Life Lessons eBook: A Gift from 108 Bloggers

Life Lessons Book Cover

Collaboration does not just add up. It multiples and grows exponentially.

Raam Dev asked 40 bloggers to share their Small Ways to Make a Big Difference. He created an incredible eBook in the span of 3 weeks from a café in Nepal. The words from this book have reached as far as one remote village in Asia. He tells the story best but you get the point.

Alex Blackwell has humbled all of us into a little more kindness with his amazing  manifesto, Making Kindness a Daily Habit. My grandmother has forever insisted on kindness in all things and kindness before everything. She is exemplary, that woman; she can melt ice with her kindness and warm the coldest hands and hearts with just her eyes. Have you met with the powers of kindness in your life?

We, too, are finally done with what started many months ago: The Life Lesson Series.

Collaboration brings you close to your community and reminds you that you are not alone in your values.

It took a long time, didn’t it?
We know.

You agreed to participate. You gave us your amazing, incredible, and mesmerizing life lessons. We told you we are going to create an eBook from it. You got all excited. We told you it will be coming soon. You waited with baited breath.

A few months went by. You lost a bit of steam but kept hoping. We assured you it was really coming. “Oh really?”, you said. Oh yes, one of these weeks months.

You probably gave up. We don’t blame you. We almost gave up on it too; life got in the way far too many times.

Soon you conveniently forgot about it. But just then, we were hard at work bringing our promise to life.

Collaboration expects you to be accountable to those whose work you gather as part of your project.

Sometimes, waiting has its rewards. Other times, luck runs out on you before the wait is over. We sincerely hope we are in the former camp.

We did not mean to make you wait so long. We offer you our apology. We wish to make amends.

With Abubakar’s brilliant design, layout and creation of the entire ebook and my photography – cover photo was taken in Bali, Indonesia and more shots in the book from all over the world – and the best of your quotes, the selection of which was done with much pain and agony – so many beautiful words, so very few we could pick – we offer you the Life Lessons eBook.

It has finally arrived. Download it here. Share it – oh please do share it! Enjoy it. Learn from it. Reflect on it. And if you haven’t already, make a note of your own Life Lessons in the comments.

Collaboration on matters of the heart and projects of the soul brings you in touch with your greatest kindred spirits.

And closer to you we feel, no doubt about it.

With a million thanks to the 108 bloggers – you know who you are – and to the rest of you for indulging us in downloading and sharing this.

Collaboration is love. Collaboration is care. Collaboration is what brought us here and what brings you the Life Lessons eBook.

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  • Abubakar Jamil


    This nine months journey was so exciting and I learned so much from it. Thank you so much for being an indispensable part of the Life Lessons Series. I couldn’t have done it without you. :)

    • Farnoosh

      You bet you couldn’t have done it without me ;)! But I do need your skills much as you need mine. We make a combination hard to beat. Thank you dear Abubakar.

  • Dave Ursillo

    Farnoosh and Abubakar,

    Happy and honored to be included in this beautiful book, which I’ve already e-thumbed through! :) Even more so, however, I am happy and honored to have come across you two and now have the pleasure of knowing you and calling you friends.

    In collaboration in life always,


    • Farnoosh

      Dave, you are a sweetheart. Thank you for bringing your presence and energy to the blogging community. We, my dear, are the lucky ones. And we are all here to stay for a while. Enjoy the book and thanks for your love and support.

  • Lance

    Farnoosh and Abubakar,
    This was a wonderful project to be a part of – and seeing today how you have taken the thoughts from everyone and condensed that down into bit-sized morsels of wisdom – so, so awesome!

    You both shine brightly!!

    • Farnoosh

      Lance, dear friend, how is the sabbatical? I remember reading your post and thinking how smart he is :)!
      Oh it was wonderful to have you as part of this project. Your poetic prose completes the ebook. You are wonderful to stop by and drop more of those words here for me to delight in. Thanks!

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  • Evelyn Lim

    Congratulations for finally publishing it! I had no doubt that it will be published…it’s just a matter of when. I’ve just looked through the ebook. You guys have certainly done an excellent job in picking inspiring quotes! Well done!

    • Farnoosh

      However did I miss responding to you, Evelyn. I am so sorry :( !
      Gosh, thank you for the love, the inspiration, the support, the kindness, the list goes on where you are concerned…..and I am so happy you enjoyed the quotes, Evelyn.

