The Pixie Haircut: Why I Let Go of My Very Long Hair

So the question lately is why did I get a pixie haircut? Why did I trade my long hair for a pixie cut? Whatever was I thinking?

Note: Below is an updated photo where I got my pixie cut seriously trimmed at a fabulous hair salon in Taipei, Taiwan in September 2013. I first cut my hair in February 2012 and can’t imagine going back to long hair now or perhaps ever.


Have you ever done something really gutsy and brave, or gone against the flow of society, not because of peer pressure or hype or the “coolness factor” but because you and you alone were drawn to making that specific drastic move?

And did this decision, which you made of your own will and choice, did it turn out well? Or possibly, even turn out to be one of the best things you’ve ever done?

Oh and just for clarity’s sake: I am not looking for crazy stuff that lasts 12 seconds, gives you a super fast rush, but could potentially kill you or put your safety in a very compromised situation. I am looking for decisions that impact your day-to-day life.

Me, My Long Locks and I

Me, my long locks and I, we were quite the item. Inseparably in love as the physical bond that attached us. Up until that evening in Australia.

Sydney downtown, December 2011: Just before sunset one evening, after a full day of working, we were taking our hungry bellies to go grab yet another serving of Laksa (Malaysian Yumminess in a bowl), I came across a blown up poster of my favorite woman of all time, Audrey Hepburn. She was glowing as always, with her demure, confident, sweet gaze, the gorgeous eyes, the perfect nose, the royal neck, the lovely dress, and yet, the one thing I noticed about her this time was that killer pixie haircut. The type of a pixie cut that makes you drool and yet terrifies you to consider for yourself!


Get Confident in 21 Easy Steps

Instantly, I wanted the pixie haircut, and what I want, I generally get! So I made up my mind to cut my hair without even processing the decision through the standard filters of paranoia, craziness, and logic.

I had not once considered cutting my hair that short in my adult life. Why would I? It is plain and simple crazy. A woman’s hair is her beauty, her signature mark, her touch, her blanket, her loveliness…

Can I be totally honest here? I used to believe that my beauty as a woman rested for a major part on my hair! I used to believe that I could never again turn another man’s head if I wore a super short cut – and yes, that matters even to a happily married woman for completely unrelated reasons than you might think.

I was convinced that I could not be feminine enough, sexy enough or beautiful enough with a super short do, especially the brave pixie cut, and that I was going to look too much like, well, a boy!

On top of that, I used to love those poor locks. They were long, beautiful, healthy, and lovely and on most days, they behaved rather well.

Obviously, I had really no compelling reason at all to cut my hair. A short cut just wasn’t for me.

And yet I got an urge from that Audrey poster that could not be silenced by any force. What if I did get a pixie haircut? What freedom! What boldness! What liberation! What new lines of courage to mark in the sand!

So the moment that I secured a trustworthy hairstylist, I went through with my decision. On February 8th, I swapped my long luxurious and glamorous hair for a super short do and it has only been the second most liberating, self-affirming right decision of my life.

The strangest thing of all is that I have not once missed my long hair. I have not for a second regretted my pixie cut. I embraced the new look and let go of the old as quickly as it came to be. And unlike many stories I have heard, I did not shed one single tear yet!

Amen to listening to that inner voice yet again! Do you listen to yours? Do you honor it? Do you in the very least acknowledge it even if you don’t always take action? That voice has yet to fail me, even if I have failed it many times myself.

Why I Really Got the Pixie Cut

As if Audrey Hepburn alone is not enough reason to call me to action …. she most certainly is but alas, I found even stronger reasons.

Once the idea planted itself in my stubborn head, I could not think about it without raging nervousness and borderline paranoia. Was I crazy? It was going to take years to grow back my hair so if the look did not suit me, there was no going back. My beauty would be lost and without it, my confidence would probably be shattered. That and a few other rubbish fears started to get in the way.

And that’s when it hit me: This irrational attachment of a woman to her hair. What on earth! It blinds us to the true beauty that we can portray with our face, our features, our eyes, and our outward demeanor. We hide behind that hair, we use it as a shield, a blanket, a distraction, and we grow unnecessarily attached to it, and I did not like that very much.

So the quest for the pixie haircut became the ultimate exercise in detachment.

I wanted to be free of something that was no longer serving me, even if I loved it. And I had outgrown my long hair for sometime now. I was bored with it. I wanted to explore with a drastic new look and not be weighed down by letting go.

When I let go of my six-figure salary, I felt richer than ever before, and believe me, I still plan on becoming obscenely rich on monetary measures too. But the irony struck: Letting go can be empowering!

What would I feel if I let go of my beloved locks? What if I can love me without them?


Why The Right Decisions Are Both Easy and Terrifying?

The best decisions in life are not necessarily difficult to make; you are not inflicted on the inside or torn between the two things that might be right for you. You know what is right because you know what you want and what steps need to be taken to get there. The decision itself then is obvious and therefore, easy. There is no complexity because you know the right path, and like a perfectly paved yellow road, you need to follow it.

Oh but the act of execution, the carrying out of that decision that you silently have already made in the depth of your heart, now that is nerve-wracking, scary and even terrifying. Or is that just me?

I remember that I used to think leaving the corporate world would be the most difficult thing I will ever do. It most certainly wasn’t. I was as attached to that company and to that job as I am on the dirt that piles up on my cycling shoes before I wipe them off super clean! So tending my resignation was one of the easiest things I did.

Yet, I was terrified! I remember pacing the cafeteria floors for my manager who happened to be late only 40 minutes. I remember recounting my speech and breathing to control the nervousness and yet no force of nature was going to stop me from doing the right thing.

The emotion cycle repeated for my pixie haircut. Even though the moment I decided to do it, it was a done deal, I still felt some healthy paranoia in the days ahead. I had a few freak-outs and probably sat in the car much too long before confidently marching in that salon to get the best haircut of my life.

And yet, these two have been the best decisions of my life. I can honestly say that I have not once looked back on either occasion. Not once. Not.For.A.Second, baby!


Top 10 Reasons I Love My Pixie Cut

So it turns out I was pretty wrong with my assumptions. The pixie haircut has been transformational to say the least.

Here are my top 10 reasons I love, adore, and highly advocate super short pixie cut:

1 Style: I have a chic style all the time, save for the first few minutes out of bed. And I have as many ways to wear this as I did my long hair so I don’t lack for variety.

2 Time, darling, time: I have to admit, you have learn to work with a pixie cut, and it does take some time, but nowhere nearly as much as long hair but the best part: No more hair playing when I need to focus.

3 Showers: The supreme ease of taking a shower with super short hair, the fun of running your hands on top of your head and pulling on the ends and having the water hit the back of your neck.

4 Facial features: I honestly feel like a new person. I have never seen the shape of my own head, the length of my neck and the depth of my facial features as much as I do with the pixie haircut.

5 Yoga: Doing yoga with short hair leaves plenty of room for inward focus. Even when I had my hair pulled back, I was always aware of it and it would always get in the way especially during inversions. No more!

6 Cycling and exercise: It rocks to sweat it out in short hair. It is easy and fun to manage hair on the bike or during any other activity when you are moving fast and furiously. Oh yeah!

7 Easy Neck access: I absolutely and positively LOVE having no hair below my neckline. I find it divinely stylish. I doubt I’ll grow it below my neckline for the foreseeable future.

8 Spooning: It is so much easier not to have all that hair in the way when I spoon with my hubby in bed, but movies will have you believe otherwise, so watch out! :)

9 Donation: I decided to donate my hair. I hope that it will go to good use, and if it reaches the right hands, I hope that it provides a service to others in need of hair.

10 Inner confidence: I actually feel more feminine, more confident, more beautiful, more stylish and sexier. Imagine that!


So if there are attachments in your life that have more than worn out their welcome, and about which you are doing nothing for the sake of routine or time or comfort, then I want to encourage you to infuse your life with a lot of excitement by doing something gutsy that has been weighing on you for a while. So please ditch the comfort zone, the bad relationship, the stale friendship or the wrong job.

I got my excitement with ditching the corporate world and getting a pixie haircut. How will you find yours?

Get Confident in 21 Easy Steps

  • Sandi Amorim

    The joy that oozes out of this post is contagious dear Farnoosh! You look gorgeous and transformed in a new way, because of course, you were already stunning before :)

    • Farnoosh

      Sandi, my darling, you still floating in joy over in Maui? :) Thank you thank you for calling me stunning. I’ll be holding on to that one for days. You of course are an angel with a huge heart. Can’t wait to hug you in person!

      • Judith

        Oh My! You are a God Sent. I recently cut off my locks as well to a pixie cut and I have been feeling so down but then I found your story and you could not have said it better.
        You are a true inspiration of a confident and beautiful woman.

