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Check out the interviews or the guest posts where I share stories about leaving our home country with 2 suitcases to start a new life, leaving the corporate world after 11 years to start my own dream business, and living an authentic true-to-myself life and how you can do the same!

I am overjoyed by the impact of Prolific Living in the community starting in 2010. You build something and may not quite believe that it will grow until it does. So remember to build something and to always give it your all!

It has been beyond humbling to see Prolific Living having such an impact worthy of such kind praise. Here are some of the big shout-outs to Prolific Living:

On March 17th, 2012, I was a guest on BBC World Service Radio, segment with presenter and host, Julian Marshall, where we discussed the smart exit strategies of quitting your corporate job. The style and manner with which I had quit my job had brought some attention to the BBC and they honored me with this interview.

On June, 2011, I was featured in Forbes titled “The Realistic Road to Entrepreneurship”. It talked about the why behind my resignation from my lucrative 11-year Corporate job to build my own business.

I was honored to be named among 125 Fearless Female Bloggers in one of the top social media blogs, Kikolani .

Prolific Living was among the Top 40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011 in the top blog for pro bloggers, Problogger.

And stoked to have Prolific Living Page showcased on Chris Brogan’s Compelling Fan Pages.

Below you will find the growing mentions of Prolific Living. I am only sharing the major ones listed to attest to the blog’s credibility and value add to the community. It is by no means every single mention, and yet my gratitude extends to everyone who ever mentions Prolific Living:

