A Visual Journey on Why you should Embrace Travel in your Life

Tell a story without so many words for a change!

There is the newest challenge yet from my spouse. An exercise in brevity and a tall order to my devotion about writing my epic blog posts but variety is the spice of life and so I am up for the challenge. Thomas Jefferson once said: “The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.” Where words are scarce, I shall rely on the beauty of photography to tell my story.

Should we have a reason to travel? Why, do you have a reason to breathe, to live, to get up in the morning and face your days? You travel to be somewhere else and yet in that place, to find a sense of home and belonging, to explore the fabulous world we live in, to meet your other self, to step an inch closer to another culture and another people, to embrace Mother Nature in its stunning glory, to find out how you get on with your sweetheart, your life companion or most significant of all, just with yourself, to grow, to be fulfilled for months and sometimes years later from memories that you create, to share your stories with others, to open doors that no fantasy or reverie can lavish upon you because this earth is better than any dream and filled with more promises than any heart can behold. So get up, pack your bags, do away with your excuses, put an end to the waiting, pick a destination, and TRAVEL. [Read more…]

Travels for the Soul: Florence, the Renaissance and Italian Gelato

Brunelleschi Dome Florence Italy

I fantasize about living in Florence(Firenze) in the 15th century Renaissance period in Italy. I try to imagine walking, observing and absorbing the explosion of Renaissance from a roof top and a street corner. What lofty reverie to witness the brilliant hands of Michelangelo sculpting and Leonardo da Vinci painting timeless masterpieces. How would you watch a genius at work? How do you take it all in? [Read more…]

8 Brilliant Ways to Immerse in London’s Arts and History

The bleak of winter can be a heavy burden on the soul. The sunless skies, the freezing rain, the brutal wind, the scenery of naked trees stripped of all life until the warmer seasons. However do we make it to spring year after year without losing heart?

For me, it is taking refuge in the richness of the arts, the mystique of history and the warmth of theater in the city. It is travel to a city far more frigid and sunless than home to find the warmth of soul for these winter months. A city where even on a second visit, the abundance of history and the wealth of arts and theater is simply astounding. A city so blessed with rich museums, grand cathedrals and flabbergasting talent in the theaters that you indeed forget about the weather, the traffic, the noise and perhaps even your problems at home for just a little while. The timeless city of London, England.

Walking in London in the winter

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Buenos Aires: 17 ways to delight in Argentina’s capital

Tango dancers in San Telmo ArgentinaSometimes we put off some of the most obvious things on our bucket list for an unusually long time. We cannot explain it beyond the excuse that we just haven’t come around to doing them. Over 8 years ago, in a small Mexican restaurant that has since shut down, Argentine tango found me. I say it found me because I was just looking to learn a few dance steps for my upcoming wedding, not pursuing a life-long passion, a dance with which I have had a sweet relationship, and just as relationships go, it has evolved through many ups and downs, highs and lows for nearly a decade. Even so, one thing always remained certain: Someday, we were going to see and experience Buenos Aires, the city that gave us the dance and the music we love. [Read more…]

Indulging in the Louvre: Excerpts from the Paris Journals

Louvre glowing triangle at night in Paris

Paris means something different to everyone. Everyone who has walked the streets of this immutable city knows and loves a Paris all their own. For that reason alone, it is impossible to create a universal guide for enjoying Paris. And an even more daunting task would be to claim to have such a guide for the most magnificent museum in the world, the Louvre. Perhaps the only thing we may agree on is this: That Paris is elusive and eternal, and the Louvre is the heart of this jeweled city, a mystery as deep as the brilliance of a diamond, and no less beautiful than the gemstone itself. The Louvre which cannot be contained, consumed, or covered in two dozen visits or more. The Louvre which I long for in the months after leaving Paris, and anticipate with baited breath in those leading up to it. The Louvre mementos through my eyes and heart which I impart to you here. Repeat it, build on it, shake it up, erase it and create your own experience. Do what you will so long as it gets you to the Louvre. [Read more…]