How to Eat A Clean and Green Diet by Adding These 3 Super Foods

If you are not paying attention to your health today, you will be paying attention to your illness tomorrow. Click to Tweet

So stop fooling around with your golden asset. You are not invincible, even if you are young and carefree. Pay attention to your health. Guard your body from the ill effect of poor food and overdose on alcohol, sodas or drugs. Stay on top of your diet. Be selective about your food choices. Dare to go against the norm. Honor your body, your temple with love not abuse.

And add 3 super foods, green smoothiegreen juices, and raw fruits & vegetables to make it super easy to eat a clean and green diet TODAY!


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Juicing with The Healthy Juicer’s Bible

If You Want to Transform Your Health …

Click on the video below and watch what all the juicing fuss is about ...
Healthy Juicers Video

Sometimes, we exaggerate for effect. Other times we are just telling the truth. And when it comes to juicing, I am just telling the truth. Truth, as they say, may be stranger than fiction but hey, I’m here to tell the truth, the strange amazing fabulous and unbelievably GOOD truth about why juicing rocks! [Read more…]

Green Juicing Intensive Clinic: Make Juicing Your New Hot Sexy Habit

Green Juicing Clinic

Update: The Green Juicing Intensive Clinic has RE-OPENED its doors! Sign up and join the thriving juicing heroes.

On October 1st, 2007, the course of my health changed forever.

I still remember how I was floating from excitement of having discovered something that is so drastically different from everything I knew about health and yet SO natural, such common sense, so perfect, such genius, and oh so accessible to me all these years.

I had discovered green juicing, you see, and on that day, I ordered my first juicer and started my fun journey into health on the most delicious path beyond my wildest imagination. [Read more…]

My 5-Day Juice Fast Experience PLUS A Green Juicing Intensive Program

In January (2012), I embarked on another 5-day juice fast with my friend and partner in crime, Arvind Devalia. In this blog post, I recount the highlights of my fast, and how it was so different from my first 5-day juice fast recounted here.

Then I will tell you about my decision to bring a juicing intensive program to my beloved green juicing community and how you can participate.

FYI: This is a long, epic and massive blog post with pictures, video, and a LOT of information around juice fasting and green juicing. Let’s get to it! [Read more…]