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How do we crush travel barriers and start traveling the world today?

We crush them slowly, one at a time, with tender care and tough love. We crush them by living what we preach, by walking our talk, and by meaning what we say. We crush them with the truth, with facts, with information, with knowledge, with education, with empowering ideas into actions and dreams into realities.

I am talking about the surmountable psychological and emotional barriers surrounding the act of traveling and subsequently the mission to crush these barriers one by one. What is it that keeps you from committing to a vacation and not postponing month after month, year after year?

The simple truth is this: Travel does not discriminate. Travel simply exists for those who are willing to do it.

It does not take a special or an important person to travel. It does not take riches, wealth and status to travel. It does not take being a historian or a multi-lingual or an archeologist to travel. And it most certainly does not take being a 20-year old carefree unattached wanderer in order to travel.

It takes only you and your willingness. The rest is detail.

In other words, you are either willing to travel or you are not willing to travel. No gray here guys, just black and white, just yes or no, just binary if you went to engineering school (and indulge me because I wanted to use that word!)

Much as I love to travel, I have immense respect for people who make the case against travel altogether. They use their power of choice, they take a stance and they live according to their beliefs. If that is not empowering and exemplary, I do not know what is!

But every day, I also meet people โ€” intelligent, educated, talented and very interesting people – who dream but only dream of traveling. They tell me I am so lucky to be traveling. Hmmm, thank you but I beg to differ because luck, my friends, has nothing to do with the price of tea in china! Luck is irrelevant. You design your own life and it just so happens that you too can design it with travel, as little or as much of it as your little heart desires.

What then stands in the way?
The single largest barrier standing in the way is fear.

The act of traveling is laden with fear and the fear is real and crippling. The fear of leaving home and your routine, fear of not having the money or the time, the fear of being seriously out of your comfort zone, the fear of not speaking the language or not knowing the way, the fear of getting lost in a foreign land, the fear of not feeling welcome, the fear of not enjoying the food and the fear of getting sick while away from home. Oh and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.
~ Les Brown

The gift of travel surpasses the weight of this elusive fear by immeasurable leaps and bounds. To breathe life and give wings to that willingness, you have to crush the fears first. If you do not crush the fears, you instead crush the amazing opportunity to embrace your travel dreams. Not good.

Nearly 8 years ago, I was laden with the fear of traveling. I had every worry under the sun and brilliantly buried every dream of going anywhere under those worries.

Now, a half a million flying miles later, not counting thousands of miles from other airlines before I built up loyalty for American Airlines and completely ignoring thousands of driving miles, I have a massive shift in perspective and today, my dreams bury my worries. I have huge responsibilities, a full-time job, this lovely blog, hobbies, friends and family and commitments and yet nothing gets in the way of my travels.

That’s my story. Your story – whether you have started it yet or not – will be unique and completely of your own making. So brace yourself and do not give the time of day to the fear of traveling and any doubts of overcoming those fears.

So I am setting out to create the ultimate fear-crushing guide for facing your travel demons. I plan to address your every fear and help you overcome your every barrier so that you can fulfill your particular travel dreams. The only way to get this right for us is to know your fabulous thoughts around these questions.

Get Confident in 21 Easy Steps

  • Jaky Astik

    Hey Farnoosh, nice read.
    I’ve a friends who travels a lot. Most of the time, he just sets out without much planning or even stuff he may need out there. He is just not fearful. He takes with him a some clothes, a camera, his laptop, his credit card and some cash. He enjoys travelling and he enjoys every bit of eat.

    What some people think as problems is what he calls adventure. He’s just taking it positively. I went out with him once and my! What an experience that was!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Jaky and thank you for showing up and taking the survey so quickly….I am so proud of your adventurous friend and I can see you can’t help but agree with him :)! What he takes with him is just about what you need, maybe a few things on top of that and you really can buy everything else at just about any other place on earth…!! Sweet, thanks so much for your comment and filling the survey!

      • Jamie Farrell

        Yes ma’am – filled it out the first day I got my email ( ;

        • Farnoosh

          Jamie, you are so sweet and supportive. So glad to have your input. Thanks a million!

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  • Alex Blackwell

    A life-changing topic for sure Farnoosh – my survey is on its way to you.


    • Farnoosh

      Dear Alex, your support means the world to me and I am so happy to have your voice in this survey. A million thanks!

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  • Lance

    Just so you know I can sport my geeky side once in a while…I used the hexadecimal numbering system today!! (and…get this…it related to an upcoming blog post!) …it’s that engineer in me (grin)

    See, look how quickly your “binary” talk threw me off topic here! Whoa!!

