Adopt the Right Mindset: 10 Game Changers for Success


Why to Adopt the Right Mindset?

Mindset is the real game changer. Mindset is the foundation beneath the teachings and systems of all successful motivational speakers, teachers and healers. Mindset is what makes the difference between failing and achieving, between making it or breaking it. Mindset is what sets the super achievers apart from the rest. Mindset is powerful beyond measure.

Mindset is also the most under-taught, over-looked rule of success in business.

What is mindset anyway? I use this word every day but let’s define it just in case:

In decision theory and general systems theory, a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people that is so established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.
~ Wikipedia.

Or as I define it, mindset is the entire system of thinking – believing – and deciding that drives the sum of action and inaction in one’s life.

If you have your own business, or dreaming of running your own business one day, have you set aside any time to invest on your mindset?

The Smart Exit Blueprint course teaches you a lot around mindset as part of your smart exit strategy. If you are ready to define your own freedom, create additional income streams for your life and do work you love, register here!

If you are in the wrong job and itching to get out, have you put any thought into gaining the right mindset first?

The right mindset is the first rule of success. It can set your creativity on fire. It can change your outcomes. It can send your productivity to the roof. It can keep you motivated and inspired on rainy days. It can be your greatest pillar of support.

People ask me all the time: What’s the biggest turning point in your business? My answer is the same: It’s when I finally got into the right frame of mind. It is when I finally adopted the new mindset. It’s when I decided to be successful. Period.

When was the last time you decided to be successful? Not hope to be, or pray to be, or wish to be. Not wonder or dream or send out a whisper to the universe and wait for reply. No!!! I mean, you decided that come hell or high water, you, my dear, are going to be a smashing success! Period. Details, you’ll figure out later.

Now that’s a strong healthy mindset. It’s not arrogant. It’s assertive and confident – which you can be with the 21-Step Confidence Building Series. It’s not jinxing the future – as my wonderful culture would insist. It is a show of conviction in your own self. And it’s not selfish. It’s self-nurturing and good for you and for those who benefit from your touch.

In other words, it’s served me pretty well. You’re welcome to steal it, copy it, and adopt it as your own. I really don’t mind.

You, Others and The Wrong Mindset

The wrong mindset, on the other hand, does the opposite.
Not so good.

The wrong mindset is when you think in a way that severely limits your chances of success in a given circumstance, often without your awareness. The wrong mindset can be worse than a disease. It can wreck havoc on your body, mind and spirit. And it can totally ruin your chances of success.

The collection of rigid views that develop as a result of a culture, tradition, environment, and upbringing can formulate into the wrong mindset for those who want to live life on their own terms. Yet they can be the right mindset for those who are happy complying to the status quo, and choose to live their life that way.

So hear me out please: there is nothing the matter with either camp, but please, can we stop getting in each other’s way? Can we co-exist in harmony?

You don’t have to worry about changing anyone else’s mindset but your very own.

You don’t have to take on responsibility for your teachers, or parents, or pastors, or friends or relatives or whoever else plays a role in your life. You simply have to decide what you believe and how you want to live and run your business and your life, and then go for it. It really is that simple. I know, because I complicated the living daylights out of my life and my business for a long time.

Then I learned to simply, and to believe and to decide to be successful. You can do the same thing for yourself. Right now.

Others will forever hold on to their own mindset until (and only if) they are ready to change it on their own time and based on their own motives. Try as you may, you will never be able to instill a new mindset into another human being unless they are willing to cooperate. I’d like to add that generally, they are not willing to cooperate. 😉

More than likely, people have their own schedules for changing a mindset, and it’s really hard to be in complete sync!

Let them go. Really.

10 Game Changers for Mindset of Success

Focus on yourself. Get in the right frame of mind for your life, your business and your values. Find the right way to think about the conditions you need to create in order to be successful. If you need a support system, look for it elsewhere if you cannot find it in your current surroundings.

When you settle into the right mindset, it feels like you’ve come home. It is an immediate sense of belonging to a place that guides you in the right direction, without pressure, without guilt or shame, without doubt and fear. The right mindset is the first step, and it is the essence of success.

