Episode 85: Jumpstart Your Corporate Career with 4 Actions

Welcome back to Episode #85 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Today’s topic is about achieving that successful career and 4 actions you can take right now to jumpstart your corporate career in the right direction now.

Everything I shared with you here in this podcast episode, I messed up in the first half of my corporate career. I don’t want you to do that. Be smart. Be savvy and your career will reward you.

Right now, I am working on a program that is focused entirely on helping you get promoted at your corporate job and one that gives you no-fluff guidance on moving up the corporate ladder if that’s what you want.

Reminder: Did you know we have a step-by-step course here to teach you everything you need for getting recognized, getting promoted and creating your dream career at your job?

In my 11-year corporate career, I only did a million things wrong before I figured them out and created a massively successful career and I don’t want you to go through those bad career mistakes that I made and lose years of good fabulous opportunities to build an amazing career for yourself.

Creating a great career is not simple or straightforward or an overnight story. You know this. You are smart and savvy so I know you know this. But listen, it’s not as complex as you may think and there are certain things you can do, if only you knew what they were.

What then are the 4 actions you can take today to jumpstart your corporate career. This is not the only steps it takes to get you promoted. This is to get you recognized and noticed by your management, and to get you positioned for the best opportunities in your company.


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Four Actions to Jumpstart Your Corporate Career in the Right Direction Now:

1. Do Your Career Master Plan mind map: Mind mapping is a brilliant way to see how your brain works by expressing it in a visual map. On March 15th, I wrote a blog post that shows you how to do this for yourself. If you’ve been at corporate a while, things get stale, and you get into the day-to-day stuff that takes you far away from planning mode and into reactive mode.

Beware of this. Step back and make sure you are on the right path. The years WILL go by, and you want to stay on top of your career at every stage of the game. Go here to create your career master plan mind map now.

2. Give Your Boss the Support He May Not Expect: Your boss expects you to do your job and you expect him to reward you. It’s a give and take. This usually works fine but sometimes, it takes more to get the attention of the boss. There is a clear line between kissing up – which I don’t recommend – and going above and beyond where it counts. Your task here is to go to your boss and find out one headache that you could take away from him. Don’t ask for anything in return. Don’t expect it. Just ask if there is something you could take off his plate.

3. Get a Coach or Mentor Outside your Chain of Command: You need an impartial view point. Les Brown, a brilliant motivational speaker, tells us that we cannot see the picture when we are in the frame. So get someone to help you see it. I had several mentors, at senior leadership level, so several grades above me and none in my organization but all with special knowledge of the culture so they could advise me about it.

Leadership loves to mentor and you should pick someone you love. One potential client this week was telling me she was hiring me as a coach because she wanted someone who could be impartial to the company. If you are thinking of switching companies, hire an outside coach.

4. Change the Dimension that You Fully control: What do I mean? Change your attitude, your mindset, and the way you behave. Think more like a company owner, not like an employee, and be confident that you have what it takes to perform not just your job but the job above you. And be careful to not be arrogant, just confident, there is a difference.

When you believe in your own ability and see yourself as one with your employer, your perspective and your energy changes and this is the true secret to your success.

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