Episode 77: 4 Non-Negotiable Rules to Sell Any Idea


Welcome back to Episode #77 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Our topic today is how to sell an idea to anyone, including to yourself. I give you power tips on how to use for any idea and learn how to put your ideas in front of anyone from your boss, your investors, your spouse or your children! So let’s learn how we are going to SELL your idea.


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Show Notes: How to Sell Any Idea with 4 Non-Negotiable Rules:

1.Your Intention: Ask yourself: What’s my intention with this idea? Is it to spread a message that I believe in? Is it to make money? Is it to impress someone (boss, management, spouse, partner, investors, etc.). Is it to meet some deep held desire or to prove to yourself that you can do something and all of that proof is hanging on to the success of your idea? Ask yourself: What’s your intentions with your idea? Or another way to put it: What’s your most desired outcome if you could see this idea to the end?

2.Your Positioning: How do you position your idea? How do you negotiate around it? How do you make your pitch even if it’s to yourself first? Intention helps here because it gives us that foundation for our final result but positioning is about putting the idea out there in such a way that everyone involved can see the benefit to them, not to you.

So if it’s your business partner, he/she needs to see a benefit to them. If it’s your investors, same thing. If it’s your boss, even if the idea helps customers, he still needs an incentive – does it help his objectives or numbers? And also to you: What’s the ultimate benefit to you?

3. Your Credibility: The third nonnegotiable rule is having some credibility, some expertise and authority for carrying out that idea. If it’s totally new, that’s fine – it doesn’t mean you can’t do it – it just means you have to build up the credibility even if it’s by initial research and education, by talking to people who know more about it and by being honest with yourself – can you really carry out this idea with your level of credibility and if not, ask yourself: What do you need to do to close the gap?

4. Your Voice: People hear everything through your voice, including your idea. How can you sound confident, but not arrogant? How to be composed and coherent? How to not sound like a church mouse but also not be yelling it out? Finding the perfect balance with your voice.

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Love to know your thoughts on how you go about selling those brilliant ideas to the world. Share in the comments one useful tip that has works wonders!

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  • Melly Deen

    I love the one about your voice, Farnoosh, especially since you admitted that you felt a bit self-conscious about yours too. You’re not alone! I don’t want to necessarily *sell* my ideas but I do want to be more confident when I express them … OK maybe I do want to at least get people to really listen and then decide what they think instead of these other weaknesses working against me such that my idea doesn’t even get a fair chance. GREAT podcast!!! Thank you:)!

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Thank you – so glad you are enjoying the show …. try one of the 4 rules first, then 2 then 3 then all 4 …. and see how each one can change the way your listeners respond to your ideas….

  • Betsy/Zen Mama

    I’ve been meaning to come over and catch up on your blog. I can’t wait to try you juicing recipes. I’m cleaning out the juicer I just inherited. The reason I had to write immediately is the picture above. Sansei is one of our favorite restaurants on Maui! Is that where you are? Anyway… looking forward to catching up!!

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi lovely Betsy, yes that’s Maui’s Sansei and it’s a small world if you go there too :)! So glad you are here. I am delighted to hear you are cleaning out your juicer and can’t wait to see your reaction to the book. Hugs and let’s catch up whenever you like!

  • http://www.midwaymarketplace.com Maxwell Ivey

    Hi Farnoosh; As usual your podcast is full of great advice on something so deer to everyone wanting to become an entrepreneur and run their own business, non profit, blog, etc. I have always found that if i didn’t believe the idea in my own mind that i could not even think about trying to sell it to others. And i not only had to be convinced about the idea or product but also about the people behind it. I had to be certain of their ability to deliver in order for me to promote them. so, its very natural that this applies to your own ideas. I guess I’m what they would call a method actor in the theatre world. and i thought it was very telling that you mentioned selling the idea to your spouse as well as to yourself and potential investors, clients, or customers. For a while now I have thought it would be a great idea to start a new financial organization a non profit that would be available to fund purchases in the amusement industry where there are very few companies that will loan money on the things i sell like rides, games, inflatables, food trailers, etc. It is especially difficult for first time borrowers, and the interest rates and other fees are rediculously high with the companies that will make loans in this high risk industry. But I honestly believe that if there was another source of financing out there it would make it much easier for me to make sales. After all its not only a lack of cash or credit that keeps people from buying but its also a lack of courage among the financial institutions. I would have to do a lot of research before pitching such an idea. I have no credibility in that area at all at this time. But your podcast has encouraged me to start doing the due diligence required to at least find out for myself if this is a good idea or not. Looking forward to the next interview show. Thanks again and take care, Max

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Max, excellent ideas, fellow entrepreneur!!! Start-ups are the main businesses that need a lot of upfront money. Most online entrepreneurs don’t need that sort of overhead but I hear you that in your business, it’s probably more common. Looking forward to sharing future interviews with you, rest assured, and keep thinking about those business ideas ….. thanks for stopping by – glad you are still out there listening away :))

      • http://www.midwaymarketplace.com Maxwell Ivey

        Hi farnoosh; well, its always sad when I hear from people who have been working hard for owners of games and food especially who want to go out on their own but can’t raise the funds. And in many cases most banks won’t loan the money without an appraisal from an expert in the industry. Most of the experts in my industry are reluctant to do such appraisels. I think I mentioned before about helping the kids of a family that owned a food trailer get a review of their business so they could borrow the money to buy out their parents and allow their mom and dad to retire while still keeping the business in the family. and you are right about ideas. Once you start thinking about the first one you will have more ideas than you have time to follow them all up. thanks again for the great show. and yes I’m still out here. Need to make a big sale or get a sponsor so i can hire some of the busy work out and spend more time on the real work or on important things like listening to podcasts of yours and other people i respect out here. take care, max