Episode 39: Two Ultimate Relaxing Techniques


Welcome back to Episode #39 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Today’s topic is on Episode 39 – The 2 Ultimate Relaxing Techniques. How do you relax and get grounded before every interaction and why this is so important.

If you are nervous or stressed when you go into a conversation or into an interaction, it limits you so severely it’s not even funny! All the work you put into preparation and delivery just falls flat when you are too nervous to breathe, let alone speak. Relaxation is the most under-estimated, under-emphasized tip around communication, and today I want to help you understand the significance of this and to learn how to relax and calm yourself during different situations.

Guess Who is the Fresh Voice This Episode:

Our fresh voice today is from Marlee Ward. Marlee offers free, fun and fabulous business coaching advice with her free weekly newsletter – which I love, by the way, Marlee! – just sign up sign up here for them on her site on the top bar. The tips may be geared more toward solopreneurs but you can still learn a lot from her. Also check out her iTunes video podcast under Marlee Ward. Love this woman. She is brilliant, sincere AND entertaining, all in one!


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Your Weekly Friday Show Notes:

1. Why all the preparation in the world will go to waste if you are nervous and can’t breathe long enough to get your words out in a work situation, a meeting, or interacting with anyone in general, and what you really end up doing as a result of your own nervousness.

2. My story of the people who made me nervous in the corporate world, the reasons behind it, and why that affected even the ambitious, driven woman that I was.

3. I explain to you what confidence has to do with this whole act of nervousness, and precisely how this lack of relaxation in your interactions limits you and your opportunities.

4. First relaxation technique in any situation: Breathing. Deep breathing. I explain to you the shallow breaths versus deep breathing and then I fully demonstrate the deep breathing techniques that bring you down to earth and ground and calm you down.

If you are really interested in seeing me display all types of breathing techniques, you can catch me on the last video of the 10 Minute Invigorator Program, at , where I demonstrate – rather shamelessly – the deep breathing techniques, the breath of fire, and even the lion’s breath, and if you know what that is, you are probably in disbelief I did that on video – yeah me too – but alas, I believe in the power of believing, baby!

5. I give you self-affirmations about improving your breathing techniques plus the mindset that you need in order to learn deep breathing that you need to ground and relax yourself. I talk to you about the power and intention behind yoga and meditation – check out my current all-time favorite meditation tracks – and why it is the only exercise that focuses intensely on your breathing. It’s not just for fun and games, there is a greater reason behind the science and art of breathing.

6. My big mind trick for you and what I want you to tell yourself, and what I want you to not tolerate when you hear it from yourself. This is your affirmation right before going into those interactions.

7. Second relaxation technique from Louise Hay and her brilliant book, You Can Heal Your Life, is a beautiful affirmation that you should say over and over to yourself whenever any problem arises, and so if anything does not go according to your wishes either before or during the interaction you are having, saying these affirmations is bound to calm you down.

My favorite Louise Hay must-memorize-and-use affirmation for when things go wrong:
All is Well
Everything will work out for my highest good.
Only good will come out of this situation.
I am safe.

8. Combine relaxation techniques one and two and understand that this is a process, a journey, and how you are making progress in your interactions.

9. Why you must believe, really and truly, that no matter what the past, it is done with, and you can now start fresh, and you can handle all those interactions and conversations with confidence and relaxation techniques are going to help you get there.

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  • http://marleeward.com Marlee

    Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a “fresh new voice” on your show, Farnoosh! It’s truly and honor. I looove TDI and think you are doing such incredible work through this show. Thank you!

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Lovely voice. Beautiful woman. Thank you for being on my show. TDI loves you back….!

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