How to Go from Fear to Motivation with 22 Radical Thoughts

Going from Fear to Motivation with a Simple Shift

My motivation is insanely out of control lately. Something has switched inside after I dropped my negative thoughts and adopted these 22 radical thoughts that I share here. I am basking in the glorious aftermath of living on the other side of fear: in a constant state of motivation. Think it’s too good to be true? So did I, but so glad I was wrong!


Lately, my energy is to the roof. My focus is laser sharp. My productivity is highest it’s ever been. I feel a great sense of urgency and nobody can talk me out of the work I need to do.

I can’t stand the idea of resting and relaxing for a minute longer than necessary. I cannot keep count of all the ideas running through my head and what’s more, I can smell no fear in pursuing every single one of them.

No fear. Not anymore. I am done being scared. I am done making decisions with fear. I am finished half-committing to my goals. I am done fooling around with my dreams. What about you?

I’ve turned a corner and I am not looking back. It happened when I woke up one day only to realize I have been chasing an empty dream, an illusion of happiness, and a mere shadow of success. Have you turned that corner yet?

Failure is grand. Fear of failure a complete waste of time.

I’ve had it with fear of failure. I am weary of thoughts of failure, anticipation of failure, worries of failure and they have nothing to do with failure itself. Failure itself has been really good to me in life. In hindsight, of course – I was never that smart when it first knocked me off my feet.

Failure taught me whom to trust. Failure showed me the true colors of friends. Failure proved what I am not willing to give up in life. Failure brought my values to light. Failure opened doors which always led to better success. Failure connected me with better opportunities, brighter outcomes and greater results.

You see, failure has been so good to me and I bet it’s been really good to you too.

Fear of failure on the other hand has been nothing but a waste of precious time.

Enough already!

So you fail. Great. You tried something. You learned something. You risked something. In fact, who are you not to fail? Whoever achieved greatness without it?


Fail again.

Fail often.

Fail shamelessly and proudly.

Fail until you get it out of the way so you make room for nothing but success. Success on your terms, in your words, by your definition.

Fear of success, anyone?

But then there is another fear lurking around. Another one you rarely hear about. The fear of massive success, of the incredible realization of your wildest ideas and your greatest desires.

You may crave success badly but tell me, do you not foster any fear from realizing your truest and greatest potential?

Do you not fear the thought of influencing people with your work, of touching the lives of hundreds or thousands of other human beings, of being a leader, a role model, an inspiration for others to follow?

Success is as a scary beast as failure – and both of these fears, you must conquer before you can step out of your mediocre achievements and do something really great with your life.

That’s where motivation comes in. Tap into yours. You are the source for your own motivation, you just need to wake it up! True motivation comes from within, this seemingly infinite well of motivation that rises from the pit of your belly and refuses to leave until you have taken notice of it. Tell me you have felt that before.

If yes, great. If no, then you are not listening. You are not hearing yourself. You are not following the rhythms of your heart. So let’s change that around with these 22 radical thoughts to help you move from fear to motivation.

From Fear to Motivation: 22 Radical Thoughts

You can start right here, right now. I will start all over with you too. First change the thoughts, then watch the actions follow suit.