Here are my top 10 killer game changers from the right mindset in this self-employment world. Use them:

1 – I have personal power to create all the conditions necessary for success.
2 – I am already a success. I am just going to be a bigger success.
3 – I know my gifts and skills and talents create real impact.
4 – I believe in what I am doing and in the path I have chosen to take.
5 – I may not see the direct or immediate impact today but I believe in it.
6 – I may ruffle a few feathers but if my mission feels right, I will keep doing it.
7 – I am not here to make everyone happy. I am here to serve those whom I am meant to serve.
8 – I am not out to make anyone proud anymore. I no longer thrive on or seek this validation. If it happens great. If not, also great.
9 – I am free of guilt and shame for choosing an unconventional life.
10 – I will be fully deserving and embracing of massive success; it will mean huge impact on others and a tiny difference in this world. And I will celebrate it with a full heart.

So what are your game changers? What mindset do you wake up to? What frame of mind do you carry with you everywhere you go and every time you encounter someone else?

If you do one thing today, sign up below for the FREE Video Training series that I give you about how to create your own smart exit strategies today:

  • Lucas Merdis

    The right mindset is the first necessary step to… anything, really. It helps you give meaning to what happens with you and around you. In psychology, it is called priming.

    • Farnoosh

      You know it! Exactly what you said, Lucas, and thanks for teaching me about the psychology term. Did not know that!

  • Liz Seda

    I am also really surprised on how little mindset is talked about in business. I wrote an entire post about it a few weeks ago because with all of the motivation and inspiration being flung about, none of it can get through to you if you are in the wrong mindset.
    Changing your mindset will completely change your reality. It changes the world that YOU live in.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dear Liz, oh yes. I hardly see mindset and perspective covered but then again, I didn’t exactly go for an MBA either – that’s just my educated guess. Can’t agree with you more. Thanks for sharing!

  • Sean Cox

    Bravo Farnoosh. Yes, mindset is so important. “Can’t” happen=”won’t” happen. Our mindset needs to be screwed into reality while at the same time seeing “beyond”, perceiving potential and possibility. I’ve been thinking about how our mindset also needs to be robust and ruthless, relentlessly keeping us on track when the battle gets hot. Anyone can have a “happy-clappy” mindset when things are going swimmingly, but what about when the storms come and beat the hell out of our ship, threatening to sink us? Then the “mettle of our mindset” is tested. Courage and resilience, added to mindset, are a powerful three-strand cord. These have been my thoughts, in the midst of my own difficult personal storm. My current mindset?–Difficult storms make great sailors! Thanks so much Farnoosh for reminding me again about the importance of mindset.

    • Farnoosh

      Hello Sean, you are back again. Nice to see you! Oh I just love the attitude, the feisty mindset and the clear distinction that it’s easy enough to be happy and positive when things are going well but what about those really rough days? Great reminders, Sean! Thank you!!!

  • Nik

    There is unfortunately not enough information on mindset and how to adopt the right one to be successful. What is even less common written about is how your mindset can influence your attitude and attitude strength.

    Having the right mindset is one of the first building blocks to develop your attitude in a positive way.


    • Farnoosh

      Hi Nik, there really isn’t! I should start a class on it, what do you think? :) You get complimentary pass for putting the idea in my head. I love the connections you draw. Thank you so much for the affirmation of this idea!

  • Theodore.N

    Yes Farnoosh, Mindset is the most important factor of humans which can either make or break you. It is therefore of utmost important that we know how we handle it because whatever the mind can Concieve, Believe, it can Achieve.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi there, Theodore, I might have to steal away your words: Conceive it, Believe it, Achieve it! ABC backwards. Thanks much for dropping in again.

  • Maxwell Ivey

    Hi Farnoosh; this is a subject we can’t hear enough. i agree with you that everything starts with your mindset. and thanks to you and some other good friends I have come to live more in the spirit of abundance and with the expectation that the outward signs of my success will come soon. for now, i know I’m special that i provide a needed service and that i deserve to be happy and successful with my life and business. thanks again and take care, max

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dear Max, good – I agree too – mindset is not nearly talked about as much as it should be. And I love these word “spirit of abundance” – I am just thrilled with your attitude and this message. Thank you!!!! Stay positive and know that you are making a difference.

