4 Habits to Ultimate Productivity While Traveling the World

What Really Happens When You Live an Unconventional Life

The first question I was getting asked before my umpteenth international travel – for which we love using Expert Flyer by the way (there goes my travel secret) – this year was why.

Why are you going to Canada and Asia? Is it for work? Is it for vacation? If it’s vacation, why is it so long? If it’s for work, what kind of work do you do?

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9 Little-Known Rules to Supercharge Your Productivity on the Road

Travel Shift Perspective: How We View Time On the Road

Aerial View Flying over Ocean

Tell me if it’s not true, we view time differently when we are traveling. We become more aware of how much of it we have in every place we visit. We do this because we have a sharp awareness of its scarcity. Somewhere, in the dusty windmills of our mind, we know that our time on this earth is limited but heavens knows most of us don’t act that way on a day to day basis. Travel, on the other hand, changes all of that by gently reminding us of our numbered hours and days. This is perhaps because we can process it easier when it comes in short bursts. We know – and understand – we have only a day, a week, a fortnight, or a month at most, on most travels, and we work hard not to waste it.

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Travel with Confidence: How to End Your Excuses and Go

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”
~Anais Nin

Growing up in Iran was an interesting experience.

The word travel in Farsi is ‘Safar’, and the stories still ring in my ears about so-and-so’s ‘Safar’ to such and such place. I remember during my childhood, the grownups would discuss someone’s travels overseas as the main subject of conversation for weeks – first, the discusses started before this said person would go on their trip and then all the wild speculation as to what they are doing during their trip and last but not least, [Read more…]