Embrace Changes of Season with 9 Promises

Winter in Paris

Living your whole life in cold or hot climates does NOT necessarily make you immune to those extreme temperatures!

Seriously, how many times have you heard:
“Well, you should be used to the cold, you live in [insert cold city!]!”
“Oh but you ought to be able to handle the humidity, living in [insert humid place] and all!”

No, people! We are not robots! We are still human beings, facing every winter, every summer, every fall and every spring as if for the first time, and we react as we would every time to a splash of cold water on our face or a dip in a hot bath! We still get cold; we still get hot, and we do not necessarily adapt better for the next time around.

Statistics mean little to nothing for me in general so I follow my own observations and experience in life. Running in heaps of circles has its benefits. I know many people who dread the onset of freezing temperatures in their home towns and get just as cold as the rest of us living in warmer climates. I know others who live in horribly humid conditions all their lives and never quite get used to it. I know people who have never experienced a real winter yet their first time in cold weather does not even phase them. It is impossible to discern a pattern anywhere so I choose to see individuality instead.

Our physical reactions to the changes of season are as individual as our personality. Maybe we can enhance our tolerance for the extreme weathers; maybe we are meant to stay as we are; maybe we change with age and tough training. None of it is necessarily true for every single person.

My fingers are freezing as I am typing this —this after a hot meal, while drinking freshly brewed hot Oolong tea and sitting in the warmest room in the house! I stay cold from late autumn to mid spring — every day, almost all day long. I am not a raw foodist – although I am dying to try that diet at least one summer in my life and I especially wonder how those guys make it through winter but I digress— and I eat constantly and enjoy optimal health and plenty of activity. So why can I not adapt to the cold temperatures for just one winter?

I grew up in Iran and Turkey where the winter snow used to cover us up to our knees, and life would go on as it would for just another sunny day! I adore the heavy rain, dark clouds, and thunderstorms, dislike bright white cloudy days, and enjoy some snow away from home. In fact, I travel to Europe on purpose in the bleak of winter because I find it irresistibly romantic!

Variety in the weather patterns and temporary exposure on vacation is fine with me; it’s the long winter weather at home that always gets me. I have tried to train myself to no avail; I am physically incapable of keeping my core temperature warm for any period of time. That is just my nature and so long as it does not keep me from being a better human being, I let it be.

But what prevents me from my quest in evolving into the best human being is my impossible attitude toward the cold!

At the first snap of chilly wind and freezing temperatures – the moment that we know without a shadow of a doubt that summer has bid us goodbye yet again – the pleasant and sweet person I know as myself slowly turns into a shrew and as the winter weeks and months march on, I find me spouting furious complaints at the weather police and making up serious excuses to leave things undone!

This year, I am taming the shrew! This year, I will adopt a foolproof strategy to embrace the change of seasons, even if in my heart, I’d rather be basking in the warm Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. This year, I will not complain once; I will simply manage winter in delight. I will find a way to welcome this colder climate, rather than “push through it”, or “make it through [insert warmer month]!” This year, I will find the hidden blessings in winter and shake my attitude inside out!

“A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.”
~ Marcel Proust

Time to set the rules of Winter 2010 with these 9 Promises of Change to tame me and you and every other winter shrew out there, to help us find delight and joy in the change of seasons:

1 ~ Smiling at the Cold ~

Smiling is not over-rated: I don’t care how foolish I may look, the plan is to smile all winter. The colder it gets, the more I will smile. I will smile when I wake up cold, when I go into my balcony and when I go outside to the world. I am going to smile at this weather. You should too!

2 ~ Meditation for Inner Warmth ~

The ultimate practice for inner peace and I have been falling out of my routine again. It’s high time to get back into daily meditation. I will meditate on patience for the cold and welcome for changes of the season. I will look for that light within to warm me up!

3 ~ Saluting the Winter Sun ~

Just as we salute the sun in the beloved yoga practice, I am going to salute the dreary, cold, bright winter sun every day. The goal is to look for solace and beauty in it until I find it!