        Thank you for being who you are :)
        By the way, you look beautiful with you pixie :)

        • Farnoosh

          Sweet, Judith. I bet you look gorgeous and your features show beautifully! Why are you down? Be happy! Be confident! And be proud of that gutsy girl inside who did this. :)

  • veehcirra

    Farnoosh, I love your new hair. Like Sandi has said this post is overflowing with joy. I am smiling :)

    You look the same but different. You are totally rocking your new look. Great hair color too.

    • Farnoosh

      Veeh, thank you dearest! I think from your pictures, you have pretty short hair too right? Same but different: I’ll take that… And great eye. I did get some color too. Big hugs for your words!

      • veehcirra

        Yep, I got short hair, cut it off around Feb 2011. I totally identify with the emotions you felt when you let go of your hair. I am longer attached to my hair, it doesn’t define me anymore. It’s such a liberating feeling. That said, am thinking of growing it back again. I know :) at least this time am doing it because I just feel it. Who knows, maybe down the line, I might even rock dreadlocks.

        • Farnoosh

          Go with what feels right, dearest! And maybe we are on different cycles… go ahead and grow it out if that feels right … Lovely talking to you, dear Veeh!

  • Jonez

    Last year, after wearing an Afro for almost 10 years, I made a spur of the moment decision to cut my fro off during a family function. An hour later, my family gushed over my nearly bald head. Best. Decision. Ever. It truly is liberating and the amount of time I save NOT tending to my hair is a blessing.

    • Farnoosh

      Oh my, that’s a huge decision in a moment’s notice, Jonez and no regrets, I bet? I love shocking family members too. It’s kinda fun. Good for you, and I think the freedom that emerges is surprisingly fun! Thanks for sharing!!

  • Leila Ahmadi

    Dear Farnoosh, congratulations on your very bold decision… I have had short hair since I can remember, except for once or twice that I had long hair, almost always I have had short hair. Short hair looks very good on you :) and YES the best time of having short hair is in the shower 😀
    Have fun with your short hair and enjoy it.
    Take care…
    P.S. I am gonna tell Maryam that you have cut your hair 😀

    • Farnoosh

      Dearest Leila, thank you! *very bold* I know but you know what, it was the best decision. I wish I could see your pretty face and your short hair… Our Maryam of course has had long hair for as long as I’ve known her; tell her I cut my hair and if she doesn’t remember, tell her I’m her long lost childhood friend, Farnoosh!! ;))) Just teasing! You made my day, dear Leila. Hugs!

  • Élan

    You look fantastic with short hair! I got rid of my long locks about 2 years ago right before I made the most gutsy decision of my life: to pack up and head to Malaysia for a few months to meet a man I’d fallen for online! I’m not exactly sure what I was thinking when I stepped on that plane by myself, but it all worked out and we’re married now.

    (and yes, laksa is really yummy! especially in Johor, I think)

    • Farnoosh

      Oh Elan, you are stunning. Your hair looks really fine, I wish mine was doing that…. but thank you thank you! And that is one gutsy decision – pack up and head to Malaysia – that pales in comparison to our haircuts. But how it worked out , it’s wonderful how it always does. Lovely to see a new face here on my blog, thanks for stopping by!

      • Élan

        Thank you! My hair is actually quite thick, but really straight. With enough razoring and texturizing, my hair is able to get fine enough. :)

        Thanks for the welcome. I have been reading the blog and following you on Twitter, but I’ve remained quiet until today!

        • Farnoosh

          Ah maybe I can have my stylist THIN MINE OUT! That might help this messy hair to behave in the mornings! Thank you dear (and gorgeous!) Elan! Stay beautiful and come back anytime….. (And I am following you on Twitter too now).

  • Deana Gunn

    Your new haircut is adorable. What a change! You’d be gorgeous at any length. Time to update your profile photos! :)

    • Farnoosh

      Deana, my long-hair beautiful and angelic cousin, thank you. I know, I know – believe me, I am struggling with finding the right photo. I’ve been thinking about you lately…. Sending you heaps of love!

  • Hiten

    I love it when women have their hair cut short. It’s cute.

    There is a perception that guys prefer girls with short hair. This is a huge generalization. :-)

  • Hiten

    Just read my comment. I meant to say there is a perception that guys prefer girls with long hair! :-)

    • Farnoosh

      The perception, I am finding, Hiten, is not entirely true … Thank you so so much for making me smile with your compliment!

  • Suzie Cheel

    Love love love it- you look wonderful and I did the same on the morning before I was going to a family wedding about 9 years ago. plus several other times
    After a few months I went back to growing it again. I agree with all your comments although for me I feel good with longer hair and that keeps my vibes high. I also have it cut in a wash and wear style that saves mc lots of time.
    PS Will be out of sling next week so will be in touch :)

    • Farnoosh

      Suzie, thank you so so much!! ME LOVE IT TOO!! II doubt I am ever growing it again but we’ll see …. Oh I loved my long hair too – I felt just like you do about it, it kept me nice and happy but …. no more! A new era has begun.
      Hope you are doing well and contact me when you are ready!

  • Christina

    You look wonderful! I’ve worn my hair in a pixie cut since 1995, and I’ll never forget that feeling of liberation, of looking at myself in the mirror and feeling I was finally seeing my real self. (I had a real tendency to hide behind my long hair). I grew it out once, for a year or two, and it really wasn’t too bad, except for an awkward month or two at the beginning.

    I’ve felt a bit challenged lately, on the short hair specifically. I write a relationship/dating blog, and as a result, read a lot of other, similar blogs. On a few, there are men who are adamant about how unattractive short hair is on any woman. Sometimes, it’s hard not to take personally, but I have to remind myself, that what really matters is what looks good to me and to my husband, not a bunch of strangers on the internet.

    • Farnoosh

      Christina, honey, good heavens, who cares what those losers think? It’s most important that YOU love your hair, just as you do the rest of you, and then yes, it matters that the spouses and the family also like it but it’s not necessary and as for what others think, well, if they only had a good sense of style. Plus, I can re-assure you that short hair IS sexier than long hair, even if a man doesn’t admit it.
      And now that that’s out of the way, thank you so so much for your comment and I’ll be joining you in my upcoming long-term short-hair movement… !!! Stay beautiful and do as you deem best!

      • Christina

        Yes, that’s exactly how I feel 99.999% of the time. I was kind of shocked to find people who disagreed so strongly. :-) Personally, I think short hair looks and feels incredibly sexy!

        • Farnoosh

          You said it, Christina, incredibly sexy :)! That’s what we are gonna go with!

  • Angela Artemis/Poweredbyintuition

    I absolutely love it! I totally understand what happened to you too. I have done 4 times in my life beginning with age 16 when I had hair down to my behind and cut it as short as yours. I’d let my hair grow for 5-7 years and then get tired of it and march into the hair dresser’s and say, “OFF!” The last time I did this was 2005 so am about due….
    I also gave up my exec job in 1995 and, everyone and I mean everyone including the director of my company all said they were jealous of me and wished it were them and not me. I even got a 6 month severance package with full health care – They wanted me to come back in case I had “made a mistake.” But, I hadn’t.

    Good for you!! Short hair is liberating. And you look awesome.
    P.S. Thank you for linking to me too.

    • Farnoosh

      Angela, you are a shining star in more ways every time we talk. Honey, I walked away with nothing after 11.5 years except my integrity … I didn’t get anything and frankly didn’t care but good for you to get something for all that you did for the company … As for the hair, I wanna be first to know if you go super short like me … Liberating beyond words. :)
      THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Benny

    You need more guys comment so I came by just to say you look great with your short hair!!! You look 10 years younger. :)

    • Farnoosh

      Benny, I DO need more guys to comment and I am so glad it is you! THANK YOU … you know just what to say to a woman. Makes my whole weekend….!

  • Corinne Rodrigues

    I don’t know how I missed this….You look stunning ♥ Short hair definitely suits you!

    • Farnoosh

      Too sweet … Probably because I haven’t changed my profile photo – I will after my photo shoot, THANK YOU Corinne! I see you too have short hair! :)

  • Leslie Samuel

    Yo, that Farnoosh chick is HOT. Yeah, I said it!

    • Farnoosh

      You know you can get everywhere with me if you compliment me like that, Leslie. :) Thank you!!!!

  • Rachael

    Farnoosh! You look absolutely incredible!! Those eyes, that skin! I can SEE you! Wow girl!

    I cut my hair off 10 years ago and have kept it no longer than my jawline since. Recently I have decided to give my hair one last blast at being long enough just to tie up (but no longer). Then I see your haircut and wonder why? You make short hair sound and look so sexy and I am taken right back to the stylish, free and confident feelings I have when I get my hair newly cut each time.

    Oh well, I’m going to give it one last try just so I can get it right out of my system one last time then I think I will be permanently in the ranks of the short haired clan : )

    You just look devine Farnoosh so I love love love your decision!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dear Rachael, thank you thank you SO MUCH! You made my day!
      You know, I think it’s just amazing how we are attached to long hair or the idea of long hair …. I say do what feels right and if a haircut right now feels right, go for it. To tell you the truth, I’m thinking of going much shorter next time. :)
      You are so sweet, Rachael, your compliments go right to my heart, THANK YOU!