    Okay – I’m all for travel! Still, very much looking forward to what you have to share!!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Lance, Hexadecimals huh? Those were everyday conversations at some point in my life along with two dozen other Greek words! ;)! Engineers are unique no doubt!!
      You make me laugh….and I do count on you filling out the survey please and telling me if I am on the right track here. Thank you for your immense support and hope the guide serves well!

  • The Vizier

    Hi Farnoosh,

    It is great to see another article from you again. It’s something interesting I look forward to every week! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Crush barriers slowly one at a time with tender care and tough love. Crush them by living what we preach and walking our talk. Crush them with truth, facts information…This is indeed the most violent post I have read coming from you so far. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I agree fully with you. Travel takes the willingness to do so. Unfortunately, as you have listed in the survey, there are many fears that we have to “ahem” crush, to make travel a reality. Our lives, our travels are up to us to shape and define. It would be a pity to let fears and limitations hold us back. In truth, there is so much out there in the world to see.

    I think it would be a good idea to have a fear crushing travel guide to give us tips on how to deal with the possible problems of travel. That would be a great way to put your experience in travel to good use.

    Looking forward to your guide! :)

    Irving the Vizier

    • Farnoosh

      Hello dear Irving, how have you been and hope you are starting the new year off to a great start. I see that you are taking on a challenge as Sandra and full of love and appreciation – great post!! Thank you so much for your vote of confidence here, I want to make sure I am not overestimating the fear and from my experience, you just cannot overestimate how prevalent fear has become in the pursuit of our dreams. I am going to pull together a fantastic fear-crushing guide for us. Thanks so so much for the thoughts!

  • Jean Burman

    Hi Farnoosh :-) Congratulations on your new guide! I don’t have a fear of travel so I probably can’t help by filling out the questionnaire. In fact… I love to travel… and plan to do more in the middle of the year when I have completed outstanding tasks here. Seems a painter/writers work is never done LOL

    Australians [in particular] have always enjoyed a huge love affair with travel despite our relative geographical isolation. But perhaps that could actually be the reason we do! We are incurably inquisitive about other countries and have a huge need to know we are not “missing out” by being down here… so we go see the world in droves to find out! LOL

    I’ve been a lot of places [although not as many places as Chris Guillebeau] but there are still a great many other places I still want to go… but this time go and stay for awhile [you know settle into the village life and do as the locals do] I see myself cycling over the Tuscan hills or riding a motor scooter up the winding streets of Positano before the year is out. Fingers crossed and all things being equal.

    Good luck with the Guide. Sounds great! I’m looking forward to reading it.

    • Farnoosh

      Jean, I think maybe 3 others in the world match Chris on his agenda so don’t feel bad – I assure you I am not one of them. He has build a life mission around travel and I have not made that my number one intention. Oh and I know very well how travel ranks for my Aussie friends and would think that you can write this guide rather than use it but perhaps you have friends or others you have met who have expressed fears of travel and even if you share your thoughts from that angle, it gives me more data to consider before the write-up….of course, sharing your travel dreams is the best part. I must return to Italia! It may just be this year….so let me know when this Tuscan hill dream is about to unfold for you! :) Thanks so much for your thoughts here, Jean!

    • Farnoosh

      Hey Jean, that other thread ran out since I had it limited to however many – and it’s s funny, Amazon sent me that book for review about a year or so ago and I didn’t like it. And I LOVE Italy….I gave it away to someone else. It started so slow and I was in a mood for something more fast-paced I supposed..but alas, I sat through Tolstoy with the patience of an elephant!! Go figure…Yes always heaps of fun to have you around thanks for the smiles!!!

      • Jean Burman

        [grin] my daughter gave me the book so I did kind of feel compelled to read it [in case I ever had to face question time] LOL :-)

  • J.D. Meier

    I like the idea.

    As I sifted through people I know that can’t make the trips they want, it’s not fear that holds them back — it’s that they don’t have the money and they don’t have enough vacation time at work. So they take littler trips within their means.

    I do think a lot of the topics you want to cover are pragmatic and are perfect opportunities for some sage advice.

    • Farnoosh

      Hello J.D.. how nice to see you1
      I know what you mean and I am proud of people who take whatever trips they can make but more often than not, I think – and you may see this too – they may make traveling far more complicated and be able to effectively take even more trips within their means but not be aware of it…That’s my hope anyway with the fear-crushing guide! Thanks a million for weighing in!!

