2010 Year-End Review in Relevance to You

Splashing water in Las Vegas

So it is December again, another year bidding us a swift goodbye when we are just starting to like the sound of it. Ready or not, like it or not, in the cold of the night (except for you lucky souls on an island or in the southern hemisphere), we switch over to a new year. Every year, I would hold a ritual not uncommon to a million others; I would write down (with a pen on paper in a notebook, remember those?) my year-long deep reflections and promises of command performance for the new year.

This year is different, a massively better kind of different. I have a captive audience (you lovelies) and a blogging community encouraging us all to do the Year in Review without letting up (Srini, this one is thanks to you, my dear!) ! I am all for self-reflection but the challenge isn’t in doing a year in review but in doing one without sounding irrelevant to you, my readers (and as importantly, without sounding anything like Time magazine!!)?

How can I make you care about me without showing you that I care about you first?

In that spirit and in the amusing coincidence of this being the 200th post, I decided to do a year-end review by relating every change, experience, and milestone to you. Everything that went well or served a huge learning curve has made the list if — and only if – it is relevant, useful and helpful to you, so read on, dear one, this is our year-end review:

1. Nurtured Blog Growth:

For the first time, I am sharing some numbers here in the light of transparency as to what Prolific Living has done of late:

Subscribers: From a mere 38 lovely subscribers on Jan 1st of 2010 to 923 awesome ones as of Dec 30th of 2010 and with most of the growth happening in the last 3 months.

Hits: From 5300 hits a month to 21,100 hits a month on web traffic and from a daily average of 173 hits to 718 hits daily.

Alexa: This is a website that rates and ranks all world’s websites. The score went from an abysmally large number to 84,775 Alexa Score. The lower, the better, apparently!

The relevance to you is the sheer confidence and assurance in that anything is possible if you steadily and consistently nurture it.

If you blog, you can grow it. If you pursue other goals, you can make visible and tangible progress with nurturing your goals day in and day out, especially if you have built a practice around it.

Growth is an inevitable fruit of our labor and its rate happens at the ideal speed. Faster we may prefer and slower than desired we may witness, as we do all things in life thanks to our human nature, but in hindsight, you will see that all things come to you when you are ready so keep nurturing and keep celebrating the smallest of milestones, for you will not be there long.

2. Beheld Social Mentions:

Prolific Living was mentioned and praised, much to its humble gratitude, in 25 major blogs and sites. We were also listed in Kikolani’s “125 Fearless Female Bloggers” and interviewed on BlogcastFM and FareCompare.

The relevance to you is the credibility and social proof for what you read here.

Self-promotion can be grand and at times even necessary but there is nothing like unsolicited, organic and natural praise bestowed on you by others in your community and industry. Beyond the initial excitement, these types of organic “testimonials” on your work build your brand and increase your credibility. That others are willing to speak about you and reference your content or your expertise brings invaluable credibility to your current readership and to all future ones yet to come.

3. Launched Facebook Page:

I started Prolific Living’s Facebook page on May 1st. Today, I adore my active 378 fans: to my surprise, the stats show 42,000+ post views.

The relevance to you is to be able to keep up with all content on Facebook if it is your primary (or preferred) social media platform and to take part in growing community of like-minded fans.

I took what Scott Stratten advised on Blogworld to heart: Offer your work on all mediums to your audience. Facebook lovers may never care to show up on Twitter or on RSS or even on your blog. If your audience uses a particular platform, you must go there to spread your message if you wish to make your content available to them.

4. Offered First and Free eBook:

This came about without a concrete pre-conceived goal, a great example of when your passions get ahead of your schedule.

When I came home from Blogworld, I was overwhelmed with inspiration and knowledge. Also, many of my blogger friends hadn’t the opportunity to attend it and many of my non-blogger readers were wondering how that all relates to prolific living. So I blogged about it. The posts turned into long conversations and requests for more. I felt compelled to respond in kind and to package the entire experience in a free eBook complete with pictures, which has now been downloaded over 1000 times.

The relevance to you is that I listen and follow my readers’ voice and you can have the best of Blogworld as it applies to life and blogging as a free download formatted ideally for all e-readers.

The lesson for me is the sheer enjoyment of creating content in a different medium; so take note dear ones, as you shall see more of this in the future.

