Episode 71: How to Build Strong Relationships with Caring and Giving

Welcome back to Episode #71 of The Daily Interaction podcast. Today’s topic is How to Build Strong Relationships with Caring and Giving, inspired mainly by all the amazing giving I’ve been receiving in the midst of all this recent frenzy and fury in my life.

Yes, I promise to reveal it all in good time but for now, I know this is a topic that is not a stranger to you and yet how do you build a strong relationship, and what does it mean to be caring and giving and do you have to give under peer pressure or can you choose to give of your own will and choice? That’s what we explore in today’s podcast.

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Show Notes for How to Build Strong Relationships with Caring and Giving:

1. Giving and caring about your relationships is not just part of the holiday season. It has to become a part of who you are.

2. Is the giving and caring part of the culture and world you live in? It wasn’t part of the corporate culture where I was. How to be a role model for it?

3. Why I am supporting Sandi’s program without getting a penny in kickbacks and how the circle of giving and caring turns tables.

4. Why not to give into peer pressure when it comes to giving and caring, and how to find the right opportunities and signs of the right giving for you.

5. It counts when you give even if you don’t see direct results and have a secondary impact on the outcome.

6. When you are on the receiving side, how to be savvy in asking for support by matching what you ask for to the values and likes of the person you are asking from.

7. The real reason behind giving and caring matters to you and why life is not linear, and how you can connect the dots only on looking back.

8. Why you just don’t know what’s in it for you because there is no way to calculate it.

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