4 Steps to End Your “I Don’t Feel Like It” Syndrome Forever


The Ambitious Mind versus the Perceived Reality

The alarm goes off at 5am. You are awakened from a state of deep sleep and rush over to the bathroom to turn off the sound. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who puts her alarm in the bathroom and not on the nightstand?) Then you stand there just stupefied, wondering why you got up again?

Dreams are still hovering about in your head, [Read more…]

In Search of Inner Peace and Bliss? Develop Your Spiritual Practice


The Question Oprah Asks in Every Interview

Oprah Winfrey once mentioned a question she insists on asking in her interviews, a question that throws off the poor interviewee every single time. The question is this:

So tell me, what is your spiritual practice?

She described the general reaction as such: the interviewee would first stare at her, trying to come up with a polite response, searching for words, then they’d shift uncomfortably in the chair, smile awkwardly and settle on a casual but often self-justifying response. [Read more…]

Feeling Low? 28 Ways to Motivate Yourself Now


A New Year Alone Does Not Bring Motivation

One of my coaching clients asked me this the other day:

How do you and all successful people keep their motivation going, at a steady pace?

I love it when my clients challenge me. If I’m not growing in my work, if I am comfortable where I am, then what’s the point? I might as well be back at my stupid corporate job, doing mundane tasks and just getting through the day. [Read more…]