Stuck in a Loop? Behave Yourself into a New Way of Thinking

You can’t think yourself into a new way of behaving. You need to behave yourself into a new way of thinking. ~ Robin Sharma


Is it possible that you analyze every possible outcome, ask everyone’s opinions and seek advice from friends and family which you don’t even intend to use before committing to any action?

Is it possible that you are just delaying the very thing that you so badly want to do by giving your fears and insecurities way too much power than they deserve?

Is it possible, maybe just ever so slightly, that you think too much before taking action?

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Confessions of an ex-corporate gal. Use it to your own advantage.

Okay, I’ll go first. Yes, yes and yes to the above questions.

I, Farnoosh Brock, have more than once in my life thought waaaaay too much about the things that I badly wanted to do. It cost me dearly.

My worst offender? I thought way too much about what I “should” do about my career woes:

Oh god! I’ve been here at the company for so long and I’m still unhappy. Should I leave anyway? Should I go to another company? Should I – could I, would I dare – start a business and go out on my own?

And I thought and thought about those questions for a few years.

A Few Years!

If I had taken some action from day one, Any Action, I would have been able to pursue all those possibilities and drawn conclusion from actual experience!

I could go off to another company, get more experience, then quit to start my first business, fail and fail until I learn the ropes, then set up my second business and whatever happens, just keep taking action.

But I didn’t do that because too much thinking got in the way.

Instead, I got lost in my thoughts and as Eckhart Tolle would agree, I forgot the urgency of the present moment.

I lost much precious time to overthinking and devoted far less time to immediate action.

And a few years passed while I was still, you got it, thinking about it all! But of course I didn’t call it that. No way! I called it “careful planning.”

Note to myself: Whatever!!!

Note to you: Don’t do this!

Okay, you’re right. Sometimes careful planning is warranted.

There are some life changing decisions you do need to think seriously about, like choosing your life partner, walking down the aisle to say “I do!” forever, or having a first child or a fourth child and even getting a pet.

There are irreversible consequences to some of your actions, and those decisions deserve your full attention and serious careful consideration before taking immature action.

But starting your own business?

Taking that trip you’ve always dreamt about?

Writing that book you keep putting off?

Creating that product to help others and make a difference?

Those are the things best left outside the long-term thinking loop. Because next year, you’ll wish you had started today. You’ll wish you had taken some action today to get you closer to these goals, these desires, these dreams.

But no matter what you logically understand, you are still stuck in the thinking loop. You are still numb to action. What to do?

The thing that really paralyzes you from taking action …

Did you know that you don’t have to do it all at once? Imagine that!

Einstein said the only reason for time is so that everything does not happen at once.

You don’t have forever but you do have time. So use it to take small daily steps in the direction of your dreams.

If you are using your time well, your steps will add up to a giant’s distance run!

But if you are biding your time in thinking land, you will be standing in the same spot a month or a year from now. Plus you’d wary of all that thinking.

You forget that you are in charge. Fully in charge. Your mind is a powerful tool and it’s yours to use so learn to use it well.

Train yourself to produce results in small tiny steps every day, then measure out your progress and watch it grow over time. Your progress will fuel further action – you don’t need a motivation source beyond your own proven factual progress.

When you repeat this, taking action, measuring progress, not over-thinking every minuscule idea to death, you’ll gently slip into this new way of behaving. It will become your true nature, your default mode if you will! And overthinking will have less and less power over you.

Remember again what paralyzes you the most because it’s false: You don’t have to do everything by today!

You don’t have to write the entire book now or quit your job Monday morning before you have even start your own business.

So stop thinking so much about it to make room for taking that an actual step forward.

Your circumstances will only improve by your taking action. Likewise, they won’t improve by your just thinking about it.

Stuck in the thinking loop? Break free with outsmarting yourself.

Last week, I opened early registration to my Smart Exit Blueprint course which helps you get out of a dead-end job in a smart and sensible way and helps you chart the course of Employee to Entrepreneur.

I am ecstatic to have an influx of new students in the door. They are all fabulously talented, smart and brilliant, and ready to take action and make changes in their lives.

But whenever I open this course for registration, I invariably get a few who show extreme interest in taking the course and in working with me. They have the greatest intention to move away from their career woes and do something about it. They need the course and the guidance badly, but they still want to “think about it.”