  • Clearly Composed

    Big smiles to my sister in willingness! Thanks so much for including me in such a fantabulous post and thank you for posting about all your wonderful travels. Each time you board a plane and take off for exotic locales you plant a seed in each of us that if we desire, we can do it too. I already have one trip planned for this year and this post makes me want to spin a globe around and plan even more. For every reason we can think of not to take the chance there are a thousand waiting for us that says…fly and be free! Looking forward to more of your take on this topic. You always bring us such great stuff. :)

    • Farnoosh

      Emma, soul sisters in willingness! Yes! Thank you for writing fantastic posts which are irresistible and unforgettable :)! I do hope that you thoroughly enjoy your trip and have many more to follow in 2011! “fly and be free” – might quote you on this fear-crushing guide! Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your gorgeous words with us dear Emma! Here’s to Willingness!!

  • rob white

    I love your message here, Farnoosh. How many times do we hear people say, “I will travel when….. ” fill in the excuse. Nothing can stop the power of a made up mind. If we impress the belief “I am a traveler” into our consciousness it soon becomes our reality. Fear has no power in our life when we exercise our right of consciousness.

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Rob, I hear it so often I am driven to write this guide, seriously….And the thing is, it’s fine to choose NOT to travel but to wish so desperately to be able to travel but not do it, that is the story of interest to me. I knew you would come up with a unique spin here and the “I am a traveler” words into our consciousness bring a lot to my mind and imagination. Thank you Rob and a big happy new year to you!

  • Lindsay

    Hello from a new reader!

    I think fear is what holds us back from doing SO many different things — travel just being one of them. If we could just get over our fears, life would be a much wilder (and fun!) ride, don’t you think? Tossing fear by the wayside will send us on new journeys…both locally and far away from home!

    Good luck with the guide. I think it’s a fabulous idea!

    • Farnoosh

      New readers get a special welcome. Hi Lindsay and welcome to prolific living :)! What a gorgeous avatar! And you can’t say that again enough times….fear holds us all back on some level or another. It’s an epidemic, it’s a disease, it’s buried inside us and won’t get out and let us be! Or maybe I am just dramatic about it because it has plagued me until recently. Thank you so much for the vote of confidence on the guide!

  • Kristi

    Just added my two cents in the survey. My husband and I are planning some great getaways in the country and around the world – Australia, South Africa, Europe, etc. But there are a few places I’d like to go that are on the travel advisories lists which ultimately scare the mess out of me. So I think if this ebook / audio gave some rational solutions to that fear, I would be all for it to add some more countries to our “to do” list. :)

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Kristi, how nice to see you here and I am so so excited for your trip! I have told you how I feel about Australia although we only visited few parts but South Africa should be incredible. So on the “dangerous places” in this world, I have some hesitation but my husband has a lot more. We travel a lot but we do take precautions. We are stepping out of it more. I think with the fear-crushing guide, I would focus on some of the hype and paranoia which simply does not exist but I definitely think there are places that I would not visit because of safety so I may expand your list or expand the perspective. Either way if you are going to South Africa, you have plenty of courage for all of us but I do plan to make it there in 2012!!! Thanks Kristi!

  • Galen Pearl

    Traveling is an excellent symbol for all the dreams that fear holds us back from. I used to travel all the time and also lived as an expatriate in three other countries. I lived with my passport that had accordian pages pasted in for all the stamps.

    These days, I am happy to stay close to home. I find that the travel I am most interested in now is inner travel, and when I started venturing in that direction, all the fear that I never had about traveling the world was released like the demons out of Pandora’s box! Oh my! So I had to face my fear, just as you say, and find the courage to go where I had never gone before (to borrow a line from Star Trek). Now I am a fearless (most of the time) inner traveler, living with my passport with accordian pages pasted in.

    • Farnoosh

      Galen, you were a world traveler once and didn’t tell us about it?! We are in such great company – why not write about your travels?
      And as for the inner travel, do you mean meditation and introspection? If so, you know how highly I value that but I never drew the connection between the two…I wonder if more meditation helps me shed more of my fear because even I harbor some but I just don’t let it get in the way! :) Many thanks for weighing in, dear Galen and what a story-filled passport indeed!

  • Emiel

    I think it’s an unique idea to create a fear-crushing guide! Although it will be a huge challenge to have people with fears take up the challenge to leave their secure homes and travel the world..