4 ~ Wearing your Socks ~

Oh how I dislike wearing socks at home, to bed, or in the balcony and I really don’t believe this whole theory of socks keeping you warm but my Dad and husband have fought me long enough so I’ll give this theory a try too!

5 ~ Watching your Words ~

Our thoughts become words and our words become actions. I did not make that up; I heard it and am just now beginning to understand its true power. This winter, I will ban negative thoughts; I will never again exclaim how much I resent the cold and I will not curse the weather Gods anymore!

6 ~ Putting on Layers ~

I will wear a million layers — or at least three! If I am going to be in an extreme circumstance, it will be on the side of hotness – as in thermally hot. I will make a party out of it and wear my best stockings, hats, jackets, sweaters and boots!

7 ~ Reading Epic Novels ~

Oh my very favorite. I have always said that we should read our best classics in the winter! I read Wuthering Heights, Madame Bovary, and a sweet many other classics in the cold of winter – and I will continue the tradition by the fire. Right now, The Lord of the Rings has me captivated. What are you reading this winter?

8 ~ Seeing the Bright Side of Winter ~

Oh yes, no mosquitoes to bite me, no insects or bugs to bother me, and it is a time of renewal for the earth, a time for rest before new growth. Wonderful reasons to smile!

9 ~ Helping Someone Else embrace Winter ~

Maybe this post is a head start on that path but there are few things as effective to make you believe in something as advocating it to others. So love winters, embrace the cold, find beauty in the bleak skies and even in the shorter days and the darker nights, and simply refuse to let the change of seasons bring down your spirits!

A Penny for your Thoughts

That is more than what I can commit and promise for this winter – yet I love to hear how you battle the cold – or rather, embrace it. What other strategies do you use to fight the short days, the dark nights, the cold wind, and the morning freeze! Love to hear from you in the comments. Oh and if you live in paradise (Hawaii, Bali, South of France…), then please tell us you miss change of seasons and such… !

Winter snow birdfeeder

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  • Sandra Lee

    Hello Farnoosh,

    I love your blog because you are unique and what you share is unique too. When I come to visit, I never find a rehash of the same old stuff as I do on so many other blogs.

    Here I sit bundled up in a warm sweater on a chilly Hawai’i day. Yes, I even get cold in Hawai’i. Do I relate to the theme of this post? You bet I do! I love the way you use challenges for personal growth and evolution.

    I lived in a cold, snowy, rainy, windy spot for three years with the weather changing each season but almost always “bad.” After all the initial (meaning a long time!) moaning and groaning, I finally discovered that the best approach was just to ignore it. So I think you are on the perfect track and I admire your courage. I agree with you about socks though. I detest wearing socks in bed even when I’m an icicle. The paradox of being!

    Thanks for the link love!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Sandra from Hawaii :), hello and please send my love to paradise. I am so happy to see you up here first and foremost – and you make my day (oh what am I saying, I’ll be happy about your praise for weeks!), thank you!
      I can imagine Hawaii goes through some seasons and I think I knew the island has all climates depending on where you live. I love that we both share this trait, even at our very own discomfort and expense – so you relate! Thank you for sharing your thoughts here, dear Sandra…and stay warm, even in paradise!

  • http://www.thebridgemaker.com/living-beyond-your-skin/ Alex Blackwell

    I may be the exception, but I really like winter. The warmth of my house, snow’s beautiful elegance and the chance to snuggle all delight my senses. In other words, the glass is half full. While I can’t do anything to stop the changes of season, I can choose to enjoy each season for the beauty it offers.


    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Alex, it’s so nice to see you here so often and I really enjoy your encouragement. And don’t worry, I love having opposite views on the blog, some of my favorites – plus, we are talking about the weather, a huge controversy as you know ;)! Winter has its sweet moments and being snuggled up with loved ones or coming back home after a long day outside is very comforting…..Here’s to a beautiful winter for you and your family! Thanks for your comment!!