  1. Get vigilant. End the passive cycles.
  2. Be awake at the wheel of your life.
  3. Fight complacence. Fight it hard.
  4. Reject boredom at the door. Never let it in. Not for a second.
  5. Be madly in love with your life.
  6. Be madly in love with you. That’s right. Let them call it vanity or selfishness. I call it the first rule of true happiness.
  7. Find your purpose. Your real true purpose. If you can’t find it right away, please for heaven’s sake, don’t give up. It took me over two decades to find mine.
  8. Find some ounce of meaning in what you do during the day. Please find a way to make this happen for you.
  9. Stop sacrificing for others so much. Giving is fine. Sacrificing no!
  10. Do something – anything – just for yourself. It takes knowing yourself to do something for yourself. Maybe do that first.
  11. Remember to value the person you see in the mirror. It is the one person who stays with you through thick and thin, in loneliness and in the crowds, in darkness and in light. Hear me again: the only person! Make friends with yourself. Find solitude, not emptiness, in your own company.
  12. Listen to no one who dares tell you what you can or cannot do. Turn a deaf ear to naysayers. Who are they to set limits for you and judge your potential? Who are they to judge your capacity for success or your tolerance for failure?
  13. Stop abusing your body with alcohol and drugs and smoking. Are you not intoxicated enough on your raw health, on your life, on your freedom to living on your terms? Do you think you are invincible against the disasters awaiting you from abuse?
  14. Stop blaming the industries, your parents, your children, your teachers, or the circumstances or the culture for your troubles. They don’t care and they shouldn’t. You should. Your life is in your own hands. It always has been.
  15. Choose to see only the radically positive light in your life.
  16. Take a risk. Not a stupid risk. Take responsible calculated risks to find out where your limits and boundaries lie. Then up the ante. Every day.
  17. Step out of the boxes of society. In fact, crush the box altogether and rebuild it. Build your own box. In your own shape. Your own dimensions. Make it your art . Let it be your brand and your identity.
  18. Live your motto. Live your values — and only yours. Let others’ values be just that – their values. And let their limitations be theirs too.
  19. Never be a copycat. Try authenticity. Try originality. Try being exactly who you are meant to be. What worked for the massively successful individuals may not work for you.
  20. Be different but essentially, be yourself, in fact, be the best version of you.
  21. Be radically uncommon – but be smart, responsible, kind, sincere and genuine at the same time. Yes, it is possible to be all of that and massively successful to boot.
  22. Be kind to yourself. This process takes time and you are worth every minute. Be kind. Believe. Don’t give up. Have patience.

Yoga headstand meditation

The Mantra for Staying Motivated Daily

A mantra is a phrase or several phrases that you repeat to yourself to make thoughts and habits stick. Here’s a mantra for staying motivated. Just say to yourself:

  • Today is the day that I drop the heavy weight of doubts and fears, bury them deep under the ground and take the rest of the journey without them.
  • Today is the day that I take my dreams seriously (but myself not so much!).
  • Today is the day that I make no exceptions to my values but plenty of room for failure, should it wish to show up.
  • Today is the day that I refuse to touch any endeavor unless it is with my absolute best effort. Tomorrow, I will raise the bar higher.

If you like this post, check out my Kindle book: The 8 Pillars of Motivation.

Get Confident in 21 Easy Steps

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on Nov 4th, 2010 on Prolific Living. It has now been revamped, revised, and updated with fresh new content. Enjoy and spread the word!

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  • The Vizier

    Hello there Farnoosh!

    The topics you touch on in this post are much needed in life.

    Failure is a something that all of us have experienced in life. Yet many of us fear and shun it. In truth to succeed we have to fail and learn from it. This is the true secret of failure. It is there to teach you that something you are doing is ineffective. What you have to do is to adjust your actions until you get the results you desire. So the sooner you embrace failure and the lessons it has to teach you, the sooner you will attain success.

    I fully agree that the fear of failure is a waste of time and a hindrance to your goals. Change your perception of it for perception is the origin of fear.

    And then we have the fear of success. This can be a hindrance to your actual success as well. Unleashing your fullest potential and succeeding beyond your wildest dreams can be scary. What if we are not good enough? But this is something we have to face up to and prepare for.

    I like how you use motivation to help you to overcome your fears. When you are properly motivated, you can steamroll through obstacles to reach your goals. Nothing can stand in your way or stop you for long. You will either find a way or make one as the great general Hannibal Barca once said.

    Of your points on motivation, purpose resonates strongly with me. When you have found a purpose that gives your life meaning, it provides you with an incredible drive against daunting obstacles. This purpose could be to live for the sake of your loved ones or to leave behind some legacy for the sake of humanity. The point is, when you live for something other than yourself, you will find that infinite well of motivation that you speak of. The holocaust survivor and psychotherapist Viktor Frankl certainly knew what he was talking about as he found meaning in life to survive the concentration camps. Thankfully for us he recorded his wisdom in his famous book, Man’s Search for Meaning.