  • Richard

    Random hetero guy delurking to say, I dig your new look. It’s very flattering to your pretty face and your gumption is so refreshing after hearing so many ladies say, “Oh, it looks great on her, BUT I could never cut off my long hair”.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Richard, thank you so much – Gumption is not a word I hear every day, and gosh I can’t stand us women when we whine. “I could never…” – I say shut up and just do it or more accurately say, “I WOULD never but I could .. ” or is that too harsh? Thanks for stopping by.

  • Noch Noch | be me. be natural.

    SO CUTE and Fresh!!!
    love it
    i get what you mean by chopping the hair off symbolizing detachment. i used to do that. but now i’m growing it for my wedding. but then i think i will chop it all off again when the time comes :)

    Noch Noch

    • Farnoosh

      For the wedding, long is pretty, I had it very long although it was all up in a pretty chinion :)! Thank you so much for liking my cut, Noch-Noch and enjoy the wedding preps. When is it?

      • Noch Noch | be me. be natural.

        oooooh nice. i’m thinking of a messy bun :)
        May this year, here in Beijing
        so lucky I am, my fiance is doing all the planning ahha!

        • Farnoosh

          Sweet! I want to see pictures. Happy planning to the most wonderful fiance who is doing wedding planning. I’ve never heard that before ;))!

  • Mark

    Just saw the new look, Farnoosh…Love it!! Now if I could just figure out how to keep mine from disapearing! :-/

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Mark, thank you – that makes my day! :) And frankly, I am going shorter next time… :) PS: Bald men are sexy ;)!

  • Devan Yates


    I don’t participate much, but I love all the positive things you deposit into the perceptions of many, including myself. We have much in common, as my husband I shucked our very healthy paychecks and have been reinventing the wheel, to a simple life based on honesty, integrity, and quality. So far so good!! In this new era, I am strongly contemplating chopping of my hair, and found myself compelled to read your blog. I guess I never put a lot of thought into my relationship to my hair. I would probably say the level of vanity attached to it is bordering on unhealthy, in a neurotic sense……and now that I with animals all day, I really can’t go with out washing it daily, and its no longer a beautiful golden mane, rather more like the hair of a toddler’s Barbie doll that has been in the pool too much! lol Anyway, thanks for sharing your feelings and process about letting it go…….I am pretty sure I am on my way to that. I have had a very short do before and loved it. I would actually go black, if I had the courage! I just dislike very much the transitional phases if I change my mind! :)

    I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to share my website: devanyatespetgrooming for anyone that may be in my neck of the woods in need of a terrific place to take their beloved pets! Thanks so much!!

    • Farnoosh

      Devan, you made me laugh! :) Your relationship with your hair …. Listen, darling, I didn’t miss my beautiful sexy hair ONE MINUTE, I think something is wrong with me to be able to let it go so fast, and in fact, I am thinking of going drastically shorter next time I visit that woman with the scissors ;)! You won’t look back once, and you’ll love the freedom.
      By the way, I generally don’t publish comments with links – that’s why this came to approval queue – but I made an exception here, however, if you wanna do a real promo, I’ve created a space for my readers to do just that, and I welcome all self-promotion there… Promote Yourself.

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  • Nikki

    I also cut my long locks into a pixie cut, and I LOVE it! It feels so wonderful to run my hands through my hair in the shower. I’m currently growing my hair out into a super short bob, and I look fabulous, if I do say so myself. I’ve already been tempted numerous times to cut it short again, and I think I’m going Emma Watson short (Gotta love her)! You look goergous, and I can just feel your excitement! Oh, you’ve got me all excited and giddy again like a little kid! I love the statement that a pixie cut says. It’s like “Hey there, I don’t care what you think, I know I’m goergous and I don’t need your attention.” A pixie cut is a very bold and confident mood. A lot of people want me to grow out my hair again, but I repeatedly tell them “No”. My family, on the other hand, love it! It fits my personality more than long hair because it’s bold, fun, bouncy, and confident.

    • Farnoosh

      Nikki, how nice to see you here. I think you should do it. The confidence thing is a huge one with short hair and guess what? This Wed a month after my first cut, I went back and actually got a seriously boyish cut. I have NEVER ever had hair this short – so it makes the photo look like long bushy hair 😉 It took guts or something but I am finally done with styling in 32 seconds and that’s what I wanted ;)! Good luck and be yourself and love yourself, nothing else matters. Plus you know everyone is secretly jealous, right? ;)!

  • Laine

    I stumbled upon your blog while looking for info on a 5-day fast. I really love it! I especially love the underlying theme of getting out of your comfort zone. It is so challenging trying to let go of fear and insecurity that arises from the unknown. The worst part is that so much of our insecurities are programmed and based on fictitious fears and our own artificial boundaries. I particularly loved this post because I have had relatively long hair my whole life and recently got extensions on top of that (!) I have had them for the past year and a half and have really struggled with the idea of removing them. I love the look of long, thick hair!
    Anyway, lately I am just so tired of the cost and maintenance, I’m ready to take them out and chop my hair into a bob. I bookmarked this blog entry so I can go back and re-read it so I won’t back out :) Thanks for all the positivity and the reminder that we are NOT defined by superficial elements such as our hair, face, nails etc.! PS-You look amazing with short hair!

    • Farnoosh

      Dearest Laine, just do it :) I have gone even shorter than what you see here. I have really gone toward a boyish pixie cut and I just eased into it like nothing. The freedom is great and I needed the change badly. I am sending you lots of good wishes and hope to hear from yo on what you end up doing. Remember, it’s just hair. It really doesn’t change who we are, just makes life easier AND more stylish :)! Thanks for stopping by and did you find my 2 blog posts on juice fast too? Hope so :)!

      • Laine

        Thank you so much and I am DEFINITELY taking your advice! I did read the juice fast post and I will be coming back to it often next week as I begin my fast on Monday :)
        Very excited to have discovered your blog and keep all the great posts coming! :)

  • Rick


    Not many women look good in short hair, but you actually look much better.

    Great choice.


    • Farnoosh

      Your compliment is taken, accepted and appreciated. Thank you so much, Rick. :)

  • Hayley

    Hi there!

    I am eighteen years old, newly graduated from High School, and I have luckily just stumbled upon your wonderful story! I have been dreaming of cutting off my long hair for many years now and every time I go to do it, I am talked out of it by friends and family. This time around I mean to donate my hair to Locks of Love and yet I still find everyone doubting me. They say that a pixie cut is not for me, that I should only cut it to my shoulders, etc. etc. I don’t fear having all of my hair cut off, in fact, it sounds like a dream! My question is, do you think I should go through with it, or, do you think that my friends and family are correct?

    I would really appreciate your opinion on this matter.

    Thanks so much!

    ~ Hayley

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Hayley, you are 18! Your hair will grow back for another 50 years if not more. I say it’s a safe bet that if you want to do something, and it’s as harmless as cutting your hair, then please tell your family and friends to mind their own hair and you yours. Do what you want with your hair. It Will Grow back. And if you really want my opinion, it is NO ONE’s business – if my hubby disagreed, I would have still done it – so please, grow up faster and do what you want with your hair AND the rest of your life, dear!

  • Hayley

    Well, thank you! Thank you very much! I’ll do just that! 😀

    ~ H

  • Maria Sweeney

    I had a very similar experience! I saw Emma Watson’s haircut and fell in love with it. I’m very petite and my mother would constantly tell me that my long hair weighed me down but I never listened to her. As you can see, it was long, soft, healthy. It was the longest I had ever had it and it was my safety net.

    Then, this past winter I seriously began contemplating on chopping the locks. It had gotten so long that it took at least 30 minutes to wash and condition, not to mention drying it. I didn’t do much with it. I left it down, blandly parted in the middle or up in a pony tail. It began to lose it’s novelty and for a no-fuss girl that considers eyeshadow and mascara to mean it’s a special occasion, the effort put into making my long hair look decent just wasn’t cutting it (pun intended)!

    After my mom stopped pushing me to cut my hair, several months later I decided to do it on my own and I think that made a big difference. I WANTED to do it! No one was asking me to.
    On December 1st, I went to the salon and told her what I wanted. She’s a good friend and is familiar with me so when I told her what I wanted, she sat down and asked me if I had told my mother what I was going to do. I was determined to get it done! So, she tied my hair in a pony tail, raised the hair up, made me swear I wasn’t going to cry and cut it. And you know what? I didn’t cry (not that I expected to!) It was the best choice of my life. I’ll have people that come up to me, complete strangers, and tell me they like my hairstyle! I wake up, slap down that new-found cowlick with some water and I’m set! A little moouse for special events but that’s about it! I’m attending art college in the fall and having this new, edgy cut is so my style!