  • Rebekah

    I always permit myself at least one mournful howl of resentment (Ezra Pound’s parody “Ancient Music” is a favorite) against the fading light and the cold, but winter austerity is beautiful, as are celebrations of light in the darkness, AND we have thermals and hot tea. Your blog will warm and brighten my winter!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Rebekah, my darling, how I love your prose. I do not know that piece of music so I will need to listen….the “fading light and the cold” – oh you must write more often. I will keep you going all winter, if my writing only warms one heart, it will be more than enough satisfaction for me. Thanks for stopping here to share your thoughts!

  • http://www.jungleoflife.com/ Lance

    Hey Hot Girl!!
    (you know…the thermal kind) I’m wearing socks this evening – and they feel good. So, definitely listen to your father and your husband on this one!!!

    And I’m all for the smiling at it idea!! And maybe to take it even a step further, find a way to have some fun in the new season (winter, in this case). I’m thinking hot cocoa, sledding, and a couple of snow angels…

    • http://positiveprovocations.com Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

      Hey sweet Lance, Please pass on some Hot Cocoa to me too…. 😉

      • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

        Zeenat, I wonder if he charges for delivery of his Hot Cocoa….I wouldn’t mind one either ;)!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      I am hot alright, in more than just the thermal sense 😉 ….but as far as thermal goes, definitely feeling warm this morning especially with the space heater here in my room. I think I’ve turned my office into a sauna, Lance. Oh yeah!
      I am wearing my long purple socks today and surprisingly they work.
      Fun sounds good. We are going to Berlin for a getaway and I believe it’ll be snowing when we get there – I’ll let you make me a hot cocoa too, how’s that? Thanks so much for stopping by, Lance!!

      • http://www.jungleoflife.com/ Lance

        Hey Hot Girls!
        (I’m going to get myself in trouble yet, if I’m not careful!!!)
        I’ll be your hot cocoa boy (is that kind of like a cabana boy…wearing a parka??)

        My daughter could LIVE with our space heater!! (and create that sauna feel too!). You two would get along well together!!

        • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

          You are *always* in trouble Lance! – when are you out of trouble?!!!!
          Your sweet stylish daughter and I have plenty in common, except she is just a baby ….. I’d like that hot cocoa around Xmas time please ;)!

  • http://positiveprovocations.com Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

    Hi Sweet and cuddly Farnoosh,
    I have to admit, I love the winter. Mostly cause i grew up in Muscat(a desert) so the winters there are not really winters compared to what you guys have there. And the summers are maddening HOT.
    Secondly, now that I’m in India, the winters are so much more well chilly, but still not as wintery as yours.I still love it. {My oily skin doesnt look all that oily!}
    My most memorable and awesome winter was when I was in Iran and it snowed for a bit…It was the first time I had ever seen or felt snow..(i was 22)..at 4am I ran out in my chaadar and whirled and played in the snow!! (alone)….all those who lived with me at the time, thought i was mad….but hey its SNow!
    Plus, Even in a -6 dergees I used to take cold showers..hehe…that was then. Now I’m older(still refuse to grow up though 😉 ) and have to be bothered about taking care of my bones(how boring) … :)
    But as of now, I’m enjoying my wintery days….love coffee and cocoa(yay Lance!)…Also hot soups with freshly baked warm bread…ahh…so cosy na :) Not to forget a warm warm hug from the loves of my life(hubby&baby)…all work well with me.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dearest Zeenat, it is such a small world – we both lived in the same small country at some point in our lives….Yes the Iran snow still lingers in my mind. You may have looked odd playing in the snow but you remember it as such a dear incident that shaped part of your existence…..There are so many good things about a quiet soft snow fall! Oh I used to do crazier stuff when I was in my 20s too but we can’t afford to get sick anymore – are we getting older or wiser? Maybe both! Thank you for sharing all these lovely stories. It makes my day, dear Zeenat!

  • http://positiveprovocations.com Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

    p.s. thank you for digging up one of my favorite posts and linking them here. You are a doll!!!
    Lots of love,

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      One of my favorites too – and most appropriate link back here, you are welcome, my dear friend!

  • http://www.happyheartandmind.com Zengirl @ Heart and Mind


    Sandra is so right, you write such a diverse subjects and one of kind friend and a blogger!

