A Letter to Immigrant Parents to America


Dear Immigrant,

Hello. I am an immigrant too, a first generation immigrant to the US where my family and I have called home since August 7th, 1989.

I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. When I went to highschool in South Carolina, nobody knew where my country was on the world map!! It’s embarrassing enough being a foreigner and awkward enough being a teenager, but neither compares to how foolish you feel when you get head shakes – “no clue where that is!!” – to that most dreaded questions for all immigrants: “So where are you from?”

A part of me wanted to scream at these clueless teenagers who had more than ruined my image of the perfect American teenager and say: “If you don’t know basic geography, maybe you shouldn’t be asking the question?” [Read more…]

9 Lies that Happy People Refuse to Believe


Growing up is hard enough. Why make it harder on purpose?

I remember being 11-years old and getting plucked from one country to another – Iran to Turkey to be exact – only to be plucked again at 14 from Turkey to America. Try adjusting as a normal kid in an American high school as a kid from the middle east. Yeah. That was not fun.

I’m sure your childhood was hard in its own way. Your family [Read more…]