5. Contributed via Guest Posting:

My first experience with guest posting — the act of writing a blog post for other blogs – was gruesome (don’t ask!) and funny enough, that blog went away altogether soon after. The subsequent experiences were phenomenal and I loved contributing to other blogs and engaging with other audiences. This year, I wrote 13 guest posts with most done in the second half of the year, more in the pipeline and a plan to write a weekly or bi-monthly guest post in 2010.

The relevance to you is to hear my voice on topics that may not fit prolific living from other platforms and to see that blogging is not just about growing our own blog but about growing the community.

6. Collaborated with Community:

Collaboration had a funny way of introducing itself; I never sought it but I welcomed it with open arms.

Jonathan Wells of Sharing Life Skills newsletter, features top writers and bloggers in a monthly newsletter and asked yours truly to be a regular contributor. How could I say no?

The Daily Brainstorm, a mash-up of a vibrant variety of blogs in the interwebs, asked me to join their staff as a photo editor.  Again, how could I say no?

Raam Dev, a good friend who was spending time in Nepal at the time asked me to contribute to his eBook along with 40 bloggers: Small Ways to Make a Big Difference. What an honor!

Last but not least, Abubakar Jamil started the Life Lesson Series project, where bloggers participate by writing their unique take on what they have learned in life, a self-introspection if you will. We are aiming to hit 100 bloggers for the list and then offer the best of the series in a free guide. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the unique reflections of 90 of amazing souls on life.

The relevance to you is the enjoyment of these collaboration products and the renewed sense of thriving tight-knit blogging community, which brings you fresh content time and again.

At 91 participants, we are short by a precious few (care to participate and help us make the number?)

7. Experimented with Podcasting:

I have been intrigued with podcasts for years. When I decided to introduce new mediums beyond print, I set out to create a few podcasts. I learned Garage Band in the process and felt a closer connection to my readers when I was talking — rather than writing — to you.

The relevance to you is the choice of enjoying content in an audio medium, which is ideal if you are on the road or multi-tasking.

8. Made Photography Investment:

Years of being in love with photography and photo editing later, I invested in Photoshop and a new DSLR camera. As you may know, I use only my own photos here in Prolific Living. No stock or marketing photos now or ever.

The relevance to you is that you consume original and unique content here on this blog and hopefully, come to believe in the importance of always creating your own art whenever possible.

9. Traveled 100,000 Flying Miles:

Travel was a primary goal in my lifestyle in 2010 as we set out to see more of this beautiful world. This year, I went to Argentina, Hawaii, London, Washington, Texas, New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Toronto, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany, Switzerland, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Boston. I renewed Executive Platinum Status on American Airlines but not without a few double mile promotions!

The relevance to you is the smart travel tips shared from my experience and a few pictures to inspire you to infuse travel into your life in either small or large capacities.

10. Ran Two Fun Reader Contests:

Laura Roeder talked about creating fans out of thin air by running contests. I loved the sound of it so I ran my first contest with Picnik in 2009. Then I fell in love with the sense of community, healthy competition and the joy of giving something of value to my readers. Since then, I ran two fun contests, on your favorite book and on your favorite film.

The relevance to you is the chance to participate in the community, to win something, and to know how much you are appreciated.

11. Devoured 11 Books:

I had planned and hoped to be a far more prolific reader this year and yet I only read 11 books. If you love to write, you will love to read. And when you do read, you improve your writing. Alas for now, my focus on the blog optimization and growth has taken temporary priority over my beloved habit of reading.

The relevance to you is the deeply personal reviews and life lessons brought to you from these books and a sincere hope of passing the infectious love of reading onto you.

12. Met Many Awesome Bloggers:

I had not even conceived of the possibilities of meeting my fellow blogger friends until I was headed to Singapore and casually asked if Celes Chua may be interested to meet up. She was totally up for it. In fact, I disappointed Evelyn Lim who is on top of my list for my next Singapore trip. Since then, I went on to Blogworld to meet an amazing part of the community, met Mars Dorian in Berlin and Raam Dev in Boston and now travel nowhere without seeking a blogging soul with whom to connect.

The relevance to you is to seek your community. While the virtual world is where we survive, thrive and grow, nothing can replace a face to face meeting or bind relationships for life with that initial greeting in person.

13. Embraced Awesome Products:

Awesome products are not an every day occurrence and it takes a while to get to know them. A year after using and learning Thesis theme and completing 31 Days to Bigger Better Blog, the urge to endorse them became irresistible because they are products I know, love and trust!

The relevance to you is seeing the plain proof of what awesome products can do (I attribute much of the blog growth to them, for one) and to hear those thoughts live and in detail if you are interested.