They are still thinking:

Should I quit my job? Should I start my own business? Can I really do this? Does it make good sense? What if I fail? What if I regret it?

I want to tell them my story, but I hesitate. I know they have been thinking about it for years too. Their situation has only worsened as they stay stuck in the thinking loop. I know, because I did that.

They are the victim of a circumstance they have perpetuated by too much thinking and too little action.

And I know well that I can’t help them until they break out of overthinking and decide to take action. But I hope to help YOU in not doing the same.

Are you ever stuck in this thinking loop?

See, the thinking loop is just like it sounds: a loop that goes round and round, you pass the same point many times in this loop, and you never quite make any progress away from it.

Your thoughts are teeny tiny entities that have no power without your help so they are starving for your time and attention. They grow when you focus on them and take you deeper and deeper into a maze of more thoughts. The thinking loop grows as you focus more and pay it more attention.

To break free of this loop, outsmart yourself and break the pattern. Here’s how.

Start telling yourself that you are simply delaying the thinking for the time being. You will definitely come back to it and do further analysis about your decision but right now, you have to go off and take care of something.

I have thought about it starting a business for a while now. Which is smart of me. Now I’ll take a break from thinking about it, go off and start the business by taking the first action, then come back and think about it some more.

Of course what you are doing is committing to action and cheating on the overthinking demon. Action is what you are really craving for. Action is what feeds the real hunger, because it’s something that gets you closer to your goals and away from your unhappy circumstances.


So tell your thoughts you’re putting them on hold and go off and take some real action. Be it starting that business, laying the groundwork for creating a smart exit strategy or writing the first chapter of your book.

And if you need help doing that, if you want to invest in yourself while you are creating that smart exit strategy out of your job using a proven step-by-step system in Smart Exit Blueprint course, you can sign up via regular registration while doors are open and seats remain. Payment plan is still available. See here for registration.

register-SEB-FAQ 2

Don’t think too much about it if it feels right and you need expert help and guidance quitting that job and starting that business. Also, class is 80% full as of today. Just sayin’!

The doing is what sets you free. The first step is what breaks the thinking loop. Do this every day with the thing you procrastinate the most and you’ll be behaving your way into a new way of thinking.

So what are you waiting for? Have you not thought about it long enough? Commit to taking action and making a decision in the comments section and let’s talk.

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  • Arthur Dean

    That was an insightful article.

    I really liked this advice you gave:
    Train yourself to produce results in small tiny steps every day, then measure out your progress and watch it grow over time.

    • Farnoosh

      Glad it was useful to you @disqus_8BJKo9UO8f:disqus!

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  • Farnoosh

    Dear @lisaburbank:disqus We’ve talked before and I’m so happy you decided to share your goals and dreams and desires. I won’t be able to comment on all of this here, so I will send you an email, but I want to encourage you to think of one thing when it comes to your writing and especially to your fiction: Your future readers. Nothing else! No matter who says what, you thank them, you appreciate them, and you go back to writing your novel and creating your characters just as they are. Unless you have a writing mentor or an editor or someone who is helping you on a professional level in the process, take everyone else’s opinion with a large grain of salt and don’t give up the book dream. It’s yours to keep and cultivate and bring to life. And also yours to crush and destroy. I hope you choose the former. Thank you for such kind words here. And keep writing, Lisa! Your readers await.

  • Stacie Walker

    Excellent content, Farnoosh. I shared this one on my Facebook page. Loving your encouraging words of wisdom.

    Keep up the great work!


    • Farnoosh

      Thank you @staciewalker:disqus ! i appreciate the share love and glad this was useful.

  • AJWalton

    My girlfriend and I have been stuck in the thinking loop as we try to transition from minimalist style perma-travel to longer projects in interesting places. The world is so big and there are an overwhelming number of options. But you’re right, taking action will be liberating in the face of the incalculable.

    (Also – getting to speak with GRRM – amazing!)

    • Farnoosh

      Hi @AJWalton:disqus, writing this after flying all day (3 flights, 2 time zones) and I can totally appreciate minimalism when it comes to travel and I hope you and your girlfriend travel wide and far together. GRRM is incredibly inspiring. I adore that man (and his books). Glad to hear we share this one too :)