    Thanks for the trackback to my blog! As you know we take our children along on our travels: Morocco, Thailand and Bali. I have to admit we had some fears, especially linked to health. But we just crushed those fears.
    We went. We enjoyed. We repeated :)

    In our world cultures blend. Not only on the streets, but also online. We crushed our own fears because we believe our children will benefit from learning about other people and cultures as early as possible in their lifes. And we indeed see them grow after each travel. They learn about countries and places, they ask questions about cultural habbits, etc.

    But I know a lot of people with fears: money, getting lost and no idea where to start (I did the survey). Your guide will a great way to convince them. Good luck!

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dear Emiel, I knew the travel stories would draw you in! I know, it won’t be easy to remove the fears and the doubts but I am going to do my very best to crush them and hope others crush them along with me.
      I loved that post on Morocco and yes I knew you take them along – which is so fortunate for them! – Thank you *so much* for doing the survey. I hope to help all of the people you mention, Emiel, thank you!

  • Jamie Farrell

    I love that you’re writing about this as I WAS a wreck when I traveled for years (hated to fly / claustrophobic). I didn’t let it stop me (much) and have been all over Europe and the Middle East, but had to do so very….shall we say….intoxicated….on quite a cocktail of different things….that said – this past year, I had to start flying more for business and now am fine – and have 150,000 miles to show for it.

    I hadn’t, however, read about it in a blog – and seeing you do this is great! Makes me feel ‘more normal’ and will definitly help people.

    • Farnoosh

      Hello again Jamie, I had you pegged as a super traveler, I don’t know why – It may be the photo of you with that mountain in the backdrop and I sympathize so much with your travel phobia. My husband feared flying so much that before takeoff, his palms were wet and freezing cold and he never blinked an eye just in case the pilots needed his help (you think I am kidding, right?)! And look at you go as far as the Middle East – talk about facing your fear and not letting it stop you. I hear about this all the time because I meet so many wonderful people in so many social circles and it’s good to hear that you had some reservations too, even though it didn’t stop you. If you take a minute to fill out the survey, I’d be delighted…if you have already, a million thanks!!

  • Alison Moore Smith

    I travel a bit. Every year our family goes on one or two vacations. We’re taking everyone to the east coast this spring (again). We’ve taken the family all over the continent and to Hawaii a couple of times. Sam and I took off to Florida alone last year. I lived in England for a semester in college and Sam lived in Samoa. For our 10th and 15th wedding anniversaries we went to Portugal and the Netherlands, respectively. My husband is a gold medallion because of business travel. (Ack!)

    Truth is, (more) travel just isn’t very high on our priority list. We just really don’t care that much about it. There are so many things we’d rather spend time and money on right now that travel just doesn’t enter the picture. Maybe that’s odd, but it’s just not a big issue to us.

    Interesting article, though. Never occurred to me that many people want to travel but don’t out of fear.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Alison, so nice to hear about your family’s vacation – and I know that you have 6 wonderful children, thanks for sharing that great story with me!! Hawaii is my favorite place in the world after all my travels so you have your priorities straight, for sure :)! And Ack to that business travel indeed. I had to fly coast to coast at least once a month for over a year and it put such a strain on my marriage, my diet and my life. If I had to do it again, I would do so many things differently. I hope your hubby has a good balance.
      And you know what, it’s fantastic to know that travel just doesn’t rank high for your family because there ARE a million other things to do and if you live somewhere with those opportunities, why leave home? Naturally, we all have different appetites for travel and it’s not at all odd to me.
      I do hope to help those who really have mental reservations about travel despite a strong desire to leave home and go see the world…thank you so so much for weighing in and for your recent comments, Alison! They add so much to the conversation!

  • Rand

    Hi Farnoosh!

    This is my first time to your blog. What a fun and learning place to be! I like the contest that you put together.

    I’m a I.A.T.S.E. stagehand. Today I was at the Old Globe Theater located at San Diego’s Balboa Park. Hanging high up in the back work shop area is a large poster from the drama ‘Brothers and Sisters’. This was a two consecutive day performance. The cast was from The Soviet Union… were talking 1989, if I remember right. The story delt with the failure of the post-WWll Soviet rural “Five Year Plan”.
    I asked the Head Carpenter if he was at the Globe back then. He said “yes” and that it was so interesting talking to the Soviet performers.

    I told him that I was in the Soviet Union in 1984.

    What a quick change this was in so few years. A pretty provacative political play
    in San Diego by Soviet performers! We had a whole Soviet Festival that year in San Diego. Our mayor at that time was Maureen O’Connor. To this day I can see the legacy of Russian families that now live here.

