29 Things that I Let Go to Get Massive Success and Happiness in Life


If you met me 10 years ago, you’d think me ambitious, singled-minded, opinionated, self-righteous and very adamant about living life my way because that was the one and only path to success, quite obviously!

If we became really good friends though, you would see that I am forever searching for something else, an answer, a discovery, a shortcut to the end to make sure this is indeed the way. You would see that I am not half as confident despite my great level of success, which I so proudly defended.

You may even surmise that I am not happy and on many levels, you would not be far from the truth. [Read more...]

32 Simple Rules Successful Entrepreneurs Live By

Daring truth bombs about entrepreneurship – brace yourself

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own business? Or being your own boss? Or starting your own little company?

Entrepreneurship is not made for a special few, you know? It is something you can claim at any age, in any circumstances of family or career, and with any background or experience in your name and in any fashion your little heart desires, darling.

a-year-from-now [Read more...]

Episode 96: The Secrets to Polished Speaking with Sharon Hill

Welcome to Episode #96 of The Daily Interaction podcast and to my conversation with a brilliant communicator, a vibrant source of energy and delight, and also someone that I consider a good long-time friend, Sharon Hill.

The podcast motto is simple: You can have anything you want in life if you can communicate well enough! [Read more...]


Episode 89: Affirmations and Blurts to Win Over the Inner Critic


Welcome to Episode #89 of The Daily Interaction podcast. You’ve read my posts on affirmations, such as the only 100 affirmations that you will ever need and my take on “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Haye, who initially inspired me to work with affirmations. [Read more...]


Seeking Approval: The Worst Mistake in Pursuit of Dreams

Dreams, Approval and The Paradox

I wanted to make my parents proud.

We all do. Whoever denies this one is lying.

I especially wanted to make them proud on the occasion of leaving my well-paying “successful” and “oh so safe” career that I’d built over a decade following my hard-earned education to start over by pursuing this crazy, highly-likely-to-fail, mind-boggling dream of writing and building a brand and a business of my own.

Ha! That was a safe bet alright. Putting all my money on zero-double-zero at the roulette table in Las Vegas would have made a much safer bet in hindsight!

africa-dreams-in-kenya [Read more...]