    It’s so liberating and now I plan to go even shorter! Anyway, I was pleased to read your story and I wanted to share mine too! Congrats on rocking the short do’ with me! :)

    • Farnoosh

      Maria, hon, I don’t usually allow links to other sites here but I made an exception and kept all your 3 photos. You gorgeous little thing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut!! What a great story and the best part: You decided on your own. My mom was the opposite of yours and so was my mother-in-law. “Why are you cutting your glorious hair?” as though that is my only beauty… LOL! And guess what? I have yet to shed a tear for it and I went even shorter too, I went totally pixie. You inspired me to share the photo of my latest photo too so I will update the post now. Big hugs to you brave girl, you can let go of this, you can do anything! I am very proud of you. :) THANK YOU for sharing your lovely story, dear Maria.

      • Maria Sweeney

        Ohh thank you for allowing the photos! And thank you for posting your most recent cut! You wear it so elegantly and it tempts me to go shorter!
        It’s true, cutting your hair makes you feel like you can do anything!
        Thank you for letting me share my story! I wish you many wonderful good hhair-days 😉


  • Scott Hedrick

    This is just so sad. That hair was so lovely! Now, you are beautiful, long hair, short hair or no hair, but the long hair was, well, special.

    Do you realize that every one of your reasons would be *enhanced* if you completely shaved your head? Anyone who thinks that would be a problem has clearly not seen Star Trek: The Motion Picture and the glory that was the naked head of Persis Khambatta.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Scott, you had me looking up Persis Khambatta :))
      Don’t be sad, I think I might grow it again come winter. It’s really super short now, much shorter than the photos above but it will grow again and I will enjoy a new period with it again. Thank you for teaching me something about Star Trek and sharing your honest thoughts. I love a guy’s honest viewpoint any day of the week! Cheers and come back anytime.

  • RJ

    Well, Farnoosh, I’ve gotta tell you that I agree with Scott 100%. The long hair was much more fascinating and beautiful to watch. Not the end of the world, but silky long hair turns me catatonic. Hey, I’m a man, what can I say? LOL All the best to you, RJ

    • Farnoosh

      Dear RJ, you are a man but I assure you, not all men feel that way about short hair. :) It’s just a different preference. Thanks for your thoughts.

  • RJ

    You’re welcome! LOL (I think.) You are right; there are quite a few guys who enjoy seeing short hair on women. But even if EVERY man agreed with ME, all that counts is that YOU like it. Have a happy life!

    • Farnoosh

      Thank you dear RJ! You are sweet. Big hugs for your wisdom!

  • yvonne

    (my website is still under construction so nothing marvelous yet (check back tho!))
    I adore pixie cuts and would love to have one again but I am one of those unfortunate “reverse lollipop” head to body ratio types. If i don’t have some volume around my face my butt predominates my physical landscape…All suggestions welcome if anyone has one?

    • Farnoosh

      Yvonne, my advice: do what feels right, hon! And remember, it’s hair and if you really wanna get this cut, it WILL grow back. I’ve had to get 3 or 4 haircuts since February and that’s A LOT for me but the darn thing keeps growing out :)!

  • Luci

    When I was in highschool I had long hair up to my behind, in college I maintained long hair only past the bra [still long I’d say] and that was quite a few years ago. During my time working for the Red Cross I decided to cut my hair with an angled bob so that I wouldn’t have to worry about tying it whenever I’m teaching in my First Aid and Life Support classes. The bob already felt liberating to me but it got to a point where I tied it like Pebbles because it was just too hot [I live in a tropical country]. Hence the decision to get a Pixie cut. I went through all the phases of denial and indecision, LOL, but I did get a pixie cut in the end and let me tell you that I love it SOOOOOOOO MUCH. I feel sexy and confident. And it seems I get much more attention from guys too. =D

    A couple of friends have been asking me if I’m going to grow my hair out now and I am thinking about it. Like you said it’s just hair. Maybe I will grow may hair out but if I know myself pretty well I’d immediately get a trim if I so much as see my hair get longer. hahaha

    I loved what you wrote so I just wanted to share my story. Now all I need to do is learn how to use an eyeliner and I think I’m good to go. LOL. ♥

    • Farnoosh

      Hello sexy and confident Luci, I love that you love your pixie because I am mad about mine. Yes, it’s just hair and it tends to grow or else we’d save a bunch on haircuts!! I am still going to keep mine short. Thanks for the fun hair story and for that confidence and the guts that it took to go pixie. It’s rare you know :)!

  • Negar Sadeghian

    Hi bold and gorgeous Farnoosh! I have loved seeing the photos of your pixie cut over the past few months! I am so glad you wrote a post on why you decided to go with a short cut. Mommy always told me that when you are beautiful, you can pull of anything. That saying definitely reminds me of you! =)

    • Farnoosh

      Thank you Negar, thanks so much!! It’s been a new me and a new life, seriously. Your Mommy is right, which is exactly why you should do whatever you want with your dark beautiful hair :)!

  • Carol Hess

    I’m coming late to the party celebrating your new (not so much now) look, Farnoosh, but I just had to add my two cents. I didn’t read all of the comments I admit, but I bet I’m not the only one to say that you look very much like Audrey Hepburn with your pixie cut. It suits you. You positively glow, but I suspect that might not have anything to do with your haircut!

    I had to face losing my hair when I went through chemotherapy a few years ago. I thought I was prepared for it, but I wasn’t. It was more difficult than I had imagined it would be, and I was a bit disgusted with myself for having such a strong reaction. I knew I wasn’t my hair, but it represented something to me — perhaps the loss of control over my life that the cancer diagnosis had brought. Or the outward, visual sign that I was allowing myself to be poisoned in order to save my life.

    You know how some women look gorgeous with no hair? I was not one of them! :) But I got used to the look. I used scarves occasionally and a wig every once in a blue moon, but they were uncomfortable and hot and not me. So I eventually got rid of them and went bald. And I got very clear that my life was a whole heck of a lot more important than how much hair I had on my head.

    And even though I have my hair back now (well, sort of — it’s a different color and texture, but it’s hair), I’m still very clear that my life and what I do with it is what matters. Besides, I kind of miss my bald head — showers, wind, snow, people rubbing my head were a whole different and beautiful experience without hair.

    • Farnoosh

      Carol, this was by far the most touching comment – how brave of you to be so vulnerable during your cancer phase – for which I am so sorry by the way – and also to learn so much about what’s important. I loved your story and am so glad that you can look back on it and be confident behind “no hair”! Thank you so much for sharing this….. so much!

  • pigglywiggly

    Whoa!! I return occasionally to check – green juice recipes. Cos I have it once a month. Maybe, should do a week course to lose weight as I have like 4-5 kgs of excess around the waist, but that is besides the point.

    The pixie cut is nice :) But I was kinda used to the longer-haired version.

    Keep up the good work of posting more interesting green-juice recipes.

    PS: Do you still update your Flickr? Or it has been quiet since the pic-stealing fiasco?

    • Farnoosh

      Thanks so much for stopping by to say hello. Green juicing is the ultimate answer to cleaning the body out of extra weight and waste. If you ever want to get serious about it, join our fab fun Green Juicing Clinic. Thanks so much. Oh and not updating Flickr as much. And that’s not why, too funny. That fiasco was back in 2006, can you believe it? I have gotten over it, it’s all good :)!

  • Brenda Sweeney

    Hi Farnoosh – I ran onto this site when I Googled “is a pixie cut too short?”, and I’m so glad I found you! You hit every single point with me and you’ve almost got me convinced to take this leap based on being who I am and not how people feel about me based on my hair style (or how I feel about myself for that matter). My biggest fear now is how mad my 11 year old daughter will be (she doesn’t want me to do it)! My husband is BEGGING me to do it. I think you’re amazing and would appreciate just a last word of encouragement. :)

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Brenda, nice to see you here. Apparently I am ranking high for pixie cuts on Google. Go figure ;)! And as to your dilemma, does your “biggest fear” outweigh what you want to do deep down inside? Your 11-year old daughter will soon be distracted by a million other things and I don’t see how your hair has such a big impact on her life. You’ll still be a fab mom to her. (I don’t really get kids at that age but my best guess is she’ll be fine! :)) and my hubby was also the same as yours but the real question is what does Brenda want! That’s how you know the right choice. This is your hair on your head and your decision. The best decisions I make are the ones that come from the heart and answer the question: what do I really want! Do what you really want, Brenda! It’s YOUR HAIR, sweet heart!

      • Brenda Sweeney

        I agree, and thank you so much! Funny thing…last night I checked with my daughter one more time and she said “It’s YOUR hair…I don’t really care what you do.” Wow – hormones must be raging right now, so I just have to roll with it. :) I have an appointment next week – can’t wait! Best to you!

