A Blogger’s Diet: Ultimate Salads for Energy and Creativity

The Quest for Creativity through Food:

Sweet Italian basilHow well do you eat during the busy days of the week? Eating well does not mean never indulging, and if that were the case, I would cheat often! Eating well is enjoyable and rewarding and smart. And eating well sets your mind free to be sharp, to produce, to create, to write, to think, to plan, to accomplish, to focus, and to break old boundaries and habits. And to be the best blogger you can be with all the energy and creativity which shall abound from good food!

The exploration of food in the recent years of my life has more than just helped me shed those stubborn last 15 pounds.  It has helped me get to know my body and the workings of my inner system to the point that I can recognize reasons why I may not feel well at times, and I can often, with the right nutrition and care, reset my clock in less than 24 hours. Here are some of the learning for you!

I titled my post boldly and yet narrowly. I call it a blogger’s diet but it most certainly is not limited to just a blogger. More than anything, I think it is a diet for those craving energy, creativity and productivity in the latter half of the day. I pulled together a variety of my favorite salad recipes, all of which boost my productivity as the day melts into the hot, long, and fabulous afternoon hours. While I love – absolutely and positively love – to eat, I love my body and mind more, and it is through eating consciously well that we are able to cultivate all good things including creativity and energy!

What’s for lunch? As much as I love juicing, solid food calls my name by mid-day. Chewing should not be under-rated! Raw foods in general have become one of my best friends, and the choices available to us in just the vegetable category is eye-opening. So it’s lunch time, mid-day, you are barely caught up with the morning mass of email and tasks, and are craving time to do something worthwhile before the end of the day. Finding food that serves other than fuel probably seems like a waste of time but I urge you not to overlook this huge “detail” in your day planning. I have shared with you some of the most delicious salads I whip up on a regular basis, and a few that I treat myself to now and again. Try these recipes just a few times, and see if your mind is not sharper and your body far more energetic for hours afterward. Bouno Appetito!

A little about some ingredients (and where I get them!):

1. Avocado: From local Harris Teeter
2. Romaine Lettuce: Anywhere but always organic.
3. Ingredients from Trader Joe’s:  Sun dried Tomatoes, Black Olives, Pine Nuts, Roasted Red Peppers, and Hummus
4. Fresh Herbs and Vegetables home-grown in my balcony: Sweet Basil, Oregano, Banana Peppers.

The All Important Dressing:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (evoo as fancy restaurants love to call it).
Rice or Balsamic Vinegar.
Herbs or Spices (as desired or as my mood goes): Fresh ground pepper. Dill. Mint. Oregano.

Important Salad Rule of Thumb:

This rule I learned from Natalia Rose book and it makes a real difference in your digestion: Mixing Smart! I follow these rules: Never mix proteins and dairy and rarely mix proteins or dairy with carbohydrates. That means, if I have a salad with proteins, I do not add dairy and vice versa. I make exceptions sometimes to add some bread to the protein or dairy if I am very hungry. Usually, I try to add enough variety and taste to complete it as a meal, as you will see. The goodness from these small details is huge so pay attention!

Also note that I did not quote quantity. I trust you will use best judgment, and not worry so much when it comes to how much of the raw vegetables you consume, as it really cannot harm you!

The Ultimate Salad Recipes for Energy and Creativity:

Recipe #1:

Fresh small cucumbers. Tomatoes on the Vine. Avocado. Green Onions. Romaine Lettuce. Fresh spinach. Black Olives topped with a helping of Hummus.


Recipe #2:

Avocado. Romaine Lettuce. Green Onions. Tomato. Celery. Bean Sprouts. Spinach. Carrots (chopped in blender for easier digestion) and Fresh Dill.


Recipe #3:

Sun Dried tomatoes. Romaine Lettuce. Black Olives. Pine Nuts.  Baby carrots. White Onion. Fresh Rosemary.


Recipe #4:

Cooked beets (one of my favorite additions to a salad). Banana Peppers. Nappa Cabbage. Fresh sweet basil. Green Onions. Olives. Pine Nuts. Romaine Lettuce. Squeeze of Lime.


Recipe #5:

A reminder of an Amsterdam meal: Melted brie cheese with a dab of raw honey. Small slices of whole grain bread. Cherry Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Avocados. Romaine Lettuce. Carrots.


Recipe #6:

Cucumbers. Avocado. Roasted Red Peppers. Fresh Dill. Spinach. Green Onions. Kale. Tomatoes. Lettuce and Beet Leaves (top leaves).


I drink Oolong tea with raw honey following the salads in the afternoon as I am a fanatic about my tea and honey after quitting coffee.  I subsidize the water as much as possible because I still intake caffeine in the tea.

I limited the number of recipes here to just 6, to share some of my top recommended ingredients and the best recipes that I have accidentally made again and again. Salads are good for the body and a fresh, home-made, green salad with the right mixtures is invaluable to your productivity and health! It can set your body in the right state and your mind in a fun, creative and productive trance for hours. Try these recipes and the dressing to go along, and watch your mood, your body, and even your skin tone.

If I knew then what I know now about food….

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  • http://www.katharina-boehme.com Katharina Boehme

    Sounds delicious! And very yummy pictures too! :-)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Katharina, you should try them. They turned out delicious!

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  • lydia

    love love your recipes ,your recipes are very encouraging,thanks.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Lydia, you are most welcome. I ought to do so many more recipes! :)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Lydia, you are most welcome. Thank you! So happy to hear it. I ought to do so many more recipes! :)

  • http://stronginsideout.com Amy

    Hi Farnoosh!

    I’m new to your site, but I LOVE everything I’ve read so far including this post. It really is so amazing how different I feel if I’m eating well as opposed to “cheating” on refined flours and added sugars. My energy is definitely better now that I’ve cleaned up my diet.

    No dairy with protein, huh? I’ve never heard that, but I’m definitely going to look into it! Thanks for the tips and all your great articles!

    • http://www.ProlificLiving.com Farnoosh

      Hi Amy, welcome! So glad you are having fun and enjoying the content here.
      Yes, those are Natalia Rose rules of not combining foods in different groups because it makes it easier to digest for your body and I have tested it and it is SO true, although I am a vegan now so no dairy at all :)!! Thanks again for your great comment and spirit here.

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