    I also like how you point out that you life is in your own hands. Our lives are indeed our responsibility and no one else’s. This can be scary, but empowering as well. It forces you to think and to come alive to take charge of your life. No longer do you do through life dependent on what others tell you to do.

    Thank you for sharing this inspirational and motivational post! :)

    • Farnoosh

      Hello The Vizier, you are back and had much to say on this topic, I see. Thank you for sharing all of your thoughts. I have been good at motivation in my life but handling failure and fear, not so much but these feelings finally hit home with me! This is my favorite phrase from your comment: “When you have found a purpose that gives your life meaning, it provides you with an incredible drive against daunting obstacles.” – Thank you for starting the conversation today!

  • Abubakar Jamil

    Very inspiring post my friend and how well did you put it when you said, “Success is as a scary a beast as failure – and both of these fears, you must conquer before you can step out of your mediocre achievements and do something really great with your life.”

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Abubakar, my dear friend, so glad you think so – thank you for the encouragement as always and lovely to see you here every time!

  • J.D. Meier

    Is that a stunt double in the pic? It looks like something I should not try at home.

    > I am done fooling around with my dreams.
    Way to be!

    > Stop sacrificing for others so much. Giving is fine. Sacrificing no!
    Well said. Find the win win :)

    • Farnoosh

      Hello dear J.D., no stunt double. Those are me and my friend Cristina. If you don’t believe us, I can bring Pascal online – he was our photographer and will vouch for it (since he was yelling at us to hold still for about 5 minutes ;))!
      Glad to see you here, even if you make me laugh as you encourage me. Thank you!

  • Sandra Lee


    What a gutsy post! This is my favorite and something I’ve always appreciated about you and your blog, which is one of a kind ~
    21 ~ Stop being a copycat. Try authenticity. Try originality. Try being exactly who you are meant to be. What worked for the massively successful individuals may not work for you.

    May all your dreams come true!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Sandra, yes I know it was a bit gutsy but I had to get it out of my system – and it came right from the pit of my belly where this motivation has been driving me to insane measures recently – I had to share it all! You have been one of the greatest supporters for the blog for such a long time! Thank you so much! And you know how to be authentic yourself, Sandra.

  • Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

    Oh Sweet Farnoosh,
    Your motivation is contagious dear heart! I feel all charged up and ready to shoot for the stars with you by my side. How so very awesome it is to have such amazing motivating freinds who share their journey so we never ever feel de-motivated. You are so awesome!
    I love all the tips..and believe me sweetie..I love love love love love life and all thats in it. I’m much like you- i never get bored, never have nothing to do, and sleep after everyone goes to bed and wake up before everyone wakes up. I am so freaking high right now after reading this…!!! Thank you!
    Love you loads and loads,

    • Farnoosh

      Zeenat my darling friend, I know you and I are kindred spirits – even if we are half a world apart, although what is separation when you have the blogosphere! If I have charged YOU up, then my job is done. I might as well hang my hat and exit! 😉 – So happy you enjoyed this and how encouraging to hear your accolades and sweet support! We are shooting for the stars and we are taking the road together there, no doubt. Thank you for the love and support!

  • Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

    p.s. i just noticed your blogs new tag line. Nice..infact very very nice :)

    • Farnoosh

      Oh so glad someone noticed :)! Yes that’s the new one and I am sticking with it. The first one was a whim or a fancy and hardly thought about. This one is exactly the mission and goal of what I have been writing for a year now so I think it fits. Glad you like it!

  • Steven Aitchison

    Hi Farnoosh. This is a superb post and captures my feelings on life over the last few months.

    I totally get how you feel just now. My head is buzzing with all the ideas, thoughts of success, and just generally feeling totally excited about life in general. when I read the first few paragraphs I thought that’s exactly how I feel.

    I am madly in love with life, madly in love with my family, and madly in love with myself.

    All of the suggestions are fantastic and I can feel the energy and excitement from your words.

    • Farnoosh

      Steven, how very nice and encouraging to see you here!! I knew you’d identify with this instantly when I saw your name pop up on my Inbox. The one thing that tops feeling this wonderful about life is when we hear our friends sharing the same passion and motivation – and this truly makes my day. Your writing shows that you feel this way and I am so happy we have crossed paths so we can share the passion with our readers. Thank you for the heart-felt words here, Steven!