  • Naziha

    Farnoosh and Abubakar,

    Congratulations for this book. You really did a great job by including the life lessons of so many bloggers and turning them into a beautiful eBook. I’m sure that this book will be useful for many of us and hope that this won’t be the last book from your side. Looking forward to read many more books of yours.

    Thank you both

    • Farnoosh

      Naziha, thanks for your comment, and thank you for these kind words. It is *not* by a long shot the last book from our end so keep an eye out, especially for my Fear-Crushing Travel Guide. Thank you so much for the support!

  • The Vizier

    Hi Farnoosh and Abubakar,

    I am glad to see that the ebook is finally published. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this wonderful project. It was definitely an enriching experience. I didn’t even know it was 9 months in the making. But thankfully, the delivery went as planned. 😉

    Irving the Vizier

    • Farnoosh

      My dear Vizier, thank you – believe me, we are gladder still ;)! Oh you know we are the grateful ones to have you as part of this. Your lessons were irresistibly good. I had to be restrained from major copy and paste into the book, Irving! :) Thank you for all the support and love, my friend.

  • kostas sidiropoulos

    Congratulations Farnoosh,all the best in your future.
    Regards from a cold and rainy Thessaloniki.

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Kostas, how lovely to get a message all the way from Thessaloniki, and I just checked your post recent photos on your blog: AMAZING! Keep it up. Thanks so much for the warm wishes, Kostas!

  • barbara

    Beautifully done! Congratulations to both of you for creating this wonderful work of art and inspiration. I am honored to have been a part of it, thank you. I’ll be sharing it widely.
    Applause, Applause! for a job well done.
    warmest regards,

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Barbara, thank you (bowing to all the applause). I am so happy you approve of what we finished in the end and of course, a million thanks for sharing it….thank you thank you! Time to move on to the next project now. :)

  • John Sherry

    When we share and care together Farnoosh we grow and sow the love together too. What unites us brings us closer and breaks the shell of understanding. Blogship is a mighty fine ship that helps us steer the choppy waters of life and stops us from sinking and you have highlighted the wave of difference it is making. Be blessed for sharing it with your ever natural warmth and generosity.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi John, I have to say this was the most beautiful comment. I am speechless and will probably quote you on this later in the future, mark my words. In the meanwhile, thank you for commenting on the love and care that makes us grow together, on the fruits of collaboration and on your new term for us, blogship. A million thanks for being such a devoted friend and fan here.

  • Anne Sales | Coupon Codes

    Dear Farnoosh and Abubakar, Congratulations for another milestone reached. I have downloaded the ebook and will look into it in a couple of days.

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Anne, I have been hearing a lot from you today and it’s all very good. So sweet of you to share in our excitement. And I am very curious about your input on all aspects of the book so I’ll be waiting to hear from you, Anne. Thanks for stopping by and more on all your comments later from me.

  • Galen Pearl

    Gosh, I was so excited about being part of the life lessons series even before you made the ebook. I can hardly contain myself today! The book is absolutely beautiful. I’m so happy to be on a page with sunflowers! Everything about it is lovely. I am so amazed and humbled to be part of this. Wow.

    • Farnoosh

      Galen, we had to move and change lots of things around but we are thrilled that it is out. Your excitement of course is delightful and makes every bit of sweat and effort here worth it. You were a *BIG* part of this, thank yo and enjoy and share it with your friends or whoever else might find it useful. Big thanks, dear Galen, for all your support.

  • jonathanfigaro

    Looks like a wonderful Piece. You’ve done a great job!!!

    • Farnoosh

      Thank you Jonathan. Hope you downloaded it already and share your input anytime.

  • Jimi Jones

    A very special thank you is in order for you and Abubakar for that tremendous effort and example of leadership. The publication is stunningly beautiful and I could not be happier to have been a part of this project.

    Sharing and caring is what the world needs more of and this is a fine example of people coming together for a common goal.

    Stay awesome, my friend!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Jimi, nice to see you here again. You are very *very* welcome. The pleasure was ours to have you and every other blogger participate. We felt so honored and so complete with all of these touching stories. A million thanks for the praise. It’s all the encouragement we need. And so nice of you to take the time to tell me this, Jimi.

  • Alison Moore Smith

    What a great collaboration. That’s synergy for you. :)

    I’ll point my readers here, Farnoosh. You’re giving back to the world as usual.

    • Farnoosh

      Thank you Alison. I am delighted to see that you think so and grateful that you will be spreading the message too. I will welcome your readers here with open arms.