  • Kathryn

    You fail to mention that one should seek out a stylist who has previously done said pixie do, and or using a stylist one has used for an extended period of time.
    My pixie-do is an epic fail. :( I am four days into the pixie cut world, and everyday, I wake up feeling like I have made one of the biggest mistakes of my adult life. I have tried messy, super sleek, just-blown-dry, texturized..etc.
    Nothing works on my head. I loved my little stylist to death, until now. I hope no one else ever winds up looking like I feel like I look.
    My previous faux-pixie was only about an inch longer in the front, and half inch in the back; yet somehow, this cut is completely botched!
    I think that in about 2-3 months, I will have the cut I wanted four days ago. Lesson learned for me: NOT everyone can rock out a pixie do. No amount of inner-strength, empowerment, or intelligence can make your face shape contort to be just right for one style.
    I am all about a woman finding a way to express her inner-beauty as well as outer.
    I’m not downing you, because my dear – you do look fabulous! However, I think you have left out some key factors. And bottom line — the pixie is NOT for everyone… or apparently, not for every stylist to perform.
    As for myself- I am now four days into my pixie cut, hating it. And four days into my journey of growing out my pixie.

    Blessings :)

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Kathryn, I am So so sorry about your cut. Honestly, this post wasn’t about what to do or not to do in order to get a pixie cut, it was just why I love my pixie cut. You know? You are totally right in that it has to be a professional stylist that knows well how to do a pixie-cut.
      Really sorry to hear about your experience. I can only assure you that you are being much too hard on yourself but I know how it feels when we don’t love our haircuts. Sending you blessings in return. May you love the new hair that comes growing fast and covers all previous faux-pixie cuts for good!

  • Helen

    Just curious about the upkeep. I am hesitating getting a pixie just because of the need for upkeep with regular cuts every six weeks or so. With long hair, it’s not a big deal if I go every 3 or for months for a trim, which makes it possibly easier for upkeep. How are you finding the maintenance demands for your pixie?

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Helen, to be honest, the upkeep is a small detail compared to the amazing benefits and freedom of having short hair. Yes I do try to get it cut every 4-6 weeks simply because I don’t want it to grow out. If that’s such a huge barrier for you, then having long hair is better option. Don’t forget, regular cuts are extremely healthy for your hair too, short or long. And now that it’s so much shorter, I am brave and color it myself so I save a ton of money there… ! Best of luck!!!

  • Jamie Cunningham

    Hi Farnoosh!

    I stumbled across your blog while searching for a ‘pixie cut’ on pinterest. After reading this I knew immediately that I would also be following in your footsteps! I cut off my dull, 32-year-old hairstyle two days ago and could not be happier. The comments and response from friends and family have been astounding. Getting a cut like this really makes a statement and I, too, did not want to avoid making this move out of fear! Thank you for this inspirational read!

    • Farnoosh

      Jamie, BRAVO!! I am so very happy that you went for it – the compliments are amazing and at first, that’s all you notice about yourself: your hair! It makes a huge statement of not just “I have a sense of style” but that “I have courage, baby!” :) You’re so welcome and enjoy the short do!

  • Lindsey

    Farnoosh, thank you for the wonderful post! I’m 17 years old, I’m about to graduate from High School, and I’m thinking about trading my very long locks for a cute pixie. This post has made me feel so much more comfortable with my decision. After all, inner beauty is all that really matters. Thank you for the positive encouragement! :)

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Lindsey, what a beautiful attitude you have at such a young age. With that, you will be all the more attractive and of course, as you may have noticed, hair tends to grow just in case you miss the long locks. Sending you a big hug and lots of good luck in college, my dear!

  • Farnoush Parsiavashi

    Hey Farnoosh!

    So, my name’s Farnoush(!), and I rarely comment on blogs but, after reading this, I felt unbelievably compelled to leave a comment here for a number of reasons. Let me explain. I’ll try to keep it simple but I’ve got so much to say right now, so please forgive me if it gets too long!

    Today I was at work and just bored with nothing to do. I started thinking about my hair because it has reached an awkward length. Like you, I used to have long, flowing, and (I’m assuming you’re Persian?) Persian-thick hair, and I loved it. But one day, I decided to cut a large portion off, so my first big cut was somewhere between a bob and a mid-length. The next time, I cut it a bit shorter, and for the past 2 years I have just been cutting different levels of bobs. A couple of months ago I also coloured my ends. So I do love mixing it up with my hair.

    I always considered the pixie cut in the same way as most people: “It looks great on them but knowing my luck I’d just make it look bad.” And like you, my love for Audrey Hepburn stems from childhood and only ever grows, and I have always dreamed of pulling off her hair (and eyebrows). The next step, naturally, was Google. I started considering it more and more, and I looked at galleries of celebrities but that didn’t really help me, so I clicked on your link just from the title of ‘why trade long for short’. I didn’t even realise that we had the same name until halfway through the post! I continued to read, and everything you were saying rang entirely true to me, thinking comically ‘are we the same person?’ And so this post essentially has become the deciding factor in me going for a pixie cut, because if there’s another Iranian around that can speak about this, knowing what it’s like to have that thick wavy hair, then it’s their words I trust the most.

    And the cherry on top of this fortuitous cake – I live in Sydney! So, is there anyway that you could tell me where you had your major cut? Or, are there places you can recommend to me? I really can’t believe my luck here, so thank you for posting this!
    Warmest Regards,
    Farnoush P
    P.S. Also I look forward to browsing the rest of your website – we really do share a lot of ideas about life and well being, so I can’t wait to read what else you have to say!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dear sweet Farnoush, gosh it feels weird to meet another Farnoush/Farnoosh but I love it. Of course I am from Iran. What other country has this great name? :))! You are very sweet and I love LOVE the serendipity that brought us together here. And so brave of you to keep cutting those locks. I wish I could see a photo…. well, no matter, I think that if you are following your heart, and your curiosity, and if you believe in the true fact that Hair Grows :) so nothing is permanent, then you will feel fabulous going for a pixie. Darling I wish I lived in Sydney. I was only there on holiday when I spotted our beloved Audrey. I live in the US and got my haircut here. Make absolutely sure that the hairstylist has done lots of pixie cuts and knows how to shape them…. that’s a big important question to ask and have them be totally upfront with you. Good luck. Keep us posted, Farnoush jan!!!

  • Eileen

    Words cannot express how happy this post makes me. And relieved.

    I’m a 16-year-old junior in high school, and I’ve always wanted to just go for a pixie. I’ve been saying that I’ll get one when senior year rolls around. The problem for me is — as it is for many women — I am so used to hiding behind my hair that I simply could not bring myself to actually cut it off now or anytime in the future. Up until the last year and a half or so, I’ve never had long hair (it was rarely longer than shoulder-length, but never as short as a pixie), but once it started growing out, I started getting attached to it. Even though I’ve always prided myself in being the type of girl who is daring enough to do something that others might not appreciate or care for, I realize now that once I had long hair, I was beginning to think I could never go back.

    When I went in to get my hair cut today, I had no intention of cutting more than 2 inches off of it. My mom had other plans for me and urged me to cut it to at least shoulder-length. In the end, we made a compromise and I ended up having around 5 inches cut, which was a lot more than I’d wanted. Still, my mom told me it isn’t much different. My dad hardly even noticed.

    I took my mom’s idea into consideration. Standing in front of the mirror, I pulled my hair back so that only the shorter, face-framing layers were visible. And while I like my new haircut, I couldn’t believe how much more energetic I look when my hair is that short.

    For the longest time I thought I wouldn’t be able to pull off a pixie because my features aren’t “delicate” enough. I have a roundish face, and I’m pretty self-conscious about that much. Now that I think about it, though, I think I’m ready for a change. It bothers me that so many of the guys I know tell me I look better with longer hair than I did with shorter hair; they sneer at girls who are bold enough to cut their hair shorter than shoulder-length. I’m sick of trying to fit right into their idea of “beauty”, because I know that beauty comes in every form. Short hair is gorgeous. You are so beautiful with short hair.

    Thank you so much.

    • Farnoosh

      My dear Eileen, the last thing that you should care about is what some random guy at high school thinks but this is hard when you are right there experiencing it, darling. Just remember, in a few years, none of these guys will matter ;)! Your world will change and you will be one courageous woman. Even at my age, I had my guy friends tell me how much they’d be disappointed with my short hair – and well, my hubby happens to LOVE short hair, and I happened to want it when I did – he always loved and wanted short hair but I didn’t cut it for him all those years. I just had to come to it myself. And it’s the best decision. I never ever miss my long hair… Go for it and remember, hair grows. :) You are so welcome and be confident, beauty comes from within yes but you will be gorgeous with that pixie cut, period so wear it well.

      • Jesicka

        Just a message for you- I always loved and wanted short hair- and had it many times…. even in high school and junior high. Every time I cut it, it was a dramatic experience, and all my age girls and boys always said stupid things like it was better before, when it was long… I personally knew I loved it, and looked better with the short hair… but I could not understand why people didn’t see it. Eventually I was convinced that there were no guys out there who liked short hair.