  • Alex Blackwell

    You’re right. It’s never too late to start over and find the motivation once again. Our hearts are very lenient about this.

    What motivates me is when I come close to quitting, only to find one more spark left in me. I fan this spark until it becomes a flame once again.


    • Farnoosh

      Hi Alex, so nice to see you here! Never too late indeed. I love the last spark story you share – Spark to flame….keep the motivation alive always!

  • Katie

    Farnoosh, wow. You are definitely feeling jazzed these days. Awesome. I know the feeling. It surges through me as well, although I’ve had to learn to balance it so I don’t burn out. Looks like balance is not a problem for you if that awe-inspiring picture is any indication. Just got back to yoga myself and feel a little like a duck compared to your swan, but that’s okay. I’m with Steve – love my life, love my family and love me too much to not quack my way through a few fearless sun salutations … oh and a few big dreams too. I hope you are on your way towards yours and I can’t wait to watch them unfold. Much love.

    • Farnoosh

      Hello dear Katie, I am still feeling jazzed from Blogworld, yes! And I am very glad to hear you are paying close attention to that balance in your life. Thank you for sharing the love in your life and I promise you yoga will make you braver, stronger, and just fearless the more you do it! And the same grand feeling will then spill over into your life. You are a darling friend to have, thanks for all your encouragement here!

  • Uzma

    WOW. Farnoosh I love this. So much in this talks to me, because I have let the fear for failure take over me. I love so many things you say. The best is not to give up finding my purpose(and that is hard). Its comforting to know that it will come, even if it takes 2 decades!! To take care of myself, to find meaning and not to let boredom set it. Fantastic stuff. Thank u

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Uzma, hi! Wonderful to hear this resonates with you. And Uzma, nothing worth doing is easy so keep looking for that purpose. So happy to see you here and to hear you enjoyed the post. I am jazzed!

  • Tom Sorhannus

    What a great motivation booster this post is Farnoosh. At least it got me motivated. Can´t resist to give a changed version of a quote that poped up. “Give a man a thought and he´ll be thinking for a minute, get him motivated and he´ll keep going for the rest of his life.” You´ll have to find out the original version yourself.

    • Farnoosh

      Hello dear Tom, so nice to see you again. Ok then, if you are motivated, my mission is accomplished. Is that the story of a fish and fishing for a man? ;)! Thanks again for the smiles and the support!

  • Ted A. Moreno

    Hi Farnoosh,
    I just recently started following your blog and I love it. Failure so often is accompanied by shame instead of “what did I learn.”
    Personally, I think that the biggest problem with most humans is that they fail to see their inherent greatness, so I loved what you said about valuing yourself and loving yourself. I’ve never heard it said as well as you said it: Being madly in love with yourself is the first rule of happiness.
    Thanks for an inspiring post.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Ted, wonderful to have you as a new reader and thank you for your first comment. The shame is so common – especially in my original culture – the Iranian one! Don’t even get me started ;)!
      So happy you enjoyed this post and the tidbits on failure – and thank you for being a reader and joining the dialogue here!

  • Joe Wilner

    This is a wonderful post! Your passion to overcoming fear is very very inspiring! I love how you point out that we must push past fear of failure as well as fear of success. I think once we start seeing progress it can be scary to start seeing the reality of our dreams. Though this is when we must flip our perspective to excitement and gratitude. We can start focusing on what needs to be done instead of our ego. Great tips!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Joe, so glad the inspiration was infectious! It is *very* scary to see our dreams turning into reality – I don’t think we ever think of it in those terms but we really have to prepare for the emotional roller coaster and all that will come when (not if) we realize those dreams. Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for adding so much to the conversation!

  • Steve@Lifestyle Design


    What a motivational post. YOu have some really good lessons. They are motivational as well as being excellent life lessons. People could do a lot worse than to follow everything you say for those 22 “hints” to the the letter. very good reading.

    Also very nice pictures. They look like it must have been difficult to get those poses so perfect. You and your friend and the photographer did a great job!