    I really like this 9 steps to embrace the change in the season. I actually like all 4 seasons for different things that bring! Looking at positives makes cold weather much more warmer! Thanks.


    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Preeti, I hope you are more rested and have some relaxation set aside for the weekend – you know, that is so sweet of you and Sandra, but the irony of it is that I picked the simplest topic here – the weather – although I did add quite a bit of drama to it, maybe that’s it ;)! All kidding aside, I do try to learn from my own shortcoming and I am so happy and so lucky to have readers who appreciate it….thank you thank you!!!

  • Crystal

    I know exactly how you feel! I grew up in Snowy Denver Colorado and never got used to the cold! Now I have moved to the tropical Gold Coast in Australia and I love it!! No snow just beach! Although I do miss the snow sometimes for the pretty and snuggly factor…

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Crystal, hi! Thanks so much for dropping by. Oh Colorado seems romantic to me from afar but I bet it gets cold. And what a move. Australia is one of my favorite spots. I don’t blame you for going down under to find sun, sand and sea! If you miss the snow, you can always squeeze in a skiing trip or something – seriously, a warm home base pays in heavenly dollars in my book….!

  • http://thecrackyfarm.com/ Kellie Kowalski

    I know how you feel about adapting to the weather. I’ve lived in the desert most of my life, but I still can’t stand the triple digit heat.

    I do love the winter (it actually does get really cold here in Nevada!), and I get super excited about the crisp air, grey skies and cable knit scarves. For about two weeks.

    Then I’m sick of freezing, get very irritated about the windy mornings, and get upset about having the coldest room in the house.

    But, on the bright side, winter is a good reason to bring out my fire pit and have a backyard bonfire party! And the cold room is great in the summer.

    I just try to remember all the things I like about the season, so I’m not a total grump by spring. :)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi dear Kellie and welcome to prolific living…..thank you for sharing your story – I must say that I do love the dry heat at least in Las Vegas – I have been to Nevada about 20 times….in all months – and one year I remember some snow which was very hard to believe …..And you know what, the 2 week period is roughly where my excitement ends….I think we have more in common than you think ;)! No grumpiness this winter, let’s fight winter and the cold and show it who is the boss of our spirits: ourselves!!

  • Jane Rochelle

    Scarves, darling, scarves … Choose soft scarves in the most delicious colors you can find, and make them your companion until springtime. When your torso detects that you’re feeling cold, it draws blood from your (unnecessary) extremities to protect your vital core. Keeping your upper body and neck warm assures your system that all is well, and keeps the blood flowing. I’ve suffered the cold most of my life, until I learned this. I adore my scarves.
    ~ Jane

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Jane, you are right – my one pink scarf which is in need of being washed – my husband is running behind in laundry but should be caught up by weekend!!! – is my best companion in the wee morning hours around the house! I will find refuse in my scarves and I adore you for the tip! Thank you for stopping by!!

  • http://10stepstofindingyourhappyplace.blogspot.com/ Galen Pearl

    The rest of the quote from #5 goes like this — Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

    I have that posted by my computer so I see it all the time!

    As for dealing with the cold — I live in the US, in the Pacific Nortwest, which is gray and rainy all winter. I wear socks! I have a light box, which simulates daylight. I turn it on when I get up (in the dark), and it tells my brain that it’s sunny. And I take lots of hot bubble baths followed by lots of warmed lotion.

    I lived in the tropics for several years, during which time I adopted my first son. We moved to Paris when he was 2, and the first winter, he freaked out — he had never been cold! Your post brought back memories of carrying him all bundled up with his face buried in my neck because he did not like the cold air on his skin!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      I had heard that quote somewhere and now you have finished it for me. Thank you dear Galen and welcome to prolific living!! I will memorize it. The pacific northwest: one of the places I hope to own a second home…around Seattle maybe. We visited last October. Yes lots of rain indeed. What is a light box? Oh warmed lotion? That’s another brilliant idea….And Paris, romantic as it sounds, gets bitterly cold – and you don’t have to read Les Miserables to know all that….thank you so much for sharing these precious stories with us!

