Episode 67: Stop Complaining to Get Ahead at Work

Don't Complain Be Happy

Welcome back to our Episode #67 of The Daily Interaction podcast and a forewarning: today’s topic is all the reasons why you should stop complaining at work or any other professional settings and the real truth behind this might make you uncomfortable, in fact, you may want to deny any such behavior where it concerns you. That’s OK! Deny away but please listen anyway because I am most interested in how you can move up and advance in your career with the changes I am about to share with you in this episode.

Complaining at the workplace can be fun, it can be a huge outlet for frustration and pent-up tension. It can even be therapeutic, but you have to understand, that it has serious consequences.

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Show Notes for Stop Complaining to Get Ahead at Work

1. Definitions first: What it means to complain in the first place. The definition of complaining versus just talking about a problem and expressing a concern.

2. Why complaining is a big turn-off for all employers, clients, customers, and how understanding this can help you cut this one self-limiting behavior out completely!

3. How we absolve ourselves of the rules and standards that we expect from others, and what I am challenging you to do just for today’s podcast

4. Getting out of your own frame of reference and not letting your ego get in the way when you learn to observe yourself this way at the workplace.

5. Why it’s so difficult to stop complaining when you share a passionate topic that pains both you and someone else, and why even doing this is going to harm your career in the long-run.

6. How complaining hurt my career and why I am telling you to do things differently to move up the corporate ladder.

7. Are you working for the company or are you the company? I share some powerful and subtle mental shifts that will put you in front of the leadership team to be noticed.

8. Last but not least: Pledging to a Complaint FREE November! If you are reading this here in the blog, then would you pledge to a complaint-free November with me? No form, shape or size of complaint is allowed. Cool? Tell me you agree in the comments!

That makes it a wrap for Episode 67. Stay tuned to the upcoming business program that is going to show you how to crack the code to getting promoted at the workplace, you can get first dibs on it and grab my 21 little-known career advancement strategies both just by signing up below:

  • http://www.jocasey.com Jo casey

    I love this idea. I think complaining can become the default communication mode in some workplaces & it can be so unhealthy. When I run workshops with teams going through tough times I give them 5 minutes fir a BMW (b***c, moan & whine) session and then they have to focus in positives & solutions for the rest of the day. It’s a real shock for some & there can be some kicking against it at first. But if we get stuck in that complaining loop it effects where we put out focus, and thus magnifies our perception of the bad stuff. I’m going to challenge myself to have a complaining free month at work- I think I’m pretty good at being solution focussed but this is going to challenge me to take it even further. Great podcast – thank you x

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi dear Jo, I know what you mean … and I LOVE your approach, I bet they go through those 5 minutes fast ;)! Thank you so much for joining the Complaint Free Month Challenge in November. I am going to hold us both accountable …. thank you SO MUCH for stopping over!

      • Jo casey

        Oh yeah-they go through those 5 minutes really fast! Thank you so much for responding x