  • Alex Blackwell | The BridgeMaker


    Thank you for providing this wonderful book, mentioning the 31 Days of Kindness project and for your friendship.

    You have a wonderful spirit and I’m happy to be a part of your life.



    • Farnoosh

      Alex, the kindness work was immeasurably wonderful. Thank you for doing it and for being a part of this. Wonderful spirit back at yourself. Thank you.

  • Tom Sorhannus

    What a great idea! I´m very honored to be one of the artists included in this masterpiece. Thank you very much Farnoosh and Abubakar!

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Tom, thank you for being in this masterpiece – I love the way you call it that….it was fun, it was great work and it was a beautiful collaboration, thanks for being a part of it.

  • Tito Philips, Jnr.

    Awesome work Guys!

    Very BIG kudos to the both of you Farnoosh and Abubakar.
    I’m thrilled at the eventual turn out of this collaboration.
    Great Idea!

    • Farnoosh

      Tito, thank you for not just the average but a very BIG kudos :)! You are kind and yes, it turned out great and now we can take a little break….(just kidding…how takes a break around here?).

  • Kristi

    Looks like I just found my weekend reading! You are an amazing person and blogger for sharing stuff like this! Absolute inspiration! :)

    • Farnoosh

      My dear Kristi, I hope this brings you quietude, inner peace, and moves you as far away from stress as possible. You are very sweet to drop by and I am very excited about your new guide. It’s time to celebrate and take a little break. More yoga, hint hint :)!

  • Felicia

    Hi Farnoosh,
    This will surely be a great ebook to read! Beautiful photography too! I love it very much. Thanks for sharing this with us. I know it took you and the others months to make it, but now I am wondering when will be the next? :) Thanks again!

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Felicia, thank you for liking the photography – now I have more motivation to keep doing it. The next thing on my agenda is the Fear Crushing Travel Guide coming out very soon because I’ve been working on that nonstop (hence the fewer blog posts here which thankfully have been forgiven by my darling readers). Big hug to you and thank you for you and the kitty’s support always!

  • nazimwarriach

    Hi Farnoosh,
    Your post about this free eBook is incredible. I have already downloaded it and throughly read it as I have read about it on some other blog but your post ha increased the credibility of this eBook.

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Nazim, you are the *first* person to comment on my post here, thank you – I know everyone was focusing on the ebook which is great but the message around collaboration is a big one and a dear one to my heart. I am so so glad for you to stop by and notice. Thank you.

  • Bernardo


    This is beautiful. Thank you so much for the e-book and for taking the time to put it together. I appreciate the wisdom contained in it and only wish that more people were able to do what you and Abubakar have done. This book would be awesome in a word document, but the effort spent creating the layout gives it even more power and I’m sure makes a lot more people want to read it.

    Thanks again for what you do,


    • Farnoosh

      Dear Bernardo, so happy you enjoyed it and next time, you must participate in the book. Share it with as many of your friends and readers as you can and we really appreciate the words of kindness here – and your recent friendship, thank you so much, Bernardo!

      • Bernardo Mendez

        Thank you Farnoosh! I am equally happy about our recent friendship and would love to collaborate on your next book. Sending you light and wishing you a most outstanding weekend. – Bernardo

  • Fr. Michael Najim

    Just stumbled upon your blog from a link on the Daily Brainstorm. I’m a contributor there as well. I just downloaded the Life Lessons ebook. I look forward to perusing your blog…and the book.


    • Farnoosh

      Dear Michael, welcome! Thanks for stopping by and I hope that the Life lessons ebook is a fun and rewarding read. Very happy to have you here as a new reader…thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

  • Sandra / Always Well Within

    This ebook is absolutely gorgeous and chock full of wisdom too. Thank you and Abubakar for pouring so much beauty into it.

    • Farnoosh

      Dearest Sandra, I am so happy you enjoyed the book and every word from people who enjoyed it adds to the worthwhile efforts we put into it. We did it with pure joy. Thank you for participating.

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  • Tia Sparkles Singh

    A privilege and pleasure to be a part of it! You guys did a fabulous job prettying it up :) Will write a post about it soon!

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Tia, how lovely of you to accept the invitation and be included. Thank you and glad you like the brilliant design by Abubakar.

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  • Amelia

    Dear Farnoosh

    A book on life lessons from real people is exactly what i’ve been looking for !

    the link seems missing though; is there a way i may still read the ebook please ? Thank you, Farnoosh.