14. Introduced a Newsletter:

I ran into every possible roadblock with Aweber service as I was setting up this newsletter for my readers. In the process, I learned the system inside out and have built even a more amazing relationship with my email subscribers. Life is good.

The relevance to you is that you can get the entire scoop on prolific living in email, first dibs on offers and contests and interviews and whatever other goodies 2011 brings, not to mention the comprehensive guide I wrote about using Aweber (odd but practical!) next week at a blog near you so stay tuned.

15. Learned to Listen and to Give:

I learned to listen more and give even more. “Finally”, I can hear my parents saying something to that effect in response! A blog that started all about me and my love of expression is now thriving on my love for my readers.

The relevance to you is that it is all about you, so long as I am writing, producing, creating content aligned to prolific living’s vision of smart habits for rich living, you get to play a fundamental role in shaping the future of the community and the space here.

Now if that does not make a very Happy New Year 2011 for me, frankly I do not know what will.

So Happy New Year and a Million Thanks bundled with Heaps of Love for your Support!

  • http://www.theskooloflife.com Srinivas Rao


    This is an awesome review and I love the way you related it how each thing benefits your readers. I think I need to follow your lead on travel. 100,000 miles? That’s awesome. It really is amazing what one year can do for a blog if you just work at it. I think that any online project has to be seen as a marathon more than a sprint. Once you accept that, it gives you the power to breathe and stay in the moment instead of getting caught up in how fast you’re growing. Can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2011. Congrats on an awesome year.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Srini, a comment from you! I am stoked! Yes, I am a serious traveler but if I lived in California, I might stay put for much longer, who knows ;)! I am happy to give you any and all advice and in fact, you may like the travel project I am working on right now. And I am very impressed by your meditative and excellent approach toward projects…..Thanks SO MUCH for pushing me to do the year end review! I owe you big and you know I enjoyed yours immensely too!

  • http://uzma7.wordpress.com/ Uzma

    Dear Farnoosh. What an extensive and unusual review of the year gone by. My greatest learning as a writer (and as a person)too has been, that its not about me at all; its about what I can do for you. Its a humbling experience to learn this . I love this point you make the most. And the one , that we have to nourish and nurture what we do and it will grow at the rate its meant to. Something I still have to learn and practice. May you have a wonderful new year, full of joy, good health and great learning to share with us.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear wonderful Uzma, it’s lovely to see you again. It was a wonderful year and I really hope it was so for you too. I love your lesson about writing and as you know, it is really a nice evolution I have experienced too. I look back at my writing from 2008 or even early 2009 and it’s hard to believe how far along we come when we learn to connect with our audience. Thank you for showing up here so I “see” you before the new year and a fantastic year back at you!!

  • Gordie

    Hi Farnoosh,
    I’m just getting back into blogging after a 9 month hiatus. After reading all that you’ve achieved in 2010, you have really opened up my eyes to what is possible in 2011. Thank you for sharing. It has inspired me to do best and not settle for small.

    Thank you,

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Gordie, do I remember right that you came to comment on my blog about a year or 10 months ago….it may make sense since you took a hiatus….you know, I took a hiatus from Toastmasters, a club that I myself founded because we simply cannot focus on everything. And I am thrilled this post has served as an inspiration. May I welcome you back from your hiatus? It seems from your latest post that you might just be back….! Most welcome and thanks for your comment!

  • http://teenagezen.blogspot.com Michael Faga

    I like how you integrated your personal accomplishments in 2010 with your blog’s. It’s great to hear how much you’ve achieved. It’s driven me to make 2011 as good for my blog as 2010 was for yours. My year review post isn’t quite as lengthy as yours, due to my blog being a month old!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Michael, thank you for your observation. So so happy you are driven to make 2011 count for you. I saw your blog – clicking on your name links it already so I had your URL – and it’s wonderful that your blog is so young. You get to experience the growth and I think it’s just magical! I simply love to watch things grow. Here’s to a very good year for you!

  • http://www.thesaleslion.com Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion

    Major props Farnoosh, you’re putting it all together, on all ends, and it’s impressive. Reading this post got my mind thinking quite a bit of a few things I really need to start doing myself. Much thanks. :-)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Marcus, thank you. And if I gave you ideas to explore and take away on top of a good post, then I have more than accomplished my mission with this year end review. Best of luck and happy new year 2011!

  • Sandra Lee

    What a great twist on the Year-End Review! You have such a clever mind and unique style. It’s been fabulous to follow along and imbide your wisdom and advice weekly throughout the year.