1 ~ Thrilled to have made one of the list of top 33 blogs in Dragos Roua’s 33 Personal Development Blogs to Read in 2010
2 ~Humbled to have Inspired Tony Teegarden by my vision in Capturing The Essence of Self Love (My Blueprint)
3 ~ Humbled again to see my site listed by Timeless Information on Armen’s Recommended Self-improvement sites
4 ~ Pleasantly surprised to see Big Girl Branding mention me in her gratitude to the Blog Award.
5 ~ Happy to see Oscar Del Ben listed Prolific Living in 10 Blogs that I Read That You Should Probably Read Too
6 ~ Kind gesture from Ivan to mention the blog in his list of Self-Improvement Blogs.
7 ~ Armen Shirvanian of Timeless Information mentions me in his Sites to Mention for the prolific reads among other things.
8 ~ Angela Artemis of Powered by Intuition mentions me in her Inspiring People post.
9 ~ Karol Gajda from Ridiculously Extraordinary says I have “so much energy it’s crazy” (thanks Karol) on his post-Blogworld post after we meet at Blogworld.
10 ~ Cori Padgett from Big Girl Branding recognizes Prolific Living with The Blog Mastery Award”! Thank you Cori!
11 ~ Katie Tallo from Momentum Gathering praises me as a Momentum Gatherer and her inspiration. Thank you Katie!
12 ~ Joe Wilner from Shake off the Grind quotes me on his recommended posts for inspiration, thanks Joe!
13 ~ Eduard Ezeanu from People Skills Decoded quotes us in Effective Communication Tips, nice!
14 ~ Young Entrepreneur awards us as one of the Top 10 Personal Development Blogs, thank you Matthew and Adam.
15 ~ Kristi Hines of Kikolani lists The Top 125 Fearless Female Bloggers and I am beside myself to be on her list. Such an honor, thank you Kristi!
16 ~ BlogWorld Expo likes the Blogworld ebook I wrote and interviews me On Turning BlogWorld Experiences into a Book. Thanks Alli.
17 ~ Sources of Insight mentions us on his top A-Z List of 85 Personal Development Blogs. Thank you J.D!
18 ~ Kikolani, one of the TOP sites on Social Media, has honored me with 3 mentions of me on her recent Fetching Friday posts, which are by the way the most fantastic resource to get the best of the web. Kristi Hines, thank you!
19 ~ Armen Shirvanian of Timeless Information mentions me (again!) this time in his post The 12 Days of Posts. He has so many kind words about me, I might hire him for an official cheer leader!
20 ~ Srinivas (Srini) Rao of The Skool of Life counts me among 24 Bloggers Who Will Entertain, Inform and Inspire the World in 2011. Srini, truly humbled, thank you!
21 ~ AllMyFaves features me on their blog with a generous dedication, thank you Annat and team! Post is titled Prolific Living Enriching the Soul
22 ~ Problogger counts Prolific Living as one of the 40 Bloggers to Watch in 2011. Seriously stoked!
23 ~ Jacob Sokol put me among the 66 Online Authorities Dare to Reveal their Greatest Dreams. So kind of him!
24 ~ Jennifer Gresham gives a glowing review of the Fear-Crushing Travel Guide (Prolific Living’s 1st product) here on How to Live a Lottery Lifestyle.
25 ~ Fred of Solo Biz Coach writes a tribute to my quitting Corporate America in this amazingly kind post. So honored!
26 ~ Nathan Igan of Nonstop Awesomeness includes my reply, along with 57 other fabulous bloggers and writers and influencers, here in search of great habits on his New Habit Challenge master list. Thank you, Nathan!
27 ~ Sibyl Chavis includes me in her 60 of the Best Mind in the Blogosphere article. So happy to share the list with 59 brilliant minds. Wow!
28 ~ Sibyl Chavis includes me yet again (so honored) in her 22 Great Tips from 22 Great Minds in the Blogosphere post!
29 ~ Karl Staib throws me the ultimate Twitter & Teleseminar.
30 ~ Daily Muse contributor, Ruth Zive, mentions me among 5 Career Blog Worth a Read. What an honor!
31 ~ The Wellbeing Revolution includes me among this list of fablous 62 Extraordinary People Reveal How To Follow Your Dreams. Sweetness!
32 ~ Kate Watson of Art Aligned asks Prolific Living to submit a chapter into her fantastic book, The Inspired Way, and boy was I inspired to do just that. Thank you, Kate!
33 ~Niall Doherty of Disrupting the Rabblement writes about 100 People Doing Extraordinary Things and makes mention of me among the 100. Thanks Niall!
34 ~ Tom Ewer of Leaving Work Behind lists Prolific Living among The 100 Blogs You Need In Your Life. Am I blushing or what? Thank you, Tom!
35 ~ Tom Ewer ranks me among his fabulous 22 Success Stories. Tom’s an incredible resource for information and I’m humbled as ever.
36 ~ Sarah O’Leary asked me for some self-care advice on women over 35. And I proudly gave her my very best, which made the list: Self-Care Extravaganza
37 ~ Jennings Wire features me in their 2013 Resolutions Post from Across the Nation. Thank you, Annie!
38 ~ CEO Blog Nation asked me about this: How Did You Come Up with Your Business Name?. Thanks for the feature!
39 ~ CEO Blog Nation quoted me again on How to Land Your First Client Answers. Thanks again! So humbled.
40 ~ CEO Blog Nation chose my answer to this question: How to Restart a Business. Awesome list of answers there!
41 ~ Brendan of Start of Happiness lists Prolific Living as one of 100 Top Personal Development Blogs of 2013.
42 ~ Mauro of Blog Growth quotes me among 101 Experts Share Their Tips for Online Success.
43 ~ The Grindstone chooses to share my happy at work day story on My Best Day at Work Ever 7 Stories. Thank you!
44 ~ Actionable Books dedicates a whole article to my book,The 8 Pillars of Motivation. Humbled. Thank you!
45 ~ The Marketing Agents includes some tips from Farnoosh in their article 13 Podcasting Tips from The Experts.
46 ~ Secret Entourage features Farnoosh in their article 26 Business Networking Tips (Even For Introverts).
47 ~ Leaving Work Behind includes Farnoosh in their list of The 100 Blogs You Need in Your Life.
48 ~ Recruitment Buzz asks Farnoosh about the importance of a personal brand in What is Employer Branding?.
49 ~ Hearpreneur features Farnoosh in their article Entrepreneurs Give the Lowdown on Why They Love What They Do.
50 ~ Payscale talks about Farnoosh’s mind-mapping article in How to Make a Mind Map and Plan Your Career.
51 ~ CEO Nation includes Farnoosh’s story on Entrepreneurs Tell Why They Love Their Business.
52 ~ Trevor Young from Microdomination has written a great book that includes Farnoosh and her status as a “micromaven”.
53 ~ Natasha Rhodes from CareerBliss shares some tips from Farnoosh in the article Bosses Reveal the Most Successful Way to Ask For a Raise.
54 ~ Live Bold & Bloom includes Farnoosh in the article The Meaning Of Life Revealed By 30 Personal Development Bloggers.
55 ~ Farnoosh is featured on the cover of the fifth issue of Chickpreneur Magazine, telling her story about leaving the corporate world for self-employment.
Chickpreneur Cover Image
56 ~ Curiously Happy has an extremely flattering post about A Prolific Life with Farnoosh!.
57 ~ Brendan Baker of “The Start of Happiness” has included Farnoosh and Prolific Living in his list of Top 100 Personal Development Blogs for 2015. Thanks Brendan!

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