  • The Torontonian

    Ciao Bella!
    Couldn’t resist chiming in on this topic… Hear me out…from someone who has lived in the wonderfully and (at times) relatively cold Toronto…getting used to the cold is a state of mind. If you are mentally accepting of this fact then the rest is easy. What also helps me is having gorgeous winter clothing! I actually look forward to colder weather and the opportunity to wear them 

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hello secret Torontonian, I think they should hire you as Toronto’s official cheer leader if I had my vote! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I know you know that I know Toronto gets bitterly cold! And your gorgeous wardrobe does wonders for your spirits in those months – I have no doubt about it – that and the mental state of acceptance which I could learn to apply to a few other areas in my life! 😉 THANK YOU bella and come back again please. Loved having you comment in here for us!

  • http://www.timelessinformation.com Armen Shirvanian

    Hi Farnoosh.

    I like the way that you treat a certain season a certain way. We do adapt in some ways, and can’t adapt in others.

    I declare the season of cold and rain as “Armen’s season”. I do like this period. Strong winds brought down a lot of leaves this week, and I raked them up quickly. This period of time is my fitting time. I would say more about how it suits me but I don’t want to overdo it.

    I am not a fan of very hot temperatures at all. High heat is like my kryptonite. I’d rather be very cold than really hot.

    Also, I like to think that cold weather brings people together. I am not sure if this is the case.

    Layers are pretty useful in this context.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Armen, ummm, aren’t you in Southern California, dear? Alright, no more teasing you today but remember your promise about yoga…Now onto Armen’s seasons and such, winds can be brutal – and now you have me looking up “kryptonite”! I’ll switch places with you and you can be very cold and let me be very hot….California has divine weather – I wish I could live there … and yes, you are right, people huddle in cold weather, perhaps another goodness of winter! Thanks so much for adding to the conversation and being such a good sport when I tease you!

      • http://www.timelessinformation.com Armen Shirvanian


        I sure am in southern California. It certainly is warmer on average here than it is in your region.

        One cool location that comes to mind is Seattle where it rains a lot.

        I know someone in Germany who said similar, as she didn’t like the rain and cold there, and loves certain areas of southern California, where she once lived, but she is probably not relocating any time soon as her 3 children are growing up there.

        I like certain weathers but make sure that I “bring it” rain or shine.

        I shall do pilates/yoga step by step.

  • http://zeroto60andbeyond.com Barbara Hammond

    I admire your commitment to surviving the winter Farnoosh. For me it’s more about less daylight than the temperature. My husband becomes maudlin by the end of Sept. and no matter what I say or do he just prefers to be negative about cold weather. Mind you, it’s not even cold here yet! I don’t consider 60 degrees in mid Nov. cold! So I will share your tips and hope for the best.
    Thanks for the post!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Barbara, I do hear you – my husband, the angel all year long, becomes surprisingly irritable too – it’s amazing what a little cold snap can do to us. I do hope you refuse to let winter bring down your spirits – however cold it may get – I am doing it for this winter and I’ll cheer you and the hubby along too. The problem with here is the large range in temperatures. From 30s to 70s, seriously we go through 3 seasons in one day sometimes! All the best, Barbara and thank you for dropping by!

  • http://www.mindadventure.com/blog rob white

    Hi Farnoosh,
    Great article… here in New England we simply loooove to complain about the weather! I admit it still takes me by surprise after a lifetime of experiencing it.
    I’ve learned not to resist the weather… because what you resist shall persist!
    Be willing to allow yourself to dislike the cold as much as you do … and be willing to love the cold as much as you do. There is no use in denying the cold can be abrasive… we live in a world of polarity. Only when we embrace or disdain can we experience the beauty of cold steel day.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Rob, oh you are a New England warrior, are you? I have to say I respect you – I may be visiting Boston at some point but I keep pushing it out to the spring …. there are no festivals in the winter, did you know that? :)
      Seriously thought it IS in our attitude and resisting things never has worked well for me so thank you for the encouragement on this new strategy – and of course as always, for your comment and prose!