    I’m curious about the Jan 1st you mention under blog growth (and the 39 subscribers). Was that Jan 1st this year or Janaury 2007 when Prolific Living first began?

    It’s been wonderful to connect with you.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Sandra, you are sweet as ever, it’s been a delight getting to know you. Raam and I talked about you in Boston and it was all very very good!!
      So everything here is just for 2010. I updated the post to indicate that indeed as of Jan 2010 I had those lovely 38 subscribers so in 11 months, it has grown tremendously. You know, I also updated my About page after what you said. I founded Prolific Living really in Spring 2009 but I transferred my archives from Blogspot and kept the original dates….No matter, all semantics. In the end, I am just happy to be where I am…did you do a year end? I must say I did not see one but will be back to visit soon! Thank you for the question and for your thoughts as always!!

      • Sandra Lee

        Dear Farnoosh,
        Oh, my ears are burning beautifully!
        That’s amazing growth in 2010, I applaud your joyful diligence and am very happy for your success. I haven’t done a full year-end review, just a round-up of exceptional posts from the year, which will be published in the wee hours of the morning tomorrow (Friday). I’m just squeaking in before the end of the year!

        • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

          Dear Sandra, you are so sweet….yes it was a nice year for prolific living and I am sure also for Always Well Within! And I saw your round-up, a very nice list of posts! I have read most of them….! Happy New Year, Sandra and hope to see you in Hawaii this year!!

  • http://www.theresemiu.com Therese Miu

    Hi Farnoosh,
    This is AMAZING list! WOW!!! You have inspired me to begin with the end in mind for my year end goals. Thank You so much for sharing. It has been a tremendous growth for you because of your amazing talent as a true connector online and your genuine friendships. Also your consistency & persistence. You are my ROCK sweetie 😉
    After my pregnancy I look forward to doing incredible things. My life has been in such slow motion lately. Anyway, I want to congratulate you sweetheart with love and openness. You shine so brightly and I just want to reimmersed in your light :)))

    Thank you for accepting me as a friend with an open arms. I feel truly blessed to have met you this year and looking forward to blossom with you.
    Love You sweetie 😉

    ps. I got your FB inbox message and YES I’ll connect with you EVERYWHERE! because wherever you are brings inner beauty and strength.


    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Therese, I am really speechless…..but I have to push through and say something which will not match you even half as well in eloquence. I think your drive to do so much while still taking your on-going current wonderful responsibility is a show of your true fortitude and I expect no less than incredible things coming to us from your end. I am reading your 2010 review and if it was a tough year, I know that only good things await you in 2011. I did not highlight as much the most valuable part of 2010 because I was so focused on sharing the year end but relationships and connections have transformed my life, and the one with you is no ordinary one. Thank you for all your kindness, support and love and I am here if you need anything at all!!

      • http://www.theresemiu.com Therese Miu

        awwww Thank You Farnoosh. It was indeed a tough year. And one where I inner strength was being tested for sure. I embraced it with love and great transformation. What I learned the most was having such an incredible support system with friends offline and online. I took some time off.
        My family and friends were truly there. I just had 1 goal towards the end which was to nourish my baby girl inside me. A fetus can feel everything the mom is going through. So far it has been a blissful experience. Thank you for reading and yes let’s connect next year for sure. I see a bright future in both our friendship. I want you in my life for sure. As I need more positive and uplifting human beings in my life.
        Here’s to US :) Have an illuminating new years Farnoosh. And Yes I am here for you as well. Pls let me know if there’s anything I can ever do for you, I would be glad to anytime.
        Love you 😉

        • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

          Dear Therese, thank you for sharing your struggles…you know, my Dad was seriously ill in 2007 and I only then discovered the amazing power in having a support system…until then I had heard it but it’s nothing until you experience it first hand and even if the situation remains just the same, the support system carries you through – that and our inner strength, both of which you have discovered and I am sure you will be glad you have these lessons when things blossom and bloom for you and your new baby in 2011…Here’s to our continued friendship! Happy new year, dear friend!

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  • http://theboldlife.com Tess The Bold Life

    Congratulations on all of your success! Number 15 says what you and your blog are all about. It’s the reason we keep coming back for more. Your love of life, exuberance and kindness can’t be duplicated by anyone, anywhere. Thanks for the editing advice you gave me this year;)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear wonderful Tess, thank you – you have been such a shining light everywhere in our blogging community and I am thrilled to know you. Simply thrilled. Thank you so much for making me feel so special. And you can call on me as your free and ready editor night and day! Just say the words…..here’s to a wonderful, productive, fruitful and peaceful 2011 to you!

