Episode 87: How to Create an Information Diet that Inspires Action

Welcome to Episode #87 of The Daily Interaction Show where we learn how to create an information diet that inspires action.

Think about it. The information that you consume, in passive or active ways, is more powerful than you realize. It influences your thoughts, decisions and actions. So take a proactive approach and create an information diet that inspires action.


I LOVE living in this incredible digital age.

When I try to imagine the way the world would be without it all, I just remind myself that I have LIVED in the age where we did not have any digital information! I have seen this phenomena emerge and have participated in its growth from the very start, and perhaps that is why I love it all the more. Between living in an information age and living in the old world, I choose this one time and time again. What about you?

In this show, I talk about how you can observe and decide what to do about the massive information shoved in your face all day and night long. Then we explore ways to consciously choose whether you want to consume that information, and finally we tap into how you can create a system and a deliberate way of seeking the information that actually interests and inspires you. Are you ready?


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Show Notes for How to Create an Information Diet that Inspires Action

1. Observing all the channels of information that you consume with – or sometimes, without! – your knowledge by becoming acutely aware of everything that comes to you.

2. Remembering that you have a choice and making a conscious decision on what you want to consume and what you need to discard.

3. Understanding the correct source of the information, is it yourself enabling it or someone else?

4. Putting the right filters and elimination process in place after you have observed all the channels of information.

5. Learning how to break the bad habit of automatically consuming whatever comes your way and becoming aware of the process of changing habits.

6. As a result of all this, freeing up the time you thought you never had!!!

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  • Melly Deen

    I love this post – I haven’t finished listening to the podcast yet but I wanted to stop by and comment …. since you were always asking for your listeners to talk to you, Farnoosh, well here I am. Gonna look at my “information diet” now. Thanks for this interesting topic!

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Thank you Melly! Create that information diet your way and you’ll be surprised how much it will inspire you to action and move you in the right direction in your life.

  • http://www.learningthroughlife.org Cassandra

    Dearest Farnoosh,

    Hello!! It has been so long since I’ve left a comment…I’ve read all your posts & listened to the podcasts, but haven’t left any words here for you recently. First, I’ve got to say I have really missed connecting and talking with you! =( I started working and it seems like with doing that, maintaining my class work, and taking care of my little ones I don’t have very much time at all anymore to do things I really want to do…like staying connecting with those I really admire & care about. So I do apologize for being MIA for awhile…

    I absolutely love this episode! While I was listening to it, I really thought about how I spend my time and the information I allow to make up my “information diet.” And I’ve got to say, there is a lot of room for improvement! (lol) Although I do read things that help me grow and listen to things that help as well, there are times (& I admit this with a cringe lol) that I do allow myself to get caught up & lost in watching, listening, or reading things that truly don’t benefit me…such as watching Tv, paying too much attention to social media, and I would even say paying too much attention to the news. After realizing this though, I am cleaning up my diet and making sure I bring some more “health” to it. =)

    Thanks so much for yet another wonderful, beneficial podcast that can help all of us expand ourselves in a way that we may not have even thought about previously!

    HUGE hugs,

    • http://www.learningthroughlife.org Cassandra

      Oh! I almost forgot… the one book I’m reading right now is “Louder Than Words” by Jenny McCarthy. I’ve read about 3 or 4 chapters so far and absolutely do not want to put it down. Being a mother, this book has touched me SO deeply already…but even if someone isn’t a mother (or parent) I think it would touch them as well. It touches your heart to read about the journey she and her son have gone through, and it’s astonishing to see the journey (trials, tribulations, victories, and accomplishments) with autism.

      Just wanted to share my little tidbit on what information is making up the reading portion of my “diet” at the moment… =)

      • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

        Cassandra, darling, I am just over the moon to see you here. Don’t even feel bad for a second that you have been MIA. I know you were listening and out there, and never for a second doubted it. Most of all, I am just happy that the posts and podcasts are benefiting you, darling.
        Sometimes, it’s ok to watch what I call “mindless entertainment” to decompress. It really is! I should’ve added that to the podcast but it’s hard to keep it at bay and easy to get sucked in. Like my sister in law is a doctor and she likes watching tv shows that totally take her mind off her work because her work is so freaking intense. But I think you are doing great and make it healthier by cleaning out the rough edges …. I am always doing that.
        Thanks for the book recommendation. It looks amazing! I am so glad she has so many reviews on Amazon and is getting exposure for this topic. Sending you tons of love, Cassandra, and I’m here for you if you want to chat / converse…. but you know that already :)!

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  • Jeff

    What a valuable lesson. The information deluge definitely requires the neccessity of selectively consuming it. I recognized it semi consciously but listening to the episode really inspired me to focus this week on being more aware. I would love to see a list of the books you are reading or have read and highly recommend. I think your focus of only seeking the highest quality really resonates….. There is some much out there why not just focus on the best! I used to listen to books on tape all the time but this podcast also inspired me to get the Stephen King audio.

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi Jeff, welcome here. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. You know, it’s great you asked. Up until recently, I was blogging about every single book and you can see it in reverse chronological order here (I warn you, it’s a mixed bag, from historical fiction to fantasy to business books so don’t look for any order. I just consume whatever speaks to me and discard the rest ;)): In Print category.
      But I just set up my Goodreads account and I’ll keep that pretty up to that as well.
      You won’t regret getting On Writing with Stephen King narration. :)

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  • Ashish Gaurav

    English is not my native language, even though I don’t talk much in it, I certainly love to think in it. Your podcast is indeed a wondrous effort towards living life- as your blog says- living it rich. I could particularly relate to your thoughts and ideas. I came here after a Google search, but now I really thank God I found this site. I was undergoing a tremendous upheaval of what should be my day plan- you see, I’m preparing for an entrance due in a month. Your podcast gave shape to all I had been thinking. In a nutshell, it was enlightening to the core. I’ll stay tuned for sure. Your work on inner self and living life, controlling information intakes, enjoying truly and all of that is indeed notable. Once again, thanks a lot for sharing your experience.

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi Ashish, don’t worry – English is my 3rd language, you are in good company. Thank you for all the praise for the podcast. I really appreciate it. If you want to tell more people, please feel free to rank the podcast in iTunes by going here and click “View in iTunes”. Thanks again and keep listening.

  • http://www.freelancemom.com Lisa Stein

    Farnoosh, great podcast. Such an important topic and I love your headline for it. Completely captured me. I love learning, so I am constantly feeding my information diet. I get overwhelmed with all the information I want to read and consume, so now I actually only read one book at a time and only consume a few blogs and websites at a time so I can actually digest and take action on what I consume. It has really helped. Thanks for the great podcast.

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Lisa, thank you so much – and now I see you are already listening to my podcasts after all….. totally love seeing you here. Any podcast topic requests, just send them to me. And I hear you too, but organizing is the ultimate key to managing all that info. Don’t forget: YOU are the boss of information, not the other way around! :)

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