    • Farnoosh

      Hello Steve, great to see you here – I knew you would enjoy this post. I find all your writing uplifting. The poses were *not* difficult – it just took us some time to get into them (oh and a few years of yoga practice on the side!) Our photographer was fantastic and we were so fortunate to have the chance to capture the moments. Thank you for the lovely encouragement!

  • HappinessandWisdom

    Great stuff! Most don;t realize that it is fear that is sapping their drive and motivation. Now that you have and because you refuse to let fear hold you back, it’s no surprise that you are accomplishing so much! I believe the energy and awareness you describe are products of you being on a path that is a perfect match to your values and desires. Have fun!

    • Farnoosh

      So glad you shared this with us: “sapping their drive and motivation…” great words – It is no easy task and believe me, fear had held me back long enough so I was just tired of it. These things don’t happen overnight but they do happen! Thanks for the clear articulation of thoughts here. Very aptly put!

  • Armen Shirvanian

    Hi Farnoosh.

    It is good that you put your best foot forward when you create material such as this post.

    Your point about only giving and not sacrificing for others rings true in my mind. We have more than enough ability to give to others enough and not have to sacrifice our own much at all.

    I agree on the point about alcohol and drugs and smoking. It is easy to see that this is not agreed upon by the masses, because those products are selling very well, so maybe we are in the minority, which is fine.

    I have read or heard about that fear of massive success before, and that one doesn’t ring a bell for me. I look forward to it with open arms.

    I see the changes you have made on the site here, and I know that most changes take effort and dedication that few have(which is why we rarely see changes/updates). I don’t have any criticism right now, but may launch a verbal attack on your site changes at some future time(the thought of this will keep you on your toes).

    Your posts lend themselves to me sharing my thoughts. I will steal some of your communication ability.

    • Farnoosh

      Hello prolific Armen, so nice to see you here – the challenge and the kind words and all! I think you know that we pretty much see things eye to eye on all of these topics – but it’s always nice to hear it again, especially the bit about abusing of body and mind and sacrifice versus giving. The changes are the site are very few but bigger ones are coming. Bring on all the challenge you want, I will face you head on :)! Oh and thanks for the fun and thoughtful comment as always!

  • John Sherry

    Farnoosh, you speak to me in one loud clarion call. Be yourself, begin (or complete) the journey to yourself. Then the destination and the journey are one. As will life be. My gratitude for this.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi John, “one clarion call” – I really like that phrase. You are most welcome. Thank you for taking the time to share these words!

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  • Sibyl-alternaview

    AMAZING post. One of the best I have read Farnoosh. Thank you so much for this. I think this is a post we all should bookmark and read anytime we are feeling anything less than as motivated as you described in this post. It is such an AMAZING way to start the day. I am so glad that I stopped by for some morning inspiration and prolific living :) I loved this … Fear of failure is so overrated … definitely one of those limiting beliefs we should never let linger. Thanks Farnoosh for the motivation.

    • Farnoosh

      Dearest Sibyl, I love the motivation I get from your comments every single time – Yes even my motivation can afford a boost!! 😉 – thank you for your encouragement and for stopping here so early in the morning. I get so much pleasure when I please my readers and it makes my day! You are very welcome and have a lovely day ahead!

  • Lizzie Manuel

    HI, Farnoosh,

    I’ve been reading your blog but this is the first time Im gonna be writing my comment. I really like it how you always associate your photos and your articles. It makes it more interesting.. This one is my favorite. Especially the pic. I wish i could do that too. Keep on writing great articles, you inspire a lot of people especially me. Thanks!

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Lizzie, welcome to the comments section then. I love my silent readers much as the vocal ones but I do love to hear your thoughts now and again. I am very happy you enjoyed the post and the photos – that was a fun yoga photo shoot day and I was exhausted at the end of the 6th hour by the time we shot the completely spontaneous partner yoga poses! Come back again and thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

  • Aileen

    “I can smell no fear in pursuing every single one of them.” – how liberating to smell no fear when you are in the presence of goals and dreams!