    This is at the top of the list for why we should travel. The breaking down of cultural and political barriers.

    I’m totally stoked now that I came here today. I’m going to try real hard to go down to Malaysia and spend some time on my Little Brother’s boat this year. Its been 8 years now since I sailed with him last…IT’S ABOUT TIME!!

    No “fears” when it comes to travel. If I get started up all I will want is more!

    Need to do some travel with my daughters also.

    “Keep On Truckin”


    • Farnoosh

      Dear Rand, a warm welcome to you for coming to prolific living and for sharing your stories and reasons to travel – I completely agree with you! I did not focus on this post (I have in previous ones) why we should travel because it is a different topic and of course people have their own reasons….but breaking down cultural gaps (not sure about the political ones ;)) is a good one. I do sincerely hope you make it down to Malaysia – I had friends who spent a week there; we were all in Singapore and they ended up going to Kuchin while we headed over to Bali for the final week of our trip – and they loved it! No fears is the way to do it. All the best!

      • Jean Burman

        So funny to hear “down” to Malaysia. It’s “UP” for us. But then pretty much everywhere is from here [relatively speaking]! (((chuckles))) So cool…

        • Rand

          Jean your weren’t to know that I was standing on my head when I typed my post!

          • Jean Burman

            (((chuckles))) :-)

            • Rand

              …Jean if you pack a white dress you will not have to rent a scooter when you go to Tuscany. Make sure to take a dip into the pool of some central water fountain also! Wont hurt to have a nice dress on for this also.

              • Farnoosh

                This dialogue has got me pysched about Italy. Just the other day, hubby asks where I wanna go this year and before reading all this, I had already said, “back to Italia!” – this seals the deal….thank you both! And also thanks for the laughs :)!

                • Jean Burman

                  I know it’s a bit formulaic Rand… but I am currently reading Frances May’s sequel “Every Day in Tuscany” so you will just have to forgive me for my seeming lack of originality! [grin] I think this is one adventure I could sincerely make my own however… but first I will have to go there and see how the plot develops. I am thinking color… bright prints for the dress flowing scarf [or maybe an akubra]… *sigh* I think it could be fun! (((chuckles)))

                  • Jean Burman

                    You’re welcome Farnoosh :-) thanks for allowing the indulgence! As always I wasn’t meaning to hijack your comment space here… but it has been a nice little sojourn to the side don’t you think? :-)

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  • givejonadollar

    Heck, I don’t have a fear of traveling, I just don’t have the time or money.

    Therefore, I’m stuck in cold Indiana until I hire some more people and get some more things moving. :) :)

    • Farnoosh

      That’s fantastic….no fear of traveling – although the hesitation on time and money, while very valid, is one that I hope to address in the guide from my experience – I had both of those reasons not to travel. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts!

  • Aileen

    Farnoosh, I’m impressed with the technical side of this post… your survey! It’s user friendly – easy to figure out how to participate and submit and it works perfectly. Wonderfully interactive – I love it.

    I didn’t know you once fearful to travel. You are the travel guru.


    • Farnoosh

      Dear Aileen, it took me a few short hours to set it up and figure it out but I had great support from Zoomerang and highly recommend them for surveys!
      Yes, I had fears before, now I just have anxiety if I don’t travel every month ;)!
      Thank you so much for your support and I am sure you weighed in on the survey because it wouldn’t be complete without you!

      • Aileen

        :) yes, I took the survey. The other neat thing is your site knows I took the survey so I don’t see it again – that’s great technology!!!

  • Jen Gresham


    Excellent topic. I love to travel and I have even told people the sole reason I work is to fund my expeditions. But I had to admit something strange: I left nearly every vacation early, including my honeymoon! I know, it’s terrible, but I get homesick. I enjoy the wonderful novel experiences that travel brings, but I understand now I need to make my trips short. You’d think that realization would mean I’d travel more frequently, but I don’t, and I wish I knew why. Partly due to money, partly due to hating the hassle (esp now) of getting on a plane.

    Taking the survey now and look forward to the book!


    • Farnoosh

      Hey Jen, I love the phrase “fund my expeditions” – Gonna steal that one to put to good use, thank you :)! Now that is strange; I don’t think I have but once or twice changed a business trip to come home early. I just think of my plane flights as dead in stone because they cost so much to change…I do get home sick too. Maybe there is something at home waiting for you that is much harder to leave behind….and short trips are empowering. I know a week seems short in a busy everyday life but when you have a week on vacation, while it’s not “enough”, it is actually a very nice long period to enjoy oneself….I don’t know if that makes sense. Time just seems to go at a different pace on vacation. well, thank you so so much for taking the survey and for your lovely comment!

