Episode 38: Bring Your Intention to Every Interaction


Welcome back to Episode #38 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Today’s topic is on Bringing Your Intention to Every Interaction of The Daily Interaction podcast. How do you set an intention, what is an intention versus a goal, and what does this all have to do with your daily exchanges and interactions? I talk to you about how this approach to your communications and how making this small change in your social exchanges can really affect the outcome of those conversations, probably to your surprise!

Intentions are like promises to yourself, except without the guilt and the punishment and without the repercussions if you don’t meet your goals. They come from a deep place inside, and are focused more on the present than on the end result. Goals are wonderful things, they really are, and I’ve achieved a great deal living a goal-oriented life, and yet, I believe the subtle of intention is far beyond setting the greatest goals.

Intentions, by their nature, will also help you take away a far better view from undesired outcomes, such as an unfair dismissal at your job or an argument with your partner. What does it really mean that this situation happened? If you approach everything from a different place in your life, you will take away different messages even from seemingly negative outcomes.

In this podcast episode, I explain to you the differences and the exact way you can set intentions before your every interaction. So if you are ready to change the same way you have looked at things, and willing to embrace a new perspective, this episode is ideal for you!

Guess Who is the Fresh Voice This Episode:

Leon “The Encourager” Bullard, the author of “Triumph at Last” and the most encouraging soul out there to help you in your pursuit of health and wellness goals. Leon and I met years ago at Toastmasters and have enjoyed seeing each other grow and evolve as we have grown ourselves and our own businesses since then.


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Your Weekly Friday Show Notes:

1.The distinct difference between setting goals, having a personal motto versus setting intentions, and how each impacts the end results of your interactions.

2. Why the intention is all about the process and how that approach actually impacts the results far more than if you were just setting goals.

3. A situational example and how you can precisely apply first your goals for the conversation and then your intentions about it and how each one will yield different results.

4. Examples of how extremely successful people have used non-scientific, non-logical ways to mark the course of their lives, such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, and how intuition can have powerful affects on your communications.

5. The logistics of applying an intention to a situation beforehand – what do you do and what 2 questions do you ask yourself to prepare you for setting it?

6. Why deep breaths go hand in hand with setting an intention have in common and why that is a critical part of engaging with others and interacting with them in a social setting.

7. The real problem with our interactions are not so much our end goals – we know those very well – the real problem is our lack of being completely present and engaged in the process.

8. The 5 benefits that others see and observe in you when you set an intention, so as you can see, the benefit of are not just for yourself. It greatly benefits those around you.

9. Why and how I overcame my own skepticism with setting intentions and with believing that the outcomes are actually any different when there is one set in advance and how you can learn from this.

10. Your homework with setting an intention, listen to the audio to find out, and learn how you can start changing your overall approach and experience to your social exchanges with this one small shift.

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  • http://kimbundance.com Kimbundance

    I like the ones you mention here. Especially number 5. That is my favorite! What was your favorite?

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      So glad. My favorite is #6. Thanks for sharing, dear Kim!

  • http://stevewhitetoday.com/blog/ Steve White


    This is a great post, and I actually discussed something similar in one of my recent blog posts (where I discussed creating to and focusing on a vision.) I also like that you mention leaving out the guilt. We are all human and it’s easy to be sidetracked from our goals. However, we need to learn how to refocus on our visions or intentions in order to continue down the right path. Thanks again for a great read!


    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi Steve, thanks so much for sharing – the guilt-free part is SO important. :) Thanks for your thoughts and you can read AND listen to the show here, if you like.

  • http://www.simplemindfulness.com Paige | simple mindfulness

    I never thought about the differences between intentions and goals until I saw your post. Yes, it makes a huge difference! Like you said, you can’t go wrong with an intention. It’s like setting the stage and playing director and not being attached to the outcome. With a goal you’re trying to control people and things that can’t really be controlled and you can miss your mark. With goals, it’s all about the outcome.

    This has also helped me to better understand the whole concept of living without goals – a concept that others rave about but that I’ve had a hard time wrapping my head around.

    Thanks so much for all the insights, Farnoosh!

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi dear Paige, I didn’t until I started this class and really put intentions way above setting goals. And you know what, if you are referring to Leo Babauta’s goal-less concept, I never really understood it either and I don’t think he ever talked about intentions in his explanation of it …. but this works for me and I hope it will work for you too. Thanks for being here, Paige.

  • http://10stepstofindingyourhappyplace.blogspot.com/ Galen Pearl

    Like Paige, I had not realized the importance of the distinction between intentions and goals, but now I see. Perhaps that is why I stopped making New Year’s resolutions, and instead started choosing a guide word for the year, an intention word, so to speak. Thanks for the AHA moment!

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      New Year’s resolutions are a bit over-rated, shall we say? 😉 Hello dear Galen, I am So glad this resonated and even gave you an AHA moment. Happy to hear it and thanks for stopping by.

  • http://www.kaizenvision.com Aileen | Kaizen Vision

    Love how you differentiate goal from intention – and how intention can be an option/alternative to “goals”

    Also like how someone as logical and smart as you are ( Engineer Lady), you talk about “non-scientific, non-logical ways to mark the course of…” Life.
    It’s validates that it’s not an airy-fairy thing, but a real option.

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Aileen, honey, you know it. And you are the one that introduced me to the beginning of all this with Louise Hay. Thank you and it’s way way more than an airy-fairy thing. Lovely to see your beautiful face here. Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://www.alidavies.com Ali Davies

    This is a great distinction Farnoosh – between goals and intentions.

    I use intentions to influence how I experience situations. For example, if it is something I don’t want to do but need to, I set an intention for what mindset I will choose as I do it. Makes life a whole load more fun and enjoyable!!!

    It is also a good reminder that how we experience life, the good and the bad, is a choice.

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hello Ali, it’s ever so lovely to see you here. It’s a complete shift in perspective, both for the moment at hand and those coming to us in the future. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence and a big hug to you.

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  • http://learnactshare.com Pete Ferguson

    Farnoosh, great podcast, I’m loving the self-esteem course! This inspired my blog post for today on intentions and I quoted you several times.

    It really hit me that I’ve been the victim of failed goals when what I really need to focus more on is where I’m heading – and why I’m headed in that direction. This allows for a lot more freedom, creativity, and feelings of success rather than focusing on a missed goal – which is retrospect may not have been a good goal to begin with. ~Pete

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi dear Pete, thank you so much – I am so happy you are enjoying the confidence / self-esteem course. You can quote me as often as you like … or make them all your own :)!
      Let me know if you have any topic requests for future podcasts and I’ll gladly oblige. Thank you!