  • http://hanofharmony.com The Vizier

    Hi Farnoosh,

    This is a great post and a unique way to end 2010! :)

    I love how you relate all your experiences to your readers. Here are my thoughts on some of your experiences that resonate strongly with me.

    1. Nurtured Blog Growth:

    This is probably the most encouraging advice I have read all year. Through your own experience, you remind us if we make consistent progress annd effort at anything we do, we too can one day achieve our goals and see results. I love how you point out that all things come to us when we are ready. This is very true and important. Often we hope for instant results. But if we have not laid the proper foundation, we may not be ready for to handle the fruits of our labours. The universe knows what is best for us and all things will come to us in good time if we don’t give up.

    3. Launched Facebook Page:

    Hmm what Scott Stratten says about offering our work on all mediums to audiences does make sense. Up till now I have not set up a Facebook page for my website but this point has definitely inspired me to do so. You have therefore inspired me to set up my own Facebook page soon. It’s interesting to see how the things you say and share can influence the lives of others. I shall make this a reality soon enough.

    4. Offered First and Free eBook:

    I love how you listen to and follow your reader’s voice. Although many could not attend Blogworld, by sharing your experineces with them through you lovely eBook, you have made us feel as if we attended Blogworld with you. I remember when I first discovered your blog, it was when you were at Blogworld. I loved the way you wrote and vowed to start commenting on your Blog from then on. I have not regretted it and am enjoying myself tremendously. 😉

    Thank you for sharing this awesome post! You have ended 2010 with a bang! 😀

    Irving the Vizier

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Irving my most favorite Vizier of all, I shall be your biggest and first Facebook fan when you start. Let me start by saying that I resisted the Facebook fan page because as much as I like to promote myself, the idea of having a fan page seemed silly (the uncensored truth) but then you realize very soon that millions of people who live and breathe on Facebook do not hang out anywhere else and someone told me that I should work hard to spread my message and that advice pushed me over the edge. Since then I have inspired, motivated and answered questions and provided tips to these people who I shall call “fans” for lack of a better word but I consider them my friends! And you won’t regret having a presence on Facebook because your writing and your message needs to spread and you must touch others. I will help you. Just call on me.
      So so happy you found me here and love how you add so much richness to my unfinished posts…..you complete the thoughts, add angles I had not considered, praise and even raise the bar on challenging me sometimes. I absolutely love it. Keep in touch, happy new year 2010 and know that I am here if you should need anything at all, Irving!!

      • http://hanofharmony.com The Vizier

        Farnoosh, I am touched by your offer to help me and I shall take it up soon enough and return the favour however I can. If you need me to help you I too shall do all within my means to do so. We shall have a great new year in 2011 together! 😀

        • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

          Of course – and I mean every word…and I am going to be checking in with you soon on the fan page, Irving! And I can tell you all about setting up the Welcome page which was a struggle at first…..Anyway, happy new year and to a fantastic 2011 with new friends such as yourself!

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  • http://www.abundancetapestry.com Evelyn Lim

    What a fabulous roundup! It seemed like an amazing year for you! You’ve certainly got the word out about your blog and build some amazing connections.

    Well…who knows? Instead of you coming over, I may just travel to where you are. It will be nice to meet :-)

    May you have a wonderful year ahead! May 2011 bring much magic, love and beauty to you and your loved ones. Let’s continue to connect in the new year!!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Eveyln, happy happy new year! It was a good year, I was so happy with the outcomes, and feeling so fortunate….! The blog growth has been amazing and I am so happy that it is reaching so many more people! If you set foot in the US let me know. There are blog conferences, there is blogworld, and you know I travel now and again so you never know ;)! To magic and fortune in 2011 for both of us….keep nurturing Abundance Tapestry!

  • http://mindadventure.com/2010/12/an-exercise-in-higher-thinking rob white

    A prolific year, Indeed. I love to see you continually expanding and succeeding. You walk your talk … and that is the universal lesson of all your wonderful articles. We all came to planet earth to express and participate fully in life … we can learn from others who exemplify this and smile to ourselves, knowing that it is within us all.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Rob, thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and all your support in 2010! If I don’t walk my talk, my husband will be the first to get on my case and believe me, I don’t want that logical argument ;)!! As always, you put amazing perspective into our little life here on earth, thank you so much and happy new year and the best to you in 2011, Rob!

