love the calming music, Farnoosh’s voice and the affirmations lift my spirit, and really make me feel great for the rest of the day. I love it and I’m sure you will too.”

Steve Aitchison
Creator of “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”
Steve Aitchison profile

“Whether you know a lot about affirmations or are a newcomer to the field, Farnoosh Brock’s affirmations are of great value. Her voice is clear and calming and her words powerful! I have worked with Farnoosh in the past and also consider her a friend. She genuinely cares about her clients, her readers and the impact she has on them. I strongly believe that we create our lives with our thoughts, words and beliefs. For this reason I urge you to purchase these Positive Affirmations for Life audio program that will help bring into your life all of the success, health, love and joy that you can stand! It’s your birthright to claim it all!”

Tess Marshall profile
Tess Marshall
Creator of

“Firstly, I want to thank you for the free 21 step program, of which I am in the middle. I listen to the morning affirmations on my way to work and it really helps me start my day with the right attitude. I look forward to each step, and appreciate how you genuinely care enough to take the time and energy to personalize it. I love how you understand and perfectly word the exact thoughts and feelings that I and so many people have inside. I HAD to order the audio program, and I’m so glad I did. It helps to hear the affirmations as well as say them. Sometimes I put the whole program  on as I’m falling asleep so I sleep peacefully. You have a reassuring and comforting voice that is more helpful than so many books and other cds I’ve had. Thank you so very much. Wishing you love and happiness, as you are helping me find.”

Avid Positive Thinker and Raving Fan
Debbie profile

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We feel confident you’re going to love the Positive Affirmations for Life audio program so much that we’ve taken all risk out of the equation for you. You stand to gain so much that I want you to try it for 30 days, and if you have a change of heart, I’ll refund all your money. No questions asked. I stand behind my product 100%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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