        WRONG! How wrong could I BE! I don’t know if liking long hair is an American thing- but as soon as I started traveling- in Europe especially- I saw so many awesome short and pixie haircuts and they were much more accepted~ AND THE BEST part is, I met THE GUY sent from heaven (who is my husband now) who finally LIKED MY SHORT HAIR BETTER than when I had it long. Even now, whenever my hair grows out, the moment I decide to chop it off, it makes him even happier.

        So don’t fret- I found that it takes a mature soul to really appreciate the short hair- and you will meet more of those people as you keep on livin!

        • Jesicka

          ooh I just changed my gravatar to be my short hair pic!

          • Farnoosh

            Love it! :)

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  • pachamama

    i think every woman should have a really short do at least ones in her life-time. there is no feeling like it. momentary downside: it is currently hugely trendy to have short hair; it has crossed into the mainstream in a really big way. that said, not everyone is giving up a six figure sallary, and this certainly sets you appart from the herd. more people should be inspired to spend less time at the office and more time in nature cycling. i admire your courage for quiting your job more, and i congratulate you on your new found freedom!

    • Farnoosh

      Pachamama, AMEN to that! At least once in her life, no kidding! It’s liberating. It’s necessary! It’s a must! And as for giving up the 6-figure, you’d be shocked to hear that not only did I do it, I got my husband to give up his 6-figure just this month and we are going for this adventure, come what may! So thank you so much for the great fantastic encouragement, Pachamama, and I hope you can find your freedom in everything that you aspire to you, including the short pixie cut :)!

  • Sharon

    Funny thing, but by the time I “happened” upon your article, I had already been in my full journey to hair liberation, so to speak! Made the decision about a year ago to stop trying to keep that “perfect” blonde color (can you say “hours” in the salon chair for low and high lights, month after month, year after year!!!), along with the determination that, when it was just about the “right” time of the growing out phase, that I would sport the pixie do, equally inspired be the late Audrey, (albiet, with a more modern twist, to be sure), and singlehandely rid myself of not only the old color, but of the old habits of a hair style that no longer suited me. Plus, I also left a “close to six figure” job last year, so the liberation factor was already in full motion, in spite of myself, LOL!
    As of TODAY, I now sport a close cropped, super short and super cute pixie, AND my natural color, comprised of an interesting blend of “premature” silver gray streaks and darker “not quite ashy brown” natural base color. Hard to describe really, since it’s the first time I’ve seen my natural color since my Tweens!! (Pre-teens, for those of you who are wondering). In any case, your article epitomizes any and all aspects of making that dramatic shift to what feels right for oneself, regardless of the community at large! Bravo!

    • Farnoosh

      Hello dear Sharon, it seems we have been up to similar adventures in hair and career :)! I love it. Just love it. I bet you look gorgeous with your blonde pixie cut and I hear you – those hours in the salon add up and all that time and money – Yes I enjoyed my red and fun highlights too but it was just time for a change. I am actually now coloring it myself and it’s not that bad at all since there’s not all that much hair to color ;)! Bravo back at you. Love that you stumbled upon this. Come back again! Enjoy that pixie do :)

      • Sharon

        Thanks for your caring and prompt response! Just to clarify, when I finally got my pixie cut, I simutaneously cut off all the OLD blonde highlights and low light color that I had been growing out for over a year. It was a long haul, enduring not only the journey to my natural color of “whatever grays and other colors” it may have contained, but to let go of that image in my mind of what was considered beautiful. So, I took a double giant leap, so to speak, when I finally decided to cut it all off, ridding myself of the old “fake” blonde, plus the overly processed and fussy nuisance of long hair. Thanks again for your fab blog on this topic!! Perhaps once we all find ourselves in a place to happily embrace the change of hair length, we can also ditch the hair coloring “ball and chain” that pervades our social society? Rock on ladies and gents, whatever you choose!!

        • Farnoosh

          Sharon, I LOVE the update – you are beautiful! And I am SO proud of you – did you celebrate? I will have a glass of wine to your courage and your new look next time I have wine ;)! You are so very welcome and I couldn’t have said that last bit better myself. Cheers and much love to you, Sharon!

  • Andrea Smith

    Currently debating about getting a pixie. I have days where I am all for it, days where I am worried that it won’t go well with my round face. However, I need a change. I am switching courses in Uni(finally taking what I want as opposed to what pleased the family) and I want a new look. Your blog is so positive and empowering. I think I am going to go for it. Thank you!

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Andrea, I hope by now you have gone for your sexy bold pixie haircut and are convinced that you are beautiful and perfect with it. So glad you stumbled upon me here, and good luck with the new direction that your heart is leading you.

  • Amelia McLane

    Okay so I have been dying for a pixie cut for a couple of years now, but I am not nearly as daring as I need to be to get it. I’m afraid it won’t go well with my features (big nose). Also, sadly I do worry about looking masculine. Do you have any advice you can offer me? Should I steer clear from this haircut due to my prominent nose?

    • Farnoosh

      Amelia, so you’ve been dying for this cut for 2 years – that’s your heart talking – I know you know the right answer inside you but just want confirmation or validation from someone else. You CAN do this if you want and the hair DOES grow back – I wish it didn’t so I wouldn’t have to pay for so many frequent haircuts 😉 – if you don’t do it, you’ll never know and always wonder. Just gonna leave you with that. And your nose is perfect for your face. Love it as it is! :) Good luck and tell me what you decide.

  • Sarah

    OMG you just said every thing that i wanted to say
    i just chopped my pretty long hair to a super pixie hair few days ago and now while i’m making a post on my blog describing my feelings and talking about the pixie cut i found your post and i’m suprised how we feel the same exact thing about our hair with, the society, the women beauteness, your reasons and making the right decisions

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Sarah, I bet you look adorable with your short hair … I think us women have the same feelings about our hair – the good the bad and the ugly – and facing it takes real guts. Real proud of you and I bet you are looking absolutely gorgeous!!!

  • Laura

    Your blog came up when I searched for “pixie cut” and I just have to say you have reignited my excitement and NEED to find a new stylist here in nc. We’ve been here 2 years and I still have NOT trusted anyone to come near my head with sharp objects. Last time I did I ended up with a mushroom unshapely bob that made me look like the classic stereotype soccer mom with no style. I got my hair chopped back in 2010 and it was a nice salon. I’ve never ever ever received so many hair compliments before EVER. Everyone noticed the drastic short cut and loved it and several guys who were just friends made it a point to tell me they liked it (I’m married) so to have guy friends notice well let’s just say it was refreshing and I kept it short. I have been horrible at keeping up with my shape though side we moved from Phildelphia and wait until we visit home to get it cut “properly” so my question is – how on earth – do I trust a pixie to someone I don’t know and have never tried! It’s kept me from going and gasp and I can make a mini ponytail half up and down!!! Ahhh too long! I’m 26. First of my friends to chop my hair and they all love it “on me” but no one has taken the leap with me. My hair is thick and wavy – do you think there’s a wrong way to have a pixie with that kind of hair? I’d love to email you a picture if you read this. I see you lovingly respond to so many comments and that’s awesome! You’re excitement on owning your life and being proud of your choices is awesome!

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Laura, do you know I live in NC too? I’ll email you my stylist name in case you are in my area … and you know what? It’s my one year anniversary of having had the pixie cut for a year – I never grew it, I never missed my hair, I never wished for long hair even in the dead of winter when my neck has been freezing ha ha :)! Soooooo, first, I think if you FEEL beautiful, you are. Second, I would say if you really want to do it and don’t because of “what people might think” or peer pressure, you will miss out on the liberating feeling. Third, a rule I go by: Hair Grows Back and you are a baby and this will be just a blip in your life if you wanna grow it back out … I say go for it …. feel free to send a photo if you like: info [a] prolificliving [dot] com and I’ll take a look at your pretty face but I’m not a stylist, just a professional motivator & believer, hon :)!

  • Laura

    Wow what a small world we live in! Yes I’d love your stylist info! I’ve never ever regretted or missed my long hair either! It used to be all the way down my back for dance and buns. No more I say! Scarves are my winter and chilly fall or spring go to style staple and Pinterest has crazy awesome ways to tie them differently. I’m not sure I understand how to type your email address. But I’ll give it a go. :) my hubby loves my short hair by the way and says it doesn’t get in the way anymore. He thinks its sassy and told me he LOVES how it no longer takes me an hour to get ready. :) time is precious and I’d rather spend it living than trying to make my hair behave!

    • Farnoosh

      Just emailed you! All men in my life (bro, hubby, dad) love super short too! Good luck Laura!