    Farnoosh, this a fantastic kick into commitment – for anyone standing still thinking about pursuing a dream. And the photos you chose rock – they show strength and commitment (looks like one can’t do those yoga poses without both strength and commitment – but correct me if I’m wrong)

    This is contagious motivation!

    • Farnoosh

      Hey Aileen, my dear sweet friend, so glad I passed on some of this contagious motivation your way – and so happy you enjoyed the photos. We had heaps of fun making them! Thank you for always being such a sweet support and from reading your recent high on motivation and productivity, I know you are doing wonderful things recently and I’ll be watching for the results!

  • Zengirl @ Heart and Mind


    What a beautiful and motivational picture of you and your friend Christina. I also must say Pascal has taken a great picture! Simply speechless.

    I think the picture alone was there to motivate me to do something better but there is great 22 tips to make it even better! I have to follow up and motivate myself as I am feeling bit exhausted from teachings and lovely busy kids.


    • Farnoosh

      Dear Preeti, I am wishing you quiet children, easy days as we move into shorter daylight and cold winter nights (at least in my corner of the world) and a world of patience – and I hope that you find some solace and comfort and love in your blogging community and by writing. Thank you for admiring these photos – they were fun and hard work to do – and for being so kind with your words. So happy you enjoyed the post and thank you so much for stopping by, Preeti!

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  • Felicia

    Hi Farnoosh,
    I love this post! Will be bookmarking this! You’re right, we must find our purpose, even if it takes us years or decades to find it. I am truly inspired with your post. Thank you for sharing!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dearest Felicia, I am so glad. Thank you for saying what you did here -it makes me extremely happy to hear you say that about purpose!

  • Sharon Hiebing

    Actually, Farnoosh, I have. My husband and I recently sold our business and our home in the U.S. and moved to an island in Belize! We have bought a new business here – a speedboat tour business – so my workday is on the dock looking at turquoise blue water. It was a bit under attended though, so I’m SO motivated working on it right now, getting it organized, marketing, meeting our referral partners, etc. I just can’t sleep either.

    I love your rant about Fear – dead on! Fear is normal but it shouldn’t hold you back. Great blog!

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Sharon, you are reading my blog all the way from Belize? The only one I know that went to Belize was Dr. Frasier Crane (my only TV show love!) Anyway, seriously welcome – and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and my sentiments about fear. We are definitely coming straight to you to rent a speedboat when I am in Belize and I love your motivation – all the very best to you and don’t forget to load up on sun screen!!

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  • Negar

    I am literally out of breath! I feel like I just ran long distance. I read this post so quickly – I wanted to devour your inspiration and inspiring this post was! Who needs to wait until the new year to make a resolution?! Farnoosh, you have a wonderful way with words… “Your life is in your own hands. It always has been.” Love it! THANK YOU!!! x

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Negar, thank you for running along with me – that’s how I feel every day! No wonder I am so exhausted ;)! Seriously though, thank you so so much for reading and for loving it, because it has now served its purpose.

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  • Fiona

    Hi there Farnoosh, i am new to your website, having just accessed it yesterday. Today i read this peice and it is deeply inspiring. I am just about to undertake a new start in fitness, having a 5 month old baby and a 2 year old boy. I’ve found it difficult to lift off and maintain commitments to my own success. I’m working on it, just having realized my fear of setting goals and setting some for the first time in many years. This piece and also the feel of your blog is strong, powerful – just what i need now. Thank you

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Fiona, welcome and I am so glad, so glad that you were inspired….it’s not easy being a mom of two, my gosh I can imagine how busy and tired you must be! So if I can inspire you to keep pushing at your own goals anytime, let me know….You can join the Facebook page too for a lot more interaction if you like….and we will make sure you stay on top of those goals….so so happy you enjoyed this and you are most welcome, Fiona!

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  • Louis Savalli

    Thanks Farnoosh. I loved the parts about fear of success, fear of failure, and influencing people beyond our inner circle (and using a number like “hundreds of thousands”). Reading that opened me to the idea that this was even possible.

    It’s funny sometimes, you don’t know what limiting thoughts you have until someone tells you the opposite thought in exactly the right way at exactly the right time, and it shines the light directly on the limiting thought. And your world and vision as to what’s possible expands.