  • http://blog.self-improvement-saga.com Nea | Self Improvement Saga

    Hi Farnoosh. I wish you luck with “taming the shrew.” It is so hard to see the positive aspects of things that we dislike; however, I think that’s the best way to feel better about it. If you can just think of one positive thing to focus on regarding winter, it will help tremendously. That would mean you have a thought to return to when you find yourself drifting into negativity.

    I use this when it comes to Summer. I dislike the brutal heat of the Southern U.S. so very much. I don’t like the big insects & they are the first thing that comes to mind when it starts getting hot outside. I may never be a fan of the Summer, but I have come to appreciate it. That makes it easier to keep a positive state of mind.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Nea, the Southeast summers are brutal – you are not alone in that one… but alas, we make it through and the cooler temperatures arrive…one of my favorite phrases was at the end of a poem… “and winter always comes.” – even though with my dislike of cold, there is a romance about winter I just can’t explain. No matter, the mental state matters a great deal and I am going to tame this shrew and hope that you enjoy the cooler temperatures now that you made it through your summer. Lovely of you to stop by, thank you for your comment!

  • http://theboldlife.com Tess The Bold Life

    Yeah for you and if you even accomplish 1/2 of your list ( I have no doubt you will do it all) you’ll do great. I agree with socks and layers. When I lived in cold weather I slept a lot and I mean a lot. I think it was my way of staying warm in the winter.

    I do miss fall. The smell of leaves and cider and apple orchards and more…does that make you feel better;)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Tess, you know it’s easy when we first set goals so 1/2 of them especially for the winter waiting for us would be a success to me. The sleeping thing is hard to accept – I refuse to sleep too much but sometimes the cold knocks me out too. Fall is different from winter. I hope you get to enjoy a gorgeous fall, even if not a cold winter. It’s so good to hear your thoughts and thank you for stopping by!

  • http://hanofharmony.com The Vizier

    Hi Farnoosh!

    It’s great to see another post from you. I have been waiting for a long long time. 😀

    While I pay some attention to statistics, I usually come to my own conclusions about anything. It is true what you say, no matter how hard you try to pigeon hole people for easy reference, they just defy categorization. Sure we can have a rough idea of what they are like but their individuality is undeniable. That is something we should all appreciate them for.

    I personally dislike cold. I like warm hot showers even in sunny Singapore where I come from. Thankfully Singapore is more cold than humid. I guess I am pretty tolerant of the humidity here although I must say the weather this year has been trying. The humidity got to a point where it actually started to irritate me a little. But it’s a mere discomfort to me that’s all. Wow, I am not one to talk about the weather and here I am doing so on your blog! Haha!

    I love Iran and Turkey! I hope to set foot in those countries sometime soon to see what I have read about for years. And if I do so in the winter, this post will come in useful. :) These are my thoughts on the points that resonate most with me.

    2. Meditation for Inner Warmth

    I shall keep this point in mind. I too have not been consistent with my meditation. There are always so many excuses to avoid meditating and so I stop for long stretches of time to my detriment. If I am to survive the cold, I had better become a better meditator. Thank you for raising this point Farnoosh, I never thought of using meditation to deal with the cold.

    7. Reading Epic Novels

    I love this suggestion since I love to read. I am just starting on the 3rd book of Dune: The Children of Dune. If you were to ask me the best classics to read during winter, I would read Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Nothing like martial valour, struggling against other men to unite the land and brotherhood to keep my heart warm regardless of the seasons. But then again I am a guy and an Aries so these are typical preferences for me.

    Seasons don’t really affect me one way or the other. They are just things that I have to work with to get to my goals. When I face a heavy thunderstorm, I just accept it and take the measures I need to go with the flow. If that means carrying an umbrella to brave the rain or staying indoors instead, so be it.

    I suppose if I were in your position, I would accept winter as part of what I have to deal with and just take the measures I need to deal with it as best as I can. That’s life after all. This is how I would deal with any situation. Usually, I am more concerned with my goals or some other ideas that I have to deal with instead of the weather. I am just not the kind of guy to talk about the weather haha! Even so, it is good to pick up some ideas on dealing with the cold.