  • Laura

    I was using my phone before and didn’t actually click on your profile picture. And can I just say your pixie cut is fantastic! It makes you look so much younger and it gives you a wow factor. Amazing transformation indeed! Best choice for me was letting a stylist use my face shape and hair texture and just cut, I had no idea what I wanted. I know I will never grow my hair back out again either. The risk was well worth the reward! :)

  • Gillian

    Hi! I love your blog, and this was so liberating! I am a freshmen in high school, and I am thinking about getting a pixie but my best guy friends said he thinks guys don’t like girls with short hair, and I am scared what everyone is going to think… any advice? Best Wishes, Gillian :)

    • Marlee Ward

      Hey Gillian,
      I’m Marlee, a friend of Farnoosh. She is visiting Africa the next few weeks and I’ve been hanging out here in her absence. I’m sure she will have some very specific advice for you when she gets back. In my personal opinion, you have to do what will make you most happy. If you are happy, you will be confident, and confidence is what is truly attractive. Do you think you’ll look great with a pixie? If you do, rock it proudly. Then, everyone will think…”wow, Gillian looks amazing in a pixie.” 😉 Just my two cents.

      • Farnoosh

        Just what Marlee said, Gillian. In fact, read my comments here as others had the same concern as you. You won’t regret it if you follow your gut and your own heart.

  • Keaghlan

    I liked reading this because I felt like I could totally relate! Having a pixie haircut feels so good! One of my best guy friends has always told me he prefers long hair on girls and that he liked my hair when it was long, but I didn’t let his opinions hold me back from getting what has become possibly my favorite haircut. He’s still my friend even though my hair isn’t long! I think my dad would prefer that I had longer hair, but like it’s been said before, this short style is so liberating! Even though it’s short, it can still be girly and fun.

    • Farnoosh

      Keaghlan, ENJOY the short hair. Pretty soon it will be a non-issue with family and friends after they get used to it and it’s more liberating than you can imagine. I’m still keeping it nice and short! And don’t miss the long hair one bit … and yes, very girly and super feminine :)!

  • Laura Z

    I’m revisiting! I’ve had my pixie / crop since February! Still love it! My stylist and I have finally figured out how best it works for my hair and how it grows back in best. I may never grow my hair back long again! Sure I see these adorable braids and updo styles on Pinterest but then when I wake up and only throw on some product and go it just is so exciting when people compliment how cute it is! I truly know its literally bed head! The messier it is the more compliments I get! We went on a field trip to the park last week and it was HOT everyone envied my hair cut. It takes some time to find how you like it styled best but if your stylist is great they will know how to cut it for our face and hair texture! Best decision ever!

    • Farnoosh

      I may never ever grow mine back either, Laura! Welcome back!!! Those photos you see are after hours of prep. Who has that time? I am so happy you are digging it and same here. Great points on stylist knowing what to do and what not to do!!! Laura, so happy for you – we share the same love (and same haircut ;))!

  • Sara M

    I got a pixie cut when I was 19, after my jaw surgery. I grew up with an underbite and slightly misaligned jaw, so the surgery was a blessing, though the recovery was rather painful! Anyways, I told myself that once my jaw had recovered, I’d get a pixie cut. My hair was getting progressively shorter for a few years prior, but actually going in and getting my hair that short was amazing. 😀 I did a double “brave decision” that day and also dyed my hair for the first time. :) Pixie red hair was the funnest thing ever.

    Since then, I’ve stopped dying my hair (got too expensive), but I’ve always loved my pixie cut. I tried growing it out twice, but I’d end up getting bored and frustrated… and then I’d go cut my hair off again. It’s so much fun to swish your head side-to-side just after a pixie cut and not feel anything on the back of your neck! And washing your hair is SO EASY. My only regret is I can’t figure out how to do that many things with it.

    You nailed it on the head with your last reason on why you love your pixie cut: “I actually feel more feminine, more confident, more beautiful, more stylish and sexier. Imagine that!” It’s very, very true. I cannot wait to get my hair cut again! I feel really stylish, happy, pretty… and my self-esteem gets a definite boost. Thanks for the article!

    • Farnoosh

      Oh my gosh that’s such a great story, Sara. We pixie-cut lovers should form a community – I had NO IDEA we were such a fun fanatic group in lovely numbers since I wrote this post.
      I don’t see your picture here but I bet you are a sexy sassy feminine and powerful woman in that cut, and you know exactly what you want and how to go get it. Way to go Sara and thanks for sharing your pixie cut love here. Come back anytime! I talk about other stuff on the blog too :)!

  • She as in Her

    I got a pixie cut 3 months ago for similarly liberating reasons as you and OMG I love it! Best decision ever. I feel vulnerable yet strong – feminine yet tomboyish! Pixie cut girls unite :-)

    • Farnoosh

      Goo for you ! Tomboyish AND feminine that’s what we are! :))

  • Mia

    One year ago I cut of my “halfway-down-my-back” long hair. First into a short bob, then a couple of haircuts later I decided to go all the way! I decided to go for a short Michelle Williams-style pixie cut. I love it and I never go back to long hair again! It feels so liberating and as you say, I feel so confident, and it makes me straighten my back and shoulders! Only bad thing about it is the fast growing, try to get a trim every 4-6 weeks. At my last haircut I let the stylist cut neck and sides with the clippers, and go quite short om top, so now it’s super short! And blond! I’m a natural ash blond, but have been colouring my hair for years, but recently I decided to opt for a more natural look, so when all of the hair came off it was my natural colour, and I “helped” it a bit with some spray-blond bleach, so I’m blond, at least during the summer! Feels a bit weird, so I’m not sure I will keep it!

    • Farnoosh

      Mia, I bet you a beauty with your short pixie hair …. I do need to trim mine frequently too but it is what it is …. it’s really good for the hair to get trimmed regularly too…. thanks for sharing!

  • Pj

    I have had a pixie cut for about 10 years now. After my husband and I got married he made a comment about wanting to see me with long hair and I’ve tried over and over again to grow it out and I just can’t seem to get passed a bob. I end up chopping it right back off again. I love my pixie because my hair is super fine and super thin, the longer it is the thinner it looks, it’s very fast to style, and I don’t have to full with it during the day. Lately I’ve felt unfeminine. I’ve noticed the longer my hair gets the better I feel about myself but the more I hate my hair. I got clip in hair extensions a while back and my husband hated them so they didn’t last very long but, he still wants to see me with long hair and I’ve been obsessing about it for it seems like forever! I don’t really know how you can help me…but if you can I’d love some advice because I’m driving myself crazy!!!

    • Farnoosh

      Hmmmm. You know, PJ, you know deep down what you want – nobody can give you that answer. Maybe it’s not the hair at all. Maybe makeup or clothes or perhaps activities in your life can help you feel more feminine …. and maybe it’s a sign to pay attention to something else OR maybe you really want long hair but only you know the answer dearest!!!

  • Pj

    Just looked at your profile pictures. I don’t think I know of anyone else that had such beautiful hair and cut it all off and I must say I love it so much! I’m starting to wonder why I’ve been wanting to grow mine out.

    • Farnoosh

      Thank you PJ – I had glamorous hair but it was getting in the way of doing what I loved in my life so it had to go …. :) thanks for your comment….

  • Susan

    Hello Farnoosh! I have been following you since I stumbled upon your juicing book back in Feb. I love the juicing and love the inspiration that you spread in all you do, you are amazing! I just finished reading all the comments since your decision to cut your hair, I didn’t know you then so I have not seen your long mane…but I love your gorgeous pixie cut and can’t imagine you any other way! flash forward to now and I had to write to let you know that I too made the plunge to cut my hair short…a big deal for me since my husband has always liked long hair…every time I have shortened my hair over the years, he made a point of growing his beard…. LOL, it got really bushy at one point!
    Sadly looking back on my life, I was one who identified with my hair as my best feature, how sad is that? The longest it grew was to my waist and when I had my daughter, both my sister and I went to the hair dresser to cut our hair. My intent was to go back to a layered cut that I had before. My sister came out looking amazing, but not so for me. The hairdresser totally got it wrong, I looked awful and felt awful for the longest time….and my husband, well, he didn’t talk to me for days!
    My recent decision to cut my hair was totally based on what I wanted and needed to do for myself at this point in my life. It was a step in my journey to be the best me…I had recently lost a lot of weight and cutting my hair was the icing on the cake. I don’t have a pixie cut, I have it short in the back and it angles longer to the front but not past my chin and I love it! I have felt the liberation that you have described and I have no plans on going back to longer hair…it just feels too good. I feel stylish and free and true to me. I love not having hair fall over my shoulders, I love running my hands through it. I love the way it looks in the winter with turtle neck sweaters! My husband agrees it looks good on me especially since I have lost the weight but I know he would like to see me grow it longer…but I know I won’t. My weight loss has given me the feeling of empowerment and cutting my hair has given me the feeling of liberation. I am done with the long hair! yeah, I feel pretty without my long hair! and when I feel pretty, I feel confident and when I feel confident, I feel like anything is possible! felt like sharing! keep up the great work Farnoosh! you have inspired me in many ways…

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Susan, you are so kind and your story so very wonderful – I THOROUGHLY enjoyed reading this – thank you so much for all your kind words, and it’s a delight to get to know you. Congrats on your weight loss. Listen, some men love short hair (my dad, one of my bros and luckily my hubby) and some love long hair (some crazy obsession, can’t explain it) but in the end, they love US so we decide what to do with the hair, and it’s just hair. It grows back………..And yes when you are confident, EVERYTHING is possible – (I talk about confidence a lot around here as you may have noticed ;)). I am so very humbled that you feel inspired by me, Susan, and thank you for sharing your beautiful story – now I feel even closer to you!