    I’ve been reading and practicing personal development for nine years. I don’t know how I hadn’t come across your work until a month ago. But I love it! Thanks.

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Louis, it’s so good to see an old post give so much to new readers. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You are then the personal development guru and I should come to you for your work if you’ve been doing it for that long :)! It’s so good to be found by someone so enthusiastic and if this reading is giving you encouragement and inspiration, then I am beyond thrilled to have been useful to you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, dear Louis!

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  • Wayne John @ Southern California Web Development

    Where I wasn’t motivated enough before, I feel I am now! Wow Farnoosh, you write like you know exactly what you’re doing, and I suspect that is part of the energy you’ve found, that energy that makes you sleep less and work harder during the days. I feel that same thing when I get excited about a project.

    Thing is, it’s hard to maintain that energy, and I suspect you would say to me that when the energy falters, it’s time to relax and harmonize yourself with your inner being. Your true self.

    Perhaps yoga or meditation.

    Strangely enough I feel more energized from reading this post, Farnoosh. You have some talent, I like it!

    Oh, and number 13…yeah. That’s going to take some doing on my part. I’m aware of it’s existence, but those around me, and myself, can’t handle life without. At least, not in the immediate wake of quitting smoking, which is what I’m referring to. If I could lock myself away for a week, it might be possible. :)

    Big hugs!

    • Farnoosh

      Wayne, darling, do you need more tough love from me to stop abusing the *one* and *only* body that you have? The gift of Mother Nature and your Mom both? Smoking is a tough one to quit. My dad used to smoke ages ago. My father-in-law does and my brother-in-law just quit. My husband never has or I wouldn’t call him my husband. I am very strict against smoking and I hope that your comment means you have indeed quit and put it behind you.
      Ok, enough tough love, I really do feel incredibly happy that you enjoyed this post and that you heard my enthusiasm and motivation. It’s been like this a while, mainly after blogworld, but listen, it falters many, many times – less so than before I had found this true calling and purpose but nonetheless, it falters. Life happens. Mom goes to hospital. I get into a car accident (see? It’s been a rough last 2 weeks)! And I feel the weight of the world over my shoulders … but then the sun comes up, Mother Nature beckons even from a window (and I am a city girl but still … ), meditation: yes! yoga: yes! healthy eating: yes! All of that helps you turn it around and let the motivation drive you again. Loving yourself starts with taking care of yourself so I am sure you’ll have #13 under control in no time. Proud of ya, dearest Wayne!

      • Wayne @ Southern California Web Development

        Smoking has been the hardest thing in my life to control. It’s always in the back of my mind that I should quit, and believe me, I kick myself in the rear for starting.

        It’s people like you that the world needs more of, Farnoosh. Keep up the great inspirational articles. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

        • Farnoosh

          Hello dear Wayne, I don’t know *why* your comment went into my spam folder. I got it out and marked it “not spam” – be sure this is not happening on other blogs. Sometimes, it happens to my other blogger friends and it’s good to keep an eye out….
          Anyway, I always check spam folder for these reasons!
          Oh gosh, I can only imagine because I’ve never smoked. Well, don’t thank me :) Just let it help you take that giant leap. Listen, I walked away from my easy seriously lucrative work-from-home job yesterday to take this leap of faith into the unknown and pursue my dreams. Believe me, it was not easy but I know something better awaits. You know something much better awaits when you kick the habit. And I’ll celebrate with you big time! :)

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  • Katherine

    Oh boy, what a subject. I often wonder about what I’m destined to do. I know I have a purpose and I’m open, it just hasn’t happened yet. What I fear most is wasting time not living up to my potential. I’m going to try and follow your suggestions. I do know that dwelling on past negative experiences does nothing but drag me down. My question is: how do I move beyond my “story” because, frankly, it isn’t that interesting anymore.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dear Katherine, yes a sensitive one, isn’t it?
      You know, dwelling is one thing but using the experiences of the past – good or bad – the learning, the wisdom, the mistakes, the things you’d do differently to impact your present and your future, I think that is a great way to think about it. I reflect on the past a lot but I don’t stay there. I try to let it stay where it needs to be and I just draw from it if need be.
      As far as your “story”, it all depends. It’s always changing and evolving unless you stop living, right? So you are creating the story every day. If YOU don’t find your own story interesting, then find out why. Does that mean you don’t find your own life interesting? Then dig deep and look at what you consider interesting – in other people, other lives and see if more of that would make you feel more complete. It’s a bigger conversation of course but just giving you some of my thoughts. Thanks so much for the challenging questions and loved your comment here.