    Thank you for sharing another insightful and thoughtful post!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Not the type of guy to talk about the weather – well, you sure don’t have a good track record with me ;)! The Vizier is back and I am so happy that you are – nice to see you and yes I did make everyone wait this week (and really, if you look at my archives, my track record is excellent for consistency) but all because of a few things coming next week! Now as for meditation, it’s the breathing that creates warmth in the belly and also the breathing that keeps me awake IF I lie down to meditate; I try to sit. I am going to stick to it and hold you to it too. Speaking of martial arts, we saw “Sutra”, a very interesting martial-arts modern-dance show put on by Shaolin monks. Super impressive, although they lost me on the plot and I think you’ll enjoy them if they tour your area. Anyway, it’s wonderful to see you and I so appreciate the insights here.

  • http://www.ArvindDevalia.com/blog Arvind Devalia

    Farnoosh, I am writing this from a very cold wintry night in London.

    And as you know, its cold and wet here most of the time – and yet I will never get used to it!

    Thanks for your tips – I am just off to put on some socks:-)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hey Arvind, London does get cold – and I am going to Berlin soon, I bet it’ll freeze me if I stand still long enough! I am still working on the socks. I might start tomorrow ;)! I loved your guest post over at Jen’s Everyday Bright – hope you saw my comment….take good care and great to see you here, Arvind!!

      • http://www.ArvindDevalia.com/blog Arvind Devalia

        Brrrrr in Berlin! Rather you than me!

        Thanks for your kind comments on Jen’s post:-)

  • http://uzma7.wordpress.com/ Uzma

    Ah, the cold. We don’t have much of it , in my part of India. I did study in London and the cold blew me away. Literally. Frozen nose and fingers. Yet through it, I yearned to see it snow, as I never have before. So yup, its hard but there’s chamomile tea and the snow. I think there’s something beautiful in every season. In the Indian heat, I eat watermelon and never read or see any temperature forecast, so the mind can’t play games. I just be. And it usually works. I love the seasons. My next post that I’ve written and saved in on seasons (we’re really thinking alike). Will let you know when its up :)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dearest Uzma, I hear about the infamous India heat all the time – One day, one day!, I will come to Mysore to sweat to death doing Ashtanga yoga! Snow is amazing the first time and I am sure London did not disappoint you – and watermelons, yum! I think not knowing what weather is to come may be another way to live a bit on the wild side and also on the more peaceful – come to terms with things – side. Thanks so much for dropping by and let me know when your post on the weather is up!

  • http://www.alternaview.com Sibyl-alternaview

    Considering that I live in Michigan … I really needed this post. I am going to join you and really try and not complain one day about the overcast sky, the freezing temperature and the frigid wind chill (that description doesn’t count as a complaint…just an observation:) ) I really have always thought that you can make any place what you want it to be and you can enjoy yourself no matter where you are. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Sibyl, dear friend, I just saw this before shutting down for the night and I am so happy to have a ride for this challenge – Oh I do feel for you and I love the apt description. This week I have said, it’s cold but I am fine, it’s chilly but beautiful, and I am freezing but I love life! And silly as it may sound, I make myself happier (and slightly warmer). Here’s to warm hearts and high spirits to face our winter together. Thanks for your comment and especially for joining me on the ride!

  • http://zasmine-circa-me.blogspot.com/ jasmine

    Hello Farnoosh,
    I hate winter too! And I am also always told that because I am from the northern part of my country that I should be immmune to it/ appreciate it et al!
    I appreciate your positivity, but I just can’t embrace it. Come October, I try to catch hold of all my official projects that are happening in the south and I escape the northern winter! :)
    But I would like to add- socks are great, and I love to buy the most obnoxiously eye catching socks ( with fluorescent pink pigs on them or big cat paw marks etc) and wear them everywhere. I guess I add quite a bit of humour to my boring manufacturing plants! :)
    And as for the layers, I have an anti-layer policy. The more layers I put on, the more difficult it is to shrug them off later and somehow,no number of layers satisfy me. So no more than 3 layers is what I promise myself.
    Reading is always a great escape, good luck with Tolkien!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Jasmine, I totally understand that you may not like winter like me but my dear, you ARE embracing it with those fun, funky, colorful socks! I am envious! The anti-layer policy was in effect for me until recently – but I am giving the layers a chance, although the sock thing isn’t working out so well. I still seem to prefer cold feet, go figure! Thanks so so much for sharing your fun, cute perspective on winter and I wish you many happy trips south where you can escape the cold of winter! Be warm and come back again!