      • Pj

        You know…I don’t doubt I definitely need to think of something else. Lol I’m a stay at home mom and pregnant…don’t do much outside of the house. I know the weight gain has a little to do with how I feel, I gained 50 with my first and on my way to gain 50 again. I also know I really do want long hair…just got to get over how much I don’t like my hair. Especially now, instead of it getting thicker during this pregnancy it’s even thinner than before. I know I won’t be happy until its long again…atleast for a little while. Just wish I was a little more like you…when I have my heart set on something to just do it. Maybe that’ll come with age. I know a lot of 20 somethings that are like me. Lol. Thanks lady! And you’re very welcome!

        • Farnoosh

          PJ, it comes with age. But also with TRUSTING yourself darling. Trust Yourself! Know that you are enough and you know best.

      • Pj

        You know…I don’t doubt I definitely need to think of something else. Lol I’m a stay at home mom and pregnant…don’t do much outside of the house. I know the weight gain has a little to do with how I feel, I gained 50 with my first and on my way to gain 50 again. I also know I really do want long hair…just got to get over how much I don’t like my hair. Especially now, instead of it getting thicker during this pregnancy it’s even thinner than before. I know I won’t be happy until its long again. Just wish I was a little more like you…when I have my heart set on something to just do it. Maybe that’ll come with time. Thanks lady! And you’re very welcome!

  • Pj

    Oops, didnt mean to repost! And I also changed age with time after I edited it…looks like the edited one posted too. Hope I didn’t offend! I really think if I had your locks it wouldn’t be so hard. Lol I will check it out! Thank ya!

  • Briana P

    Went and got a pixie just like Emma Watson’s and absolute fell in love with it. So short, so tight, so sexy! I LOVE IT! I get so many compliments every time I go out, by men and woman alike! Everyone tells me why on earth did I want to grow my hair out when it looks so awsemow short? It feels AMAZING, OMG! And how amazing it looks styled! I could go on and on, but you all already know, the Pixie is The Haircut to get- IF you can pull it off. Remember, hair is just dead cells growing out of your scalp, I dare everyone to get the pixie at least once in their lifetime. It is The Best haircut!!! :)

    • Farnoosh

      Brianna, you go girl. You rock! And I love LOVE your excitement about pixie cuts. I’d recommend you for the official spokesperson of the hairstyle if there were such a thing. Stay with that short hairdo and keep shining!

  • Nia

    Woo! I needed this today. Exactly this. I’m cutting off over two feet of hair soon (I sell it) and am going for a pixie… and I’m terrified. But I need to do it, because if I don’t, I’ll always wish I had. Thanks for the pep talk, and the reminder that I’LL BE ABLE TO DO YOGA AGAIN. (Seriously, it gets hard with several pounds of hair swinging around.) Thank you!

    • Farnoosh

      Nia, how do you like your pixie? Don’t be terrified, hon. It’s just hair and it tends to grow – in fact, you’ll be fussing at how fast it grows and how much you have to go back to the hairdresser…. 😉 And yes do your yoga. Check out my mini yoga course too: 10 Minute Invigorator. (PS: I recorded it with long hair ;)).

  • Camila

    This is amazing! I recently went from hip lenght to pixie and I agree with almost everything that you wrote. I felt exactly the same way about hiding behind my hair, I was scared that I loved it too much and it was the thing I liked the most about my body. But now I am so happy with my short hair, that even when some people tell me they liked it better before when it was long, I don’t loose my confindence. And actually, most people like it, or say it suits me better now. And I agree with the reasons to love it. And swimming is SO much easier, and the after swimming routine.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Camila, so wonderful you joined the Pixie Girl Club :)) It’s transformational that’s for sure and it makes us bolder and braver as women – I can’t explain it but it just does. If that’s the photo on your profile here, then the cut suits you beautifully I agree :) thanks for sharing.

  • Rebecca

    I can’t tell you how much this article has meant! I have an appointment tomorrow to get my pixie( if I don’t have to reschedule due to an unexpected head cold) and I admit to being nervous. My hair is fine and straight and has always been some variation of a long. Even when I had a bob it was still straight down the sides of my face. The majority of my friends think it is a good idea but most of my family say no, they are religious and believe a woman’s hair should be long. I am just so tired of fighting with my hair ever day and so do admire women who have gone short.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Rebecca, I wish you lots of fun and excitement at your haircut tomorrow…. You will love it and trust me, it will grow back if you change your mind …. go with your own gut. It’s your own hair and your decision. Enjoy it! And be brave. It’ll give you heaps of confidence for other areas of your life too.

  • Rebecca

    I did it! And it looks great! Thanks for your encouragement!

  • Pj

    I LOVE your new pixie! After I have this baby and lose all this weight I might have to try the super short look again. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I was SO close to having a bob again, then yesterday I was styling my hair for a wedding and decided to give up again. Lol I really just need to give up for good. The pixie is just so much easier!!! And cuter! I think so anyway.

    • Farnoosh

      Thanks PJ, and I hope you get yours so soon. It’s more than easy. It’s fun, liberating and EVER so stylish! :)

  • Alyssa

    Hi Farnoosh, I related so much to your article. Secretly I’ve already made the decision to get a pixie cut. I’ve always wanted one but never had the guts. But I wonder how manageable is a pixie with curly hair, I imagine I’d have to blow dry it everyday. And then wouldn’t it burn the tips all that heat, and my hair won’t grow afterwards for years? I saw on your Facebook page your long locks were somewhat wavy or curly, can you give me some insight on how it works with the pixie? Much appreciated!

    • Pj

      I know this wasn’t a question for me but, I do know that depending on how curly your hair is depends on how it will look so short. I’ve seen women with curly hair and a pixie and it just gave the cut a ton of texture. I’ve also seen women with basically afros because their hair is so curly. I personally would love to have an afro. I think they’re adorable. Also, if you use heat to style everyday, because it’s so short and you get it cut so often, it still stays pretty healthy. :)

    • Farnoosh

      You girls, I can’t explain it – I did have wavy curly hair unless I blow dried it for an hour it seemed but with short hair, I shampoo & condition, I put a little bit of Argan oil on my hair while it’s still wait, I brush it to where I like it to go, then I add a little soy paste (it’s like gel but a nice quality that I love) and settle the edges and then I’m ready to go. I don’t hardly ever blow dry my hair anymore! But my pixie right now is short – see my last photo above from Taiwan. I hope this helps??

  • Alyssa

    Thank you PJ and Farnoosh for the great insight. I’m definitely going to try the pixie!

    • Alyssa

      I finally did it! And I’m so glad I did even with curly hair. It’s empowering, especially in a place where 90% of females are obsesses with long locks!

  • Sharon

    I’m revisiting this topic after quite some time now, enjoying reading about how happy our fellow females have become after making the “pixie-leap”!
    I’ve been sporting mine for about 2 years now, and never felt better about my hair and the ease and freedom it allows.
    Plus, it’s fun! There are so many ways to style it, if one desires. And the cool thing is that if you’re not in the mood to fuss, the bed head look really rocks with a pixie! Just tousle and go – whoo hooo! (Takes an open mind to feel that confident, and for some, takes some time to relax when it comes to how much we should fuss with our hair. The pixie accelerates that realization, IMHO!)
    On a side note, I wanted to respond to the concern one participant had regarding blow drying. I have fine hair, mostly straight, but with a tendency to curl up after a good workout (salt n sweat makes it wave up). I use the blow dryer on occasion, and if you use a medium setting and keep the dryer moving as you fluff and such, it’s unlikely that you’ll “burn” off the ends. Just be gentle with any styling tool or technique, and your locks will thank you for it! (Oh, and yes, Argon oils or other similar products work wonders on curly heads – thanks Farnoosh for that info!!)
    I love this topic – short hair = freedom! Off with the old, live with the new!!
    Thanks again Farnoosh!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi again Sharon, I’m around 1.5 years so you are ahead of me. I can’t believe I haven’t missed my long hair – you know, I miss the warmth in the back of my neck during winter but otherwise, I just don’t miss it. My bed look however is not so great. It’s flying in all directions – you are LUCKy, girl! And the connection between confidence + short hair + freedom. It’s brilliant. I also agree on the blow dryer – never burned my hair using one ….. Enjoy the sexy sassy look, Sharon! :) For now, mine’s here to stay !

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