      • Maxwell Ivey

        hi farnoosh; that’s a phrase that i hear a lot from my favorite preacher joel olstein. and there are a few coaches who use it to. and thanks to good friends including yourself I believe that a life of abundance is in my future and that i deserve this life. I work hard offering a service that helps people and hopefully will show financial rewards soon. as a matter of fact deer farnoosh i’m behind on my listening because i have had so many enquiries to follow up on lately. no sales, but lots of work tracking down information, additional photos, shipping info, etc. i can just feel the next time i find a new home for a ride, game, inflatable, etc. thanks for being there for me and for all the other people in this beautiful community. take care, max

        • Farnoosh

          Awesome news, Max. Podcasts are gonna be there. Take care of business first, as you have been :)!

          • Maxwell Ivey

            hi farnoosh; i knew you would understand, but still i have to guard against becoming too focussed on the business. i mean finding and keeping balance is very hard. The people who i’m working with come to me because they know i will give them a level of care they won’t get from my competitors but if i don’t take time to listen to podcasts, read a good book, or get my daily exercise; then that isn’t good for max. i feel strongly that in the next two to four weeks at the most i will have another of those victories to celebrate. thanks again and take care, max

  • dlysen

    Mind setting is a very powerful action that can create ideas into reality. The leader is very effective if he or she know how to mind set the followers. I agree that right and perfect mind set is always the best to perform first.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Dylsen, you know it! It can change the context of everything that mindset :) Thanks for stopping by!

      • dlysen

        Hi Farnoosh, I really love to stop by and check your blog. Every topic is very interesting.

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  • Izzy

    Hi Farnoosh :).

    I completely agree with you that everything starts with the right frame of mind. I guess this begs the question of “How does one adopt the right frame of mind?”

    You mention just listening to ourselves. It is complex but oh so true. I think learning to listen to ourselves is an art. I feel very blessed and lucky because I moved to Japan about a year ago. I used to live in America. But after being stuck in a job I hated I decided to make some changes in my life. And now I am in Japan.

    One of the most powerful parts of this experience is that since very few people speak English I am able to have a lot of time to myself. I don’t watch any television. I simply live my life :). It is kind of odd to frame it this way but over the last year of my life I have had a lot of time to hang out with myself and it turns out I really like myself. :).

    Though at first the amount of time by myself caught me off guard. Overtime, it became powerful. Over this period of time there is one thing that I have learned to focus on above all else: That is process. I do not overly concern myself with outcomes. By focusing on my day to day process I have seeing results I never expected. For me, this has been a large part of developing the right mindset.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi again, Izzy!
      Do you know that you are living one of my dreams: Living in Japan. I’ve been to that wonderful place – a planet all its own 😉 – 4 times and long to return. Good for you!!!

      The loneliness factor is a part of living in a place where your language isn’t much spoken – so glad you can come to blogs to get your fill of English :)

      And I love the outcome of this experience and what you are finding out about yourself – I know that I get a little nutty not having outside contacts but I also know that a little activity, and a lot of work plus my online friends can keep me going on long stretches of time. Liking yourself is the first important step toward personal success. You’ve made quite a few strides with this move to Japan. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

      • Izzy

        Farnoosh! Your comment replies are so genuine! It is so nice to be on this end of it :)

        Wow, 4 times! Where are your favorite places? I came here about a year ago and initially lived in the countryside of Japan. But after a while I realized that although I enjoyed life in the countryside it didn’t give the opportunities I wanted. I made a goal to move to Kyoto about 3 months ago. I accomplished it a few weeks ago.

        So now I live in Kyoto and am training in martial arts full time (that was another goal).

        I am working hard to learn Japanese so when I feel like interacting I just head out of my place and try to start conversations at the local community center. It is a pretty social area so it works out rather well. It gives me a nice balance of time to myself but also time to be with other people.

        Plus, with blogging and skype it makes it fairly easy to stay connected.

        I am going to slowly and progressively look over your content.

  • Farnoosh

    Hi Izzy, Kyoto is wonderful – I am still crazier about Tokyo but I know that Kyoto has left indelible impression on me. We loved Nara too. We haven’t traveled to too many cities but taking the bullet train was tons of fun. I love how you are learning Japanese – now I am double envious of you 😉 – it’s a different planet, to me, Japan, I find it fascinating as do many others, and I plan to return for many visits ….and someday, perhaps to do what you are doing: Live there for a little while :)! Lovely having you here, Izzy! Take good care and talk soon.

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