  • John Sherry

    What got me Farnoosh was the word ‘bleak’ in your picture header. I don’t see bleak in winter merely an alternative way to re-connecting – to ourselves and nature. The winter coming shows all is well with Mother Nature, as well as it’s always been and the winter helps us also draw back our energies, reflect, take stock, prepare for times to come. For me, it’s the period for greatest discovery. So, here’s to yours in Paris or Iceland or where ever hearts need warming. Be blessed.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi John, yes I know – I said bleak and it is bleak to me but the point is that I am – hopefully – embracing it. I can do it so much easier in Europe than at home. And I love your attitude about winter…..about it being the period of your greatest discovery – that’s brilliant. I love how different seasons have completely different effects on all of us. And how you took the time to share yours….thanks so much!

  • Create My Mind Movie

    How about moving to Australia where our Christmases are in the Hot Summer Heat? lol

    No no, I get what you are saying and its completely valid! Don’t let the winter blues get you down! I think when we are battling things outside ourselves like the ‘weather’ its great mental practice for us to learn to be greatful and to give ourselves the gifts of happiness and emotional balance!

    My favorite tip was meditating to create inner warmth. Beautiful, I love it!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Funny enough, we are thinking of spending some time down there next year and I can’t imagine a better proposal for facing winter. Great mental practice indeed! The meditation has been working this week too so I am glad you liked it…! So nice of you to stop by here and welcome to prolific living space and I hope to see you again!

  • http://uzma7.wordpress.com/ Uzma

    My God, Farnoosh. The link was such a pleasant surprise. Am so humbled . Thank you :) Fellow travellers, on this journey of life, make it all the more interesting and warm. Am learning that this journey isn’t mine at all, and therefore I can’t travel it alone. Its together, learning from each other and the whole world, that the soul flourishes. Thank you so much for making me a part of this journey. What a sweet gesture,my friend

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Uzma, I am so happy to hear it….although your post deserves the attention – it is so beautifully written, such gorgeous prose. You must keep writing…..you are a part of my world for certain and lovely way to articulate the flourishing of the soul. Have a lovely day and thank you for coming back to tell me this….

  • http://aprendizdeescritor.com.br Bruno Cobbi

    Hello Farnoosh,
    First time on your blog, sent by a suggestion of Google Reader. I’ve became a fan.
    Here on Brazil, my next 9 promises will came on December 21.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hello Bruno and welcome from Brazil, a place I’d love to visit…So glad you are a fan and keep us posted on your 9 promises. Thanks for your comment!

  • Felicia

    Hi Farnoosh,
    Like you, I too am very against the cold weather – to the point I hated it one time. However, what I like about it is that I get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while sitting and reading a novel. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about winter!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Felicia, a hot beverage curled up with a novel sounds divine, in hot or cold weather but yes, much better in cold. Oh I am preparing to go to cold Berlin and I have to brace myself for it. Hope you live in a reasonably good climate and that your winter is mild and your spirits high. Thanks for your comment and for being such a loyal reader here!

  • Negar

    Great tips for the winter, Farnoosh jan! I’m surprised no one has mentioned my favorite winter activity – rent a few movies and invite friends over! We snuggle up in blankets, sit by space heaters, and snack on popcorn and/or warm beverages. In fact, Neda and I are going to a couple’s apartment tonight for dinner and a movie. :) Hope you’re staying warm!! xx

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Negar, this post has been waiting all its life for you to add that special tip for us. How fun! I love movies so so much and to do it with friends is even more divine. Enjoy your time and stay warm and spring will be here before we know it….we hope!!!