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  • Wendy Darling

    Dear Farnoosh, You wrote that we met in fear, but I can’t remember where or when?
    Still happy to have “met”. You are ah-mazing! I especially love #11, 15, 16, 21 and 22.
    Jupiter is closest to earth ever recorded which is heavy, but a Super Nova we can see this week through binoculars has come along to teach more about our universe!!!
    ***Talk about some awesome balance out there!***
    Today, I will blow IRIDESCENT bubbles with my grand-children and friends. This is fun-filled wonder. In the closing chapters of “The Holographic Universe”, by Michael Talbot, iridescence is said to be the colour of faith. How beautiful. I see this colour in spots with my condition. In the dragonflies that visit often, said to symbolize faith in the circle of life and the after-life. Faith to me is fear that has said its prayers.
    Fear can immobolize or motivate~can be an illuminous guiding light and navigate.
    Most of my life this has been knocked out of me, but with a great deal of help, I am remembering my way back to quintessentials. I’m going through Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy and rising up to existentials. I know the feeling of irredescent light and am letting more in and out. Some around me are not happy about this at all!
    I hope and pray I can live it out to see what is on the other side for me~ HERE!
    I have a mission to accomplish, in living the gratitude to God for the life He gave me,
    those who have believ-ed and believe in me. A responsibility to generations following.
    As Nelson Mandella said to help others liberate theirs freely, but is not my business how THEY do. I need to live and let live, because what’s good for one, could overwhelm and harm another. This is my quintessential journey alone. Well…with earth angels like you to help along the way.
    It has started to rain and there is a frog singing outside the den window. I am guessing she is iridescent.
    Thank you for your precious presence and being a beacon of light of life, Farnoosh.

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Wendy, I have no idea where you find such poetic prose and amazing, AMAZING writing, and then you share it so generously here. You could write a book filled with these beautiful thoughts and you must overcome any demons on the way to do it. You are so full of beautiful knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing it and for teaching me about your world and all of your heroes and role models. I am so glad to be of some help to you along your fantastic journey. I so enjoyed reading this and have nothing half as eloquent to say in reply, except offer you my deepest gratitude. Thank you for being here, Wendy, DARLING :)!

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  • Catherine

    Most of my life this has been knocked out of me, but with a great deal of help, I am remembering my way back to quintessentials. I’m going through Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy and rising up to existentials.

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Catherine, nice to see you here….. your way back to quintessentials: beautiful phrase….! Thank you so much for your words here.

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  • Steve Roy

    I know this is an old post, but how do you feel today versus how you described feeling in this post? I wish I could bottle your energy and enthusiasm. So many live in fear and allow it control their lives. I too have had issues with fear of success and a fear of not being good enough.

    I love your ideas here and will be trying a few (or more) for myself immediately!!

    • Farnoosh

      Hey @disqus_pkex5GCvsJ:disqus, the reason I chose this one for update and repost is because I am feeling that motivation again – in a more mature and quiet way but it’s the better way of feeling it. It’s still undeterred motivation! You can bottle your OWN enthusiasm. You just need to get a few new wins under your belt. It’s coming. Keep hustling!

      • Steve Roy

        Hustle I will!!

  • PenniMD

    Hi Farnoosh :)

    I do so hope that these 22 radical thoughts morph into the excellent common sense and practicality that they are – ie that they come to be seen as not so much radical as absolute necessities for progressing life.

    I love “crush the box”!!! Yes. Yes. Agree completely!!

    • Farnoosh

      You can steal and use “crush the box” all you like, Penni and thanks for stopping by :))

      • PenniMD

        Heyyy!! Thanks Farnoosh :)