  • http://www.alternaview.com Sibyl-alternaview

    Farnoosh: What a year. Congrats on all your success in 2010. You are such an amazing voice in the blogosphere and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a subscriber to the prolific living. You offer such timeless wisdom and insight and share so much of yourself. Thanks for yet another amazing post and I wish you a very happy 2011. Can’t wait to see all the places you will go in 2011 :)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Sibyl, what a year indeed….thank you thank you for being so sweet and supportive and always with insights that further whatever discussion or thought I start here….I really and sincerely hope we meet in person in 2011!! All the best to you and to Alternaview in 2011, Sibyl, and thank you for offering your wisdom to us in that channel!

  • http://www.naijapreneur.com/ Tito Philips, Jnr.

    Nice list of rare accomplishments. I have often wondered where you got your photos from, I guess I wouldn’t have to bother about this anymore. You have a way of capturing images that reflects the contents of each post, I love it.

    Wishing you a great 2011 …at the end, your list will definitely be more than these.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Tito, how nice to see you again – Photos are all me, although if it is OF me, my husband would like everyone to know that naturally, he took them ;)! and unless you mean some of my yoga photos which came from a yoga shoot with my amazing photographer, Pascal Monmoine (only one out there, Google him!) I highly suggest creating your own art to set you apart and to give your readers a real taste of who you are! Thank you and happy new year 2011 to you!

  • http://positiveprovocations.com Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

    My Sweet and every inspiring Farnoosh,
    I am literally jumping for joy reading your year end review…cause it just goes to show..that a beautiful heart like yours WILL SHINE no matter what. And you are shining bright bright sweetheart. I’m so happy ..your growth graph is inspiring.
    I love how unique you are and how dedicated you are to Prolific Living…its that unique blend that makes you so so beautiful successful. I have to admit…I’ve learned to become fearless online after interacting with you :)
    You already know this..but I do love you to bits…and your presence this year has inspired me greatly.
    With all my love for a happy happy 2011 and a superbly abundant life…
    Immense gratitude,

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Zeenat, darling I just cannot match you in love and support so I happily give up and consume all that you send my way and the way of so many others. We have both seen our “babies” grow and start to walk and maybe babble a few words and what a journey, what an amazing journey! Finding you in blogosphere has been worth everything alone and I sincerely hope we meet in person. My devotion to prolific living will only continue to grow and I know that you will make a huge splash with Positive Provocations in 2011. Happy new year, sweet heart and thanks a million for all your love and support and gratitude!

  • http://positiveprovocations.com Zeenat{Positive Provocations}

    ok…that was supposed to be “ever inspiring” not “every inspiring”….fast typing..and immense excitement can do that na 😉

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Z, gonna let it go this one time ;)! Just kidding…..no no worry. i am going to let it be because I want to leave it as you sent it….! thank you again!

  • http://hypertransitory.com/ John Garrett

    Farnoosh I’m a bit late to your party here but I’m very glad to have arrived.

    I’m looking forward to more inspiring posts from you in the new year so please have a wonderful New Year’s tonight and all the best in 2011.

    See you around the blogosphere!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      John, I don’t think I shut down the party yet…in fact, it will continue through 2011 and by the way, happy new year’s and I wish you the very very best in 2011. Thank you for your readership and your insights through comment and all your support!!

  • http://AdvancedLifeSkills.com/blog/coaching/ Jonathan – Advanced Life Skills

    Farnoosh, you have done brilliantly this year and I am so proud of what you have accomplished. Oddly enough, I feel certain that it is just the tip of the iceberg. You’ve got it girl and now you see what happens when you let out the reins a bit. Look out 2011, farnoosh is going to rock us all.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Jonathan, not without help from friends and peers such as yourself, and a million thanks for all of it. Thank you thank you for boosting my confidence and making me so happy with your friendship….You had an amazing year too and here’s to seeing both our creations in the interwebs grow and impact many lives….Happy new year my dear friend!

  • farouk

    congrats on your achievements Farnoosh, you did really well :))

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Farouk, thank you so much and happy new year! Nice of you to drop by!

  • http://www.abubakarjamil.com Abubakar Jamil

    One year and look where you have come.

    Great progress and now starts the compounding effect. By the end of 2011 you’ll be far ahead of all your 2010 achievements. So proud of you!