  • Thekla Richter

    I’ve done some amazing travelling that really filled my soul. I’m not sure what the future will hold there now that I have a baby – as long as we breastfeed, we are a package deal, and his routines are easily upset (with unfortunate results). Still, my husband and I are talking about doing a trip this summer – not to the far-flung ambitious places next on my dream travel list, but somewhere closer by and still lovely. I look forward to learning how to travel with a kid and/or to take off a bit on my own– when he’s a bit older.

    • Farnoosh

      Thekla, how nice regarding your travels. It sounds wonderful. I am so happy to be able to say the same thing. I am sure you can travel with your baby too once she/he is just a bit older to have a routine and be a tad bit more independent. I am very proud of you for planning and aspiring to go rather than ruling travel out altogether because of mommyhood…! Wishing you the very very best and many happy travels with new experiences as a Mom….and if you took the survey, a million thanks!!

      • Thekla Richter

        Yes, people can travel with babies of any age if they really want to, for sure. Like everything else it comes down to how you want your life to work and what’s most important to you which can change over time, too. I think a lot of it also depends on understanding your child’s individual personality and needs. Some children A’s age would probably travel a lot better than he does right now just because kids are all so different.

        Yes, I did take your survey! Though I suspect my kid-focused concerns might not be the ones for most of your potential readers. Sounds like such a fun project, enjoy :)

  • farouk

    i plan to travel this year , i am not sure where i go yet but the plan is in my mind, thanks for the post Farnoosh :)

    • Farnoosh

      Hi Farouk, so many places to go and so little time. Best of luck. Have a great time and thanks for your comment!

  • Sibyl-alternaview

    Farnoosh: As usual, you are such an inspiration and always sharing the best advice … from the benefits of learning to speak another language and now to finding our travel spirit. I love all the advice and am so look forward to this guide. Great idea to include the survey. It really shows just how useful you are always trying to make the information you share.

    • Farnoosh

      Hi dear Sibyl, thanks so much for taking the survey and for being here to support my efforts – I couldn’t possibly develop anything in isolation from my readers!! And it’s been really interesting to read the responses….as I thought it would be… so nice of you to be here and say these words, thank you! Hope you are doing fantastic in the new year!

  • Travis

    While I don’t consider myself “scared” of travel… I do have to admit I’ve been pretty lame lately and haven’t done a whole lot of it. :( Of course, you could look at all the excuses I’ve been making as examples of fear… too busy with work, not enough time, too many projects to finish, etc. You seem like you have a lot of travel experience though Farnoosh, so I think you writing a guide could be very helpful to others; and while addressing the primary fears others have may be your biggest concern, I think if you include just general information for us travel newbies that too would be a tremendous help!

    • Farnoosh

      Travis, the best way to fix you is have you BOOK a TRIP now :)!
      Seriously though, thanks so so much for the feedback – and don’t worry, the guide will focus on the fear and then I will pack it with the best of my experience and learning and share killer tips on newbie travelers…..So excited and thanks for filling out the survey!!

  • Angela

    Great post, you’re right, traveling has nothing to do with luck! Looking forward to your guide, will be very useful to some friends/family members of mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Farnoosh

      Dear Angela, hello and welcome to Prolific Living!! I am waiting to close out the survey (you took it for us, yes?) and then start working on this guide. Thanks so much for thinking of your family/friends who could use it! Many thanks and stay tuned!

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  • Janis & Jeff

    Farnoosh, found your blog through a ProBlogger post on top bloggers to watch in 2011.
    Loved this post –especially the line “And it most certainly does not take being a 20-year old carefree unattached wanderer in order to travel.”

    We quit our jobs and traveled to Europe for 5 months in our mid-40s — and got even better jobs on our return.

    • Farnoosh

      Janis and Jeff, very brave and exemplary of you to take off and travel and then return to even better opportunities. I love the story! Thank you for stopping by, welcome to prolific living, I enjoyed some of your blog photos on travel, and very happy to have your story here among the others.

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  • LP99

    Traveling it great! And you’re right, you can only stand on the diving board for so long. You have to jump!

    • Farnoosh

      I love that analogy. I am going to steal it away from you :) thank you so so much!

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