Episode 91: How to Take Your New Relationships to the Next Level


Welcome to Episode #91 of The Daily Interaction podcast. How do you take new budding relationships to a deeper, stronger and more meaningful stage. What comes after the initial meet-and-greet and how can you stay top of mind with those whom you meet and want to build a relationship with?

Send questions or suggestions for future topics with your audio recording attached to tdi@prolificliving.com or call the show number at: 240-347-3693. [Read more...]


Episode 90: Becoming Aware of Your Voice with Marlena Reigh


Welcome back to Episode #90. This Interactive Interview Series brings you a second expert on using your vocal instrument, your voice, and your best asset in all the communication in your life. Our guest is Marlena Reigh.

We visited an excellent topic in the communication power “toolbox” a few weeks ago – using our instrument, our voice with Sally Morgan and today, I want to revisit that with another fresh perspective with another expert on the topic, Marlena Reigh. I watched a talk Marlena had given on video where she used a powerful and creative approach to bring my attention immediately to my voice. I was instantly intrigued me to invite her to the show to learn more about becoming aware and better using our voice. [Read more...]


Episode 89: Affirmations and Blurts to Win Over the Inner Critic


Welcome to Episode #89 of The Daily Interaction podcast. You’ve read my posts on affirmations, such as the only 100 affirmations that you will ever need and my take on “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Haye, who initially inspired me to work with affirmations. [Read more...]