    Way to go Farnoosh…

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Abubakar, thank you for pushing me, sometimes with too much tough love but all necessary, and for being an amazing pillar of support, knowledge, friendship and kindness. I’ll keep making you proud in 2011 too! You must keep up your side of things too or else I’ll be returning the tough love in kind! ps: Happy new year!

  • Boykie

    Hey Farnoosh,

    Very nice post.

    As a beginning blogger, finding my way around the blogosphere this post has been quite inspirational!

    I look forward to reading more from you in 2011

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Boykie, welcome to prolific living and being a beginning blogger is fantastic. ENJOY IT! The learning curve is steep yes but so much fun and we have so many many resources here for you. Keep at it, and happy to have you as a reader!

  • http://360degreeself.com Tim


    Congrats on a great year…it’s inspiring to read about your progress and blogging growth throughout the year. I know you work hard at it and it shows. I continue to be impressed with your blog – from content, to design and photos. I also enjoy your travel posts because, for the time being, I’m not able to visit all the places you do. Once again, thanks for a great year of blogging…I know I’ll be back!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Tim, thank you so much! Gosh I do work endless hours on it and I am so so glad it shows. And very good to know on the travel photos – I post even more to the Facebook page just to let you know and here’s hoping that your life will enable you to travel much more in 2011 and beyond! Thanks so much for your support, Tim!! And Happy New Year!

  • http://www.timelessinformation.com Armen Shirvanian

    Hi Farnoosh.

    You might want to work on your productivity, as I am seeing very little from you, and this piece just makes that clearer. Your site readership barely grew by 23 times in 2010. Do you even have a work ethic? I hope you can get something done in 2011 because it is obvious that 2010 was an empty year for the growth of this site.

    On a separate note, it is quite cool that this came out to be your 200th post. I’ve tried to hire people to stop your site growth in 2011 but the candidates said you were too tough of a competitor.

    Keep up the great work.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Armen, hilarious – yes it was one year of slacking off and having a bit too much fun ;)! Thank you though for all the laughs and your sense of humor and the vote of confidence….I remember how much fun we had when I was guest posting on your blog months and months ago! And I hope that we both enjoy more growth and touch more lives in 2011! Happy New Year, dear Armen!

      • http://www.timelessinformation.com Armen Shirvanian

        What a wonderful guest post it was. I was lucky to have you on board.

        It is good to have an impact on others and we shall continue to do so~

  • http://www.ameaningfulexistence.com Karen

    Wow, look at all that you achieved this year, Farnoosh. What a wonderful year that you had! I’m quite jealous of all the travels you’ve done this past year. I usually go on a major trip each year but 2010 was my year to get out of debt and I stayed home. I’m happy to say that I’m now debt-free and am saving up for another awesome trip this year. I’m determined to make it happen, no matter what :-)

    I’m looking forward to the awesome stuff you have in store for us in 2011 :-)

    Hope you have a very Happy New Year,

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Karen, happy new year and thank you so much. It was a good year and I hope you had a good year with the blog and of course the other aspects of your life….I am very proud of your commitment to get out of debt. I waited a long time before I started traveling and made sure that I am financially read to take it on. To be debt-free is most liberating so maybe you will celebrate with a nice trip…maybe even Blogworld? Thank you for all of your support!! And I wish you the absolute best in all your 2011 endeavors, Karen!

  • Rebekah

    Thrilled by the way this photo reflects your post, thrilled for your achievements in 2010, and looking forward to following you in 2011. Happy New Year!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Ma cherie, merci mille fois! It was wonderful to spend New Year’s with you and all our tango friends, Rebekah and I am so grateful for your support and vote of confidence. Thank you so much for being such a sweet friend!

  • http://www.happyheartandmind.com/2011/01/starting-off-new-year-with-trials-and-errors/ Zengirl @ Heart and Mind

    Dear Farnoosh,

    You have achieved a lot, because you worked for it and I can see passion for blogging and prolific living which is visible through your words. Could not have happened to much deserving person. I like the way you did review and how it relates to readers. Simply genius.

    Wishing you much joy and success in 2011! Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Preeti, so nice to see you and thank you for all the kind words. It’s been an amazing year and I have also seen your blog grow and blossom in many ways. Thanks for being of such support always and wish you the very best in 2011 too!!

