31 Reasons You Are Better than You Think

What Happens When You Stop the Self-sabotage

I will allow life’s changes to make me better, not bitter. ~Unknown

Where do we pick up this cycle of constantly beating ourselves up? Here I was evaluating how our company has done in 2013 with my business partner and hubby – our first year of working full-time together – and in reality, it has been a phenomenal year, and I have worked my little behind off like no other time in my life.


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39 Affirmations that Release Hatred and Allow Love

A warning sign you may not love yourself.

Do you love yourself?

If you found this question to be a silly or dumb, then it’s a sign that you probably don’t love yourself.

You may like yourself. You may be proud of yourself. You may think nice thoughts of yourself, but if you truly love yourself – yourself being the person living and breathing in your body, the person housing your heart and soul – then this question has only one right answer: A resounding YES.

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