Episode 76: Delivering Infotainment with Comedy with Johnny D. Domenico


Welcome back to Episode #76 of The Daily Interaction podcast. We have our 2nd guest on the Interactive Interview Series, Johnny D. Domenico.

I met my fabulous guest, Johnny Domenico, for this show at the New Media Expo. You are going to LOVE him as we talk about how you can deliver a message with comedy and as he gets in and out of several characters for us. We did this interview for you in person live in Las Vegas.

Johnny Di Domenico is a seasoned professional actor, writer and performer. He is a brilliant impersonator who started acting in character to overcome his speech impediment. Johnny wanted to be a performer from the time he was five years old. He started writing and performing in his own movies and hasn’t stopped yet. Today Johnny travels the country, speaking at corporate events delivering unforgettable speeches while in character and while also informing his audience. It’s more than entertainment; it’s infotainment.

I thought he was unforgettable in this interview but you be the judge …. listen in now!


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You can find Johnny on his website and given his work – professional impersonator – you MUST checkout his YouTube channel.

Interview Questions that I asked Johnny about Infotainment:

1. My listeners are interested in how they can communicate their message in a unique memorable way so you do that well. What started this path for you? Why did you start to combine comedy with your speaking?

2. Being unforgettable – talk about powerful speakers and how their message sticks and it doesn’t have to be a speech for my listeners it can be a powerful introduction …Or how important is it to be unforgettable? Can you give us some tips on being unforgettable in your communications?

3. On being relatable – you get into characters that people know and from experience they can relate to it so they connect with you … Talk about that and how we can do that in our daily interactions?

4. Power of comedy – it connects us like nobody’s business … I had great fun talking to you because you were funny when you did your Donald Trump impersonation which …. Do you want to do now? … So yeah how do we incorporate a little comedy and fun into our interactions?

5. My last question John is something for my listeners to take away … An action step, something they can do today to help them communicate better the magic formula that you have created….

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  • Melly Deen

    Very funny and informative show, Johnny was awesome. How lucky of you Farnoosh to run into her at NMX. Thanks for putting together a great interview!!! More celebrities please ;)!

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Johnny was a treat, that’s for sure, Melly. Check out his website and his great great work!!

  • http://www.midwaymarketplace.com Maxwell Ivey

    Hi Farnoosh; Thanks for the fine interview. As someone who has yet to make it to his first trade conference or training seminar, it gave me some good ideas to think upon. The main point it seams is you have to develop confidence in your ability to meet and speak to others by practicing on a regular basis. I have never been afraid of or had trouble speaking to strangers on the bus, in a line, at the doctor’s office, etc; but it might be different being at an event filled with people that you wish to impress and hope to do business with in the future. his suggestions were very good and sound easy to do given the availability of recording aps on smart phones etc. thanks for all the time you put into your shows. take care, max

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Max, you are back! So glad to hear your feedback on interviews. You are very welcome. Johnny is a true pro at what he does and says so follow all his advice but one thing to add: Don’t put a lot of expectations and pressure on yourself at your first trade show, Max. be prepared to talk about your business sure and all that good stuff but don’t put the expectations as additional pressure. Who needs that? Being yourself will allow you to be confident! Be well and keep me posted.

      • http://www.midwaymarketplace.com Maxwell Ivey

        Hi Farnoosh; i was thinking the same thing as i was pressing the submit button. Max, when you go to that first conference, it should be fun not pressure. It should be you meeting a bunch of new people who have never met you before or who would like to put a voice and face with the emails and website. Don’t even think about pressure or being nervous or for dang sure that’s exactly what will happen. I’m cleared to travel, so now its just a matter of picking the next best opportunity that is out there. thanks so much farnoosh. take care, max