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  • http://jodypirrello.com Jody Pirrello

    This is my first visit here and I’m super-impressed with the way you did your year-end wrap up! It also serves as a great intro to you and your blog (perfect for a first-time visitor). Congrats on the great year you had and I look forward to becoming a returning reader.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Dear Jody, I just checked your site and I loved the last part of your About page…Very clever and well-put. How far have computers come in our lifetime? I remember using Sun Microsystems at school and thinking how I want to spend $20k to have one at my house! Thank you for the very kind words and welcome to prolific living, thrilled to have you as a reader!

  • http://www.kaizenvision.com Aileen

    Farnoosh what a brilliant year!!! I’m beaming with joy for you. Your energy, your spirit and your fabulous writing talents have created a phenomenal community here on your blog. What a year of great things :) how wildly fabulous that your blog subscribers grew from 38 to almost 1,ooo in just months.

    Reading this was a beacon of light and inspiration.

    Congratulations on a truly fabulous year!!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Aileen, happy new year my dear friend, thank you! You really know how to make me smile. It was a good year, “wildly fabulous” just like yourself! Thank you so much for your support, love and encouragement all along and hope to see you continue to grow and blossom Kaizen Vision!

  • http://lifestyleclean.com/ Travis

    Farnoosh I remember when I first stumbled across your blog almost a year ago… and while I’ve never been one to comment very often, I’ve definitely seen the progress unfold right in front of me.

    I think you’re right in that the more you read, the more it makes you want to write. The more you embrace the creativity of others (reading) the more you want to flex your own creative muscles (writing.) On top of that, what better medium to broadcast your ideas and thoughts to others? Writing doesn’t just allow you to create entertainment for others; it allows you to create a connection between author and reader. I do Cisco engineering and networking for a living, but ultimately I’d like to put all that behind me one day and write full time. I can only take so much dull engineering work before my creative side is dying to get out!

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      I remember seeing you, Travis, welcome back and I see you have been a silent lurker…. ;)! Reading is essential and I am taking a small break to work on some new exciting stuff but boy do I miss it. Novels, fictions, long epic books! And funny you should mention Cisco where I have spent the last 11+ years of my life working when I am not working on the blog ;)! I have a CCIE so I know what you are talking about! Funny we should meet in this medium! And with 2 electrical engineering degrees in a former life boy do I know what you mean. I am wishing you all the success in the world so you can pave your own path, Travis! Happy new year and here’s to possibilities for you outside your current medium!

      • http://lifestyleclean.com/ Travis

        CCIE… wow! I feel so lowly with just my CCNA! 😉 What a small world though… I never would have guessed you were involved with Cisco, or networking in general for that matter. Now I know who I’m coming to when I need help with my CCNP 😉 ! Just kidding. Anyways, happy new years to you as well Farnoosh, and I look forward to reading more of your great content!

        • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

          Yes, CCIE in VoIP for 8 years straight….I finally decided to let it go just recently. Where I worked at the time, nothing was even recognized (sorry, not me, management ;)) below a straight CCIE so we never went for the lesser certifications (again, their perspective, not mine!) but it was a good way to prove to myself that the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Happy New Year to you as well Travis and let’s make this year the best one yet because there is so much life outside engineering and work!!!

  • http://www.wchingya.com Ching Ya

    Hi Farnoosh, first time visitor here and just what I needed to see – a nicely done summary of your fruitful 2010 with amazing growth and blessings. So great to meet you, seems like you have a pleasant personality & looking forward to know you better in 2011. Wish you best and may your blogging success will continue to progress to a higher level, I’m sure you will. :-)

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      Hi Ching, welcome to prolific living!! Good timing indeed since you are witnessing the first ever year end review and I knew I recognized you. I read a lot about Facebook on your blog and learned fantastic tips, thank you!!! It is likewise extremely nice to meet you and thank you for all the words of encouragement, Ching! Happy new year and I wish you all the best in return.

  • jonathanfigaro

    Man your doing too much. I have to catch up….lol…Great post.

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      I didn’t even list all the ones that didn’t relate directly to my readers, imagine the whole list, Jonathan. Hurry up ;)! Just kidding!! Thanks!

  • Negar

    How fitting that I am reading this exactly one month into the new year! Just wanted to say that I am already (not that there was ever any doubt) impressed with how far you’ve come in 2011! Keep up the great work! Can’t wait for the next 11 months of amazing, inspiring posts! :)

    • http://prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

      You are running a *month* behind reading my blog posts? 😉
      Just teasing. I know you read the ones that really move you out of sequence…. and yes, big huge plans for 2011. In fact, so big that I have trouble sleeping, Negar. Thank you thank you